Kitty Wonders

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Chapter 3: Lost no help

I keep walking around the woods and never see home. I wonder if I can find someone to help me. Perhaps not a squirrel though. As I walk along a path, I see a fox, and big huge fox. "What are you doing here?" Says the fox. "You are just a piece of crap is the way I see it. You don't deserve to be here." I ran away as fast as I could.

I find a shade area to lay in while I wait. I am missing home. Well, gotta get some sleep.

Its morning and loud crickets rise with the blue morning sky. Ok, Canva, where would you be if you was a animal out in the woods? I asked myself as I walk more into the woods. I hear someone's whos. That means a owl must be nearby. I walk all over trying to find that owl. Then, a couple of steps away, "Who, Who, Who." An owl is just inches away.
I walk to where the sound was coming from. Then is the it. "Hello. Mr. Owl? My name is Canva. I'm lost because a squirrel got me off track and now, I cant find my way back. Can you please help me?" The owl turned back as if I scared it. Where is your owner, kid?" Said the owl. "I actually don't know. Perhaps you can help me. You see, I was chasing a squirrel and ended up here. I'm from Ramsey Creek Hill. Any idea where that's at?" "No, actually I don't. Sorry. Who?"
Dang it. I was as sure that owl had something. Oh well, let's walk some more.
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