Kitten trouble: Book 1

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She is cute, but Cheddar can be a pain in the butt sometimes. Cheddar's cuteness got him in to a big amount of trouble. What did Cheddar do? Found out by reading this story.... Dear Parents, This Story may not be appropriate for children that repeat poop, butt, pee, or heck(what the heck/ sure as heck, etc.) and makes jokes about that. If you child does that, I suggest not let you kid read this. But I'd put this book Kids 8+. Thanks for letting your kid read books on Inkitt.

Fantasy / Humor
Kitties Rule
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The Pound

See, I always thought Cheddar never made messes, or peed in the floor until now. I made a huge mistake when I made a decision to keep her. She might be cute and all but heck your wrong about the no-trouble part. She is a pain in the butt sometimes, too.

"Mom, Can we keep this one?" I asked as I pointed to a cute little baby kitten. My mom replied, "Sure, as long as you take care of her." The store clerk unlocked the cage and handed me the kitten. "This little kitten is 9 weeks old and named Cheddar. She is sure cute, anit she?" I nodded. He told mom about her and gave us free toys, food, litter, litter box, and a toe nailer clipper. I guess that means her claws are sure as heck sharp. Meow. Says Cheddar. "This will be free but the kitten is $15. We're having a sale this week. 50% off any purchase and get the stuff free. It's usually $30 plus $15 with the stuff." Mom nodded with relief. I guess that she likes stuff cheap.
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