Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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I Felt Lips


That was the very first thing I saw when Lyndon barged into the room. His eyes were the blackest I've ever seen them. I mean, I've seen him get mad at school before, but never like this.

He was breathing in and out as his body shook uncontrollably. His fist, jaws, and basically every other noticeable muscle in his body, were all clenched.

This just made me even more scared to move, but yet when I looked over to Kale, he didn't looked phased by any of it. It was as if this were a normal kind of thing, as if he'd seen this side of Lyndon each day.

Since it was all new to me, I began to hyperventilate again. My heart was beating so fast that I could almost feel it trying to escape through the layers of skin that covered it.

I wasn't scared of what Lyndon would do to me, I was scared of what he may do to Kale. He kept looking from Kale to me for about thirty seconds, each time giving Kale one of those 'I'm going to kill you' looks. Even as Lyndon scolded, Kale continued to just stand there.

'I think Kales in trouble' Sophie wailed.

'Shut up Sofie. This isn't a joking matter, you know how I get in these types of situations' I cried.

'Calm down Ava. It's not like he's going to hurt you. Let me take over and I will-'

'No!' I told her. Knowing Sophie, if she got in control, something bad would have happened.

'Okay fine. Let me just lead you through this then' She suggested and all I could do was nod.

I looked back over to Lyndon and Kale when I realized that Kale wasn't there anymore.

"Oh my gosh, Did you eat him!" I gasped out before thinking my sentence through. Lyndon just ignored me and angrily threw some clothes over my way.

Just before I was to put them on, I realized that Lyndon's eyes hadn't left my body. Looking up at his eyes, I noticed as they went from an angry black, to a lustful shade causing me to blush uncontrollably.

"Umm- Lyndon?" I asked not feeling comfortable in the idea of him seeing me get dressed. As if he knew what I was about to say, he growled and went to the other side of the room where he turned around.

When I finally got the panties and oversized shirt to lay against my body, I put my hair in a messy bun, and pulled the knee high socks onto my legs.

"Done" I mumbled to myself as I hesitantly stood up from off the bed. When Lyndon turned around, his eyes traveled all across my body stopping at my legs.

Then, they once again went from lustful, to calm, to angry again.

'What the hell?' I thought to myself as he intently stared into my eyes.

"Why the hell were you naked in front of my brother?" he interrogated trying not to yell.

"I-I w-wasn't naked. I h-had a towel" I nervously stuttered out.

"Don't get smart" he spat. "Now answer the damn question"

Before I could even answer, Sophie sent a mind message my way.

'Walk up to him, he's angry'

'Are you craz-' I warned.

'Just do it' she sternly urged.

I cautiously walked over his way and stood when we were about a foot apart.

'Closer' Sophie said. '...and run your fingers along his arm'

Hesitantly, I walked even closer to him reaching my hand out to run along his heavy bicep. The entire time, I watched as his body continued to tense and untense. It was kind of funny, until my idiot self decided to look him in the eyes.

Now this-this wasn't funny. In fact, it was the most unnerving thing that has ever happened. I felt like I could see every feeling that past through his mind.

Anger, jealousy, regret, lust, disgust, and then some.

'Now kiss him' Sophie urged alarmingly.

'No' I trailed. 'we are already-'

Before I could even stop her, Sophie took control and kissed Lyndon. The-Lyndon, the Lyndon who broke not only mine-but both of our hearts. How could she? I thought out to myself, but before I could even answer, Sophie put me back in control.

I felt lips, not rough ones, but soft, red, cool lips. It felt like I was floating above ground and I didn't want to stop.

I ran my fingers through his messy-black gorgeous hair as he rested both hands onto my lower back. He bit down onto my bottom lip causing me to moan out in pleasure.

He then took that chance to plunge his tongue into my mouth. His tongue was slimy and I could feel his tiny little taste buds against mine. He tasted of peppermint and blue-raspberry, sweet flavored Cotten candy.

For a couple of minutes, we fought for dominance and of course, he won.

We continued to kiss with my hands in his hair and his arms wrapped around my slim waist until suddenly-out of the blue- his mother called out to us from down the stairs.

Once we had stopped, both Lyndon and I shared odd glances back and forth. I noticed that his eyes lingered onto my lips and so did mine. His lips were now swollen, abnormally pink, and tuned up into a gigantic smirk. All I could do was smile and think,

'Wow! that just happened'

When we were finally at the bottom of the steps, Lyndon grabbed my hand causing me to look down at our intertwined hands and frown. He let go, noticing my facial expression but all I could do was quickly grab onto them again and smile.

'Maybe this whole mate thing will work' I thought as we walked into the living room to where his mother sat.

As we looked over to Luna sitting down, we noticed that she was talking to a girl- not just any girl, Luna Marta was talking to The Girl- the one who stole my mate and practically my other half.

Luna Marta was talking to Violet.

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