Seventh Deadly Sin

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Second book in Angels, Gods & Demons series ** Strong arms wrapped around my much smaller frame, comfortable warmth engulfing my tingling body, followed by the softest, sweetest touch of his lips against mine, moving in a slow, gentle kiss. My eyelids fluttered closed on their own accord, pressing myself even closer, my hand finding its way around his neck, burying my fingers in his short soft hair while the small sparks of bright light still danced in between us, mixing with each other. It felt so magical, so utterly ethereal, the way his entire being felt so close to mine, tiny pieces of himself tangling with mine, like small silvery strings those tiny pieces drawing us together, creating a supernatural bond.

Fantasy / Romance
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The small lights plastered against the ceiling flickered from time to time, faintly illuminating the once pristine white restroom, flashing glimpses at the utterly gruesome scene laying all over the small-tiled floor.

From the stalls to the four identical sinks and all the way towards the entrance, large splashes and pools of dark red littered around, chaotically mixed with brutally severed human limbs, the whole image generally creating a truly grotesque sight to see.

Yet...small, labored breaths filled the otherwise completely silent space, indicating the presence of only one living and breathing being.

A single one being, placed in the center of the whole macabre painting, like a misplaced piece sitting in the middle of the mangled mass, crouched like a frightened little child facing its worst nightmare.

All wide, her vibrant green eyes followed the thick rivers of crimson, watching them stretch from the tips of her trembling slender fingers and fall into the large pool at her feet.


This isn’t real…

It can’t be…

Her shock-induced mind continuously whispered, refusing to acknowledge the cruel reality surrounding her.

The cruel reality that it had murdered yet again.

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