Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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Shower Time

After my surprisingly delicious breakfast with the Youngs, I was forced by Luna to trail behind Lyndon up to his room.

As we walked in, I grabbed a peice of lint off of the shirt that was currently attached to my body. Whilst doing this, I got a sniff of my 'odor' and realized that I needed a highly recommended shower.

"Lyndon?" I called out to him as I stood awkwardly in his presence.

"Yes" he replied as he plopped down to his bed switching on the TV, oblivious to my existence.

"Your shower?" I pointed to his bathroom. "I need it" I said it, coming out more as a statement than a request.

"Go ahead" he huffed as he threw a towel my way never making nor attempting eye-contact.

All I did was roll my eyes towards him and walk into his already lit up bathroom.

His bathroom was a beautiful baby-blue, with a mirror on the wall for when you first walk in. The plush, white sink is just below the mirror along with toothbrushes and paste at the top of it.

After a while, it became obvious to me that Lyndon was a fan of Finding Nemo when I got a glimpse of his shower curtain and wallpaper. I giggled at the sight.

After my small little fits of laughter, I got my water ready, locked the door, and stripped out of my underwear and 'his' shirt.

As I stepped in, the hot steamy water immediately shot at my body relaxing it in the most wonderous way.

Lyndon's POV

She is the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen with her gorgeous, blonde-hair that lay straight along her back and her shiny green eyes that just make you wanna 'stay the night'.

This morning, when I woke up to her under me on the ground- I couldn't help but take in her wonderful scent of cookies and milk on a cold Winters day. I smiled at the thought and couldn't help but to nuzzle up into her neck. It felt so nice to finally be with my mate.

Pretending that I was asleep, when I 'woke up'- I was so worried about hurting her, that it came out with more concern than I had intended. I didn't care, I mean she was- is my mate anyways, no matter what I had done to her.

'So your into her now, aren't ya?' My wolf intruded into my thoughts.

'Oh so your talking to me now?' He hadn't spoken to me since the rejection, he was pissed when I hurt her.

'Shut the f*ck up? I'm still angry at you, Lyndon" He angrily spoke. "You hurt her! You hurt our love, our match, our future, our Luna!!' He trailed.

'And all for that slut-bag Violet' He ended with disgust.

All I could do was swing my legs over my bed and grab my head in between my hands. He was right about everything, but the fact that it was for Violet.

Honestly, I did it for both my ego and Avalon. I mean as crazy as it may seem, if I were to accept her and mate with her, I would end up hurting her in the worst possible way.

If I were to mark her and take her as my own, she would eventually realize that I am no good.

Sh*t, I could barely keep up with this pack, let alone a gorgeous goddess who is right now taking a hot shower in between my Finding Nemo curtains.

Right now, as I watched the steam rush out of my bathroom, I wanted so badly to hop in there and take a shower with her, but I couldn't. If I were to even reciprocate this action, I would lose all respect for myself and worst of all-Avalon would lose the little respect that she still has for me.

I ran a very harsh hand through my hair as I stared hastily at my bathroom door.

To think, on the other side of that door holds the key to my heart, perfection, beauty and all. To bad I can't let her know how I feel or think about her.

'Gosh! Why does she have to be my mate? Why did the goddess choose her out of all the girls in High School?!'

I thought as I got up and ran out my door in attempt to calm myself down.

If I don't get over all of these feelings now, I'm screwed.

(Back to Ava)

After my well- needed shower, I walked out to see that Lyndon had left the premises of his room. All I did was frown.

I held onto the towel that was tightly, cautiously wrapped around my body. As I walked over to his bed, I had almost tripped over his soft, white duvet.

Sitting down, I began to unwrap my towel.

I then started to use the lotion that I had found in Lyndon's bathroom behind the mirror.

Then out of the blue, someone had barged into Lyndon's room. At first, I thought it was Lyndon- but when my eyes locked into his familiar mocha chocolate brown ones, I screamed.

"Kale?!!!" I yelled out feeling him staring. When I caught him taking in my entire body, I felt that I was going to cry.

No one and I mean no one has ever seen me naked other than my mom, EVER! I guess that I was so insecure that it never happened, but I didn't give a damn. No one ever should see it, let alone the brother of the mate who had rejected me.

In a panicked motion, I swiftly wrapped the towel around my body and began to hyperventilate.

I was shaking when I realized that he was still staring. Once I finally thought I had gotten myself together, someone else walked in. Someone angry...

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