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"Loving him was like shaking hands with the Demon. It will be exciting and at the same time it will scare you to death" Rathi's life turns upside-down when she mistakenly met a charming stranger on one rainy evening. She doesn't know what type of danger introduced in her life until she learns some dark secrets about him. The man is a Pure Evil and he wants nothing but her life. Warning- Contains Violence, Disturbing situations, Unbelievable elements, and mature content.

Fantasy / Mystery
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She is running recklessly into the dense woods as fast as she could. Her barefoot bleeds in the cut by the sharp stones, her vision blurred, breathe become unstable and she’s barely covered in her ripped dress. She is too weak to run yet she wanted an escape from this bloody hell.

She never ran this fast but escaping from that demon, from protecting herself from being destroyed again and again, and getting killed mercilessly at the end she moved forward, recklessly. She wants her death from her own hands rather than by that monster, she can’t let him win in this at any rate, and she is very clear in that.

The sound of wind through the rustling leaves heard against her ears, there are no footsteps which somewhat gave hope that she is escaping.

But her happiness was short-lived when she suddenly sprawled on the mud after hitting her leg on the hard rock. She left out a scream and the blood oozed out from the wound. Gritting her teeth hard and breathing heavily she tried to stand up. Her eyes welled with few drops of tears and her brown orbs reflected a strong determination to survive at least for her baby that’s just now started growing inside her.

Biting her lower lip to prevent herself from making any noises she limped with much difficulty towards the end. Her fragile body doesn’t have any strength to continue this yet in a hope she walked.

Like god has given way, she saw the dangerously running river standing from that high cliff. Either she can die or survive (if luck permits) if she dives into the water. Her eyes became watery to think there’s no other option than this as she is feared of heights for all her life. Her heart thumped at a high speed to decide what she has to do.

“Don’t Die” That deep voice heard in her head. Her breath caught in her throat. Her eyes widened in shock, she gulped the lump and she strangely felt like someone dragging her from behind.

“You can’t die!” that deep voice again commanded, disturbing her thoughts.

“Come back to me” it warned her.

“I can’t,” she mumbled under her breath and decided to jump even if she dies. She doesn’t have second thoughts, because dying is better than living in that Demon’s castle.

“I am sorry,” she said to the child and took a deep breath before taking a few steps back to dive on the river.

When she was about to escape, a strong arm held around her hip and the next moment they rolled on the mud losing the balance.

She opened her eyes to see the Demon who turned her life upside down. His green eyes were dark in rage. She wiggled only to press against the ground.

“You can’t die, don’t you know that,” fire spat in his words.

She didn’t talk in fear. His hands started gaging her.

“This life belongs to me and you can’t take it without my permission, got it?” He gritted and she slapped his hand to leave her throat as she couldn’t breathe at all.

He left her but she felt dizzy and then the world totally shuts down, black.

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