Kitty Wonders

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Chapter 4: still no help

I've been looking for 4 hours and still no help. Oh, I think I hear something. Sounds like meows. "Hello? A-Anybody there? I'm lost and need help!" I yelled into the far deep woods. "Hello? Who is that?" Said the animal. "I'm Canva. A lost, cold, dirty little cat. And you?" "My name is Lingy. I'm a wildcat. I know every place in this county. So where you from?" A wild cat? Kinda like me. I wonder is she likes chicken. "I'm from Ramsey Creek Hill. Hey, you like chicken?" "Yeah. Actually. And I know where Ramsey Creek Hill is at. So where are you. Should we meet at a tree that's curved at then straight up?" "I see it. Meet me there." I walked up to the tree. Then, a black and white cat shows up. "Hey, is that you Canva?" I nodded. "So. You know where it's at?" Lingy nodded.

I can't believe it. I'm actually going home! Eeeee!!!! I'm so excited to see Krystal. We walked out of the woods and I started to slow down. I looked and started to wonder, Is this really Ramsey Creek Hill? "Hey, Lingy? Is this really the Ramsey Creek Hill on 125 Avenue Street?" "What? Oh, no that I don't know." She said. "But I thought you knew every place in this county." I said with confusion. "Yeah but that's another county. Venture county." "Oh. Okay." I said, saddened. "Oh, don't worry. You'll get home soon. Just believe in yourself and you will find it. Bye." I waved goodbye. And then sighed.
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