Shouldn't Have Rejected Me

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Confusion Death Glares And Violet

I stood there, paralyzed as I watched Violet turn over in our direction. Lyndon immediately let go of my hand and took a deep breath.

I frowned and waited for Violet to make her move.

"Lynie!" Violet squealed as she wrapped her arms around Him and gave him a small peck on the cheek.

Feeling slightly uncomfortable, I moved over away from the two. She hadn't even acknowledged me until her 'reunion' with Lyndon was over and when she did- she didn't look happy.

"Why is she here?" she frowned pointing over in my direction as she looked up to Lyndon. There was a long pause, but before he got the chance to answer- Luna was already doing it for him.

"She's here because Avalon here is Lyndon's mate" she replied staring down at Violets arms around Lyndon's waist in confusion.

Violet did the same.

'Oh sh*t'

"No, Luna I think that you're mistaken. Lyndon is my mate" Violet lied. Both I and Lyndon's eyes were now snapped into Violets direction. Luna was looking at Violet in the same manner with wide-eyes.

"You?" Luna began in disgust. "No b-b-Lyndon is this true?" She sternly asked in disbelief. He was now in panic mode as he continued to frantically look from his mother to the clock sitting on the glass-coffee table.

"No, mother" he answered. "Its not true. Avalon is my mate bu-"

"He doesn't want her!" Violet interrupted. "And you want to know why Marta?!" she cried out in pure hatred.

"Because she is an ugly, stuttering, one-friend having-Loser!" She cried out in pure hatred and disgust. No matter how much I wanted to allow Sophie to gain control, I was too sad to even try.

Then-out of the blue- Violet continued to scream horrible things at me as she cornered me into a wall. Luna Marta didn't even know what to do as she just stood there watching Violet get out of control.

I then looked into Lyndon's eyes for some sign of comfort or even love, but I didn't find it. His eyes were filled with blankness and a white that I couldn't make out. He did nothing but stand there as Violet continued to scream and holler hateful things.

It was as if once Violet came into view, the last half hour of our lives had never happened. Our kiss, the stares, the possessiveness- nothing, squat, zero. I felt like everything was just gone.

"Why did you think Lyndon would ever even want you?!" she laughed in my face. "He's got a brand new Range Rover right here, why would he go for some broke down piece of junk?" she spat once more.

We were now face to face and I feared for my life as Sophie clawed at my insides. My breathing was getting heavier and my hands began to sweat.

"Plus, you're you" she said raising out her hand causing me to flinch. That was then when Lyndon grabbed her hand and gave her a death glare with blackened eyes.

"Violet" he spoke trying to control what I sensed out was his wolf. "Don't do something that will get you killed" he deeply spoke causing Violet to drop down her hand and scold.

It took a fair amount of time for Lyndon's eyes to get back to normal before he spoke.

"Let's just go and talk about this" He said referring to Violet.

Luna Marta then spoke, "Yeah that's a good idea"

She then gave Lyndon a look saying that they would talk about what had happened later. Luna Marta then made her way out leaving us three awkwardly standing in the living room.

Violet stood clutching onto Lyndons shirt smiling towards me while he attempted to avoid all eye contact with me.

My eyes began to water as she began to speak into his ear, "Lets go to my place and-"

Before she could even finish her sentence, I was already halfway up the steps in a wild series of sobs.

Not knowing nor even caring which room I ran into- I went over to the nearest corner and cried as hard as I could. I rocked back and forth as I continued my harsh sobs of anger and pain.

I felt bad-real bad.

I felt badder than bad.

I felt worse.

I felt like every single part of me wanted Lyndon so bad but at the same time- every single part didn't want him at all. I felt lost and incomplete. I felt terrible and once realization had hit me- I just felt plain rejected.

I know that I sound like some cliche-hormonal teen who just got her heart broken, but trust me this is actually what it feels like. This is how it feels to have your heart crushed and broken by the one you want and need most. This is how it feels to crave acception. And this is how it feels to be rejected by Lyndon Young.

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