Kitty Wonders

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When a squirrel gets me off track and sends me off in the woods, I get lost and, I wonder about everything while I was lost. Then I learn you gotta retrace my steps. Can I return home, or will I stay lost forever? Found out by reading this brand new book "Kitty Wonders."

Fantasy / Adventure
Kitties Rule
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Chapter 1: No More chicken!! :(

"Ah, the sweet smell of the flowers always warms up my nostrils." I said as I ran through the grass. It's a Sunday here at Ramsey Creek Hill and I'm running my day out in the lovely grass. Every day, I smell them." "Canva! Time to come in!" But of course, My owner, Krystal, just has to ruin the fun and make me come in. My name is Canva. And welcome to my story.

"I bet you'd like to cool off with a little fresh chicken flavored cat food!" Krystal just has to say it like that, now does she? Well, I'm just enjoying my summer with nice afternoon chicken. And sometimes brown gravy. Why you just opened the page and started reading.
Well, let me start off by saying my life is great and all, I just wish that winter could come faster sometimes. "Well, Canva, I guess you can't have food 'cuz there's no cat food left." WHAT!! Did she just say 'no chicken' 'cuz that's what I heard. No, she said no cat food. Look, you call it cat food, I call it chicken. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go back outside.
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