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Seventh Deadly Sin

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My bare feet padded on the lush green grass, the cool breeze fluttering in my bloody red curls as I ran straight towards the darkened forest at the back of our yard, moving as fast as I could, as far as possible away from the cold-hearted monsters I used to call family...


“Daya, please come back!”

My mother’s high-pitched voice echoed through the darkness from far behind as I drifted through the dense forest further and further away, not even taking a glimpse back.

I couldn’t take it anymore...First, they forbade me to go to school after that unexpected and horrifying incident, and now this...

Tears prickled at the corners of my eyes, for the second time remembering her exact words...

“...from now on, I also forbid you to go in town...ever again...Why can’t you understand?
You are a danger to those little humans!”

No! I refuse to be a prisoner in this realm too!

I desperately cried at the back of my mind, dashing through the woods like my life depended on it, feeling the hot rivers wetting my cheeks, the light breeze slowly turning them cold as I kept running, momentarily taking a glimpse back as I feared that my brother might follow me.


My face suddenly collided against a solid warm chest, forcing me to take an abrupt and very forced halt, but the moment I looked up, my whole body suddenly froze in fear.
A tall, bulky frame stood before me, his hands shoved deep in his dark jeans pockets, his bulging muscles looking rather intimidating through that simple dark t-shirt.
His jet black ruffled hair shone in the moonlight like dark silk, his perfectly sculptured features making him look like an angel sent from above, yet his piercing irises were telling me otherwise. Pitch black, soulless orbs were now staring right back into mine.

Uh oh.


“Shit...” I muttered under my breath, lightly tripping over a small vine lying on the natural green carpeted ground as I aimlessly wandered through the thick, dark forest, still a little bit high and with a ghost of that stupid bitch’s high-pitched screams still ringing in my ears, making me inwardly groan...

Not really the kind I liked, but eh...whatever...

Shoving my hands deep in my jeans pockets I absently stared down while still walking deep in thought, before I suddenly felt something, or more like someone lightly colliding against me.

“Oomph!” A small voice tore through the peaceful silence and the moment I slightly raised my sight, I finally noticed the culprit.
A slender, petite silhouette stood right before me, the moon rays peeking from between the thick branches illuminating her entire frame, giving me a better view at those loose crimson curls framing her heart-shaped face, highlighting those unnaturally glowing emerald green irises staring right up into mine.

“Hey, watch where you’re going, Red,” I warned her, feeling rather mildly amused as I watched her soothingly rub her forehead.

“I-I’m s-sorry,” She awkwardly stuttered, jumping back like a scaredy cat, now carefully watching my every move.

I rose one eyebrow, this situation suddenly becoming interesting as I felt her fear only increasing.

Uh-oh...my kind of game...

“What are you doing here anyway, all alone in the woods?” I asked, already feeling interested, tentatively taking a small step towards her.

“N-nothing,” She blurted out, her uneasiness only amusing me to no end as I watched her nervously fiddle with the hem of that oversized t-shirt.

“It doesn’t look like nothing to me,” I took yet another step towards her, watching her quickly taking a step back, her gemstone eyes showing nothing but pure, unadulterated fear...


I inwardly smiled, already feeling that sweet tremor crawling up my spine, anticipating what was about to come.
Unable to resist any longer, I quickly walked straight towards her, forcing her to take another few steps backwards, until her back hit a solid tree trunk, her heart practically pounding inside her chest like begging to be released, taunting me even more.

I slowly placed my palms against the robust trunk, either side of her face, already planning ways to bring to surface those sweet screams I absolutely craved for when the most amazing scent suddenly hit me like a brick wall, my eyes roaming all over her innocent face, only now truly noticing how insanely beautiful she was, a different kind of feeling now travelling within me, making me want...something else...

I let out a shaky breath, inhaling her maddeningly tempting scent, feeling like a beast craving for release.

“Please...don’t do it...” She quietly begged, her whole body violently trembling while my hands lowered on her waist, gently sliding them underneath her oversized t-shirt, feeling the incredibly smooth warm skin against mine.

“What...are you?”

Still drunk with that amazing scent, I slowly took a step back, quickly shaking my head, trying to get rid of that hazy feeling.
Turning my attention back to her, I noticed how her trembling gradually decreased, her heartbeats becoming slower and slower, clearly showing she no longer felt afraid, a strange look now glinting in her gemstone eyes as she kept widely staring at me this whole time, her plump red lips slightly parted.

“You’re not human, are you?” I stated rather than asked, giving her a knowing look.

However, she kept weirdly staring at me, not uttering a single word.

“You’re...you’re n-not dead...” She finally whispered, mostly to herself, seemingly somehow confused.

“Well, last time I checked-”

The words suddenly died in my throat, the moment my ears picked up the sounds of feet shuffling through the fallen leaves, my all senses now on high alert, focusing on the incoming intruders.

Turning my head to the side, I ultimately noticed a petite, feminine figure, her victorian-styled white dress lightly shuffling through the fallen leaves as she slowly advanced, gradually revealing herself in the pale light provided by the shining moon.

Piercing light blue, unnaturally glowing eyes stared right back into mine, devoid of any emotions, complimented by a heart-shaped face and pink, full lips. Her luscious light blonde hair cascaded over her shoulder, neatly braided, light blue moonflowers blooming in between each braid.

“Selene...Daughter of Hyperion and Theia,” I acknowledged, gesturing a small, almost mocking bow.

However, her expression remained unchanged at my words, fiercely glowering at me like I were her biggest enemy as she venomously spat,
“Are you aware that you are trespassing, fallen?”

In the very next moment, a young male also revealed himself, flanking her side, gracefully carrying his equally royal clothed body, his features similar to hers, holding that same unnatural eye colour and silky blonde hair.

“And I should care, because...?” I playfully fired back, raising one eyebrow, keeping that smirk plastered all over my face as I could notice how her whole face instantly turned red after my words, obviously boiling with pure rage as she bellowed at me,

“You don’t know what might happen,” She quickly added, her small “outburst” almost making me burst into a fit of hysterical laughter.

Stupid, cocky gods...


“Are you done?” I faked a small yawn, crossing my arms, totally unimpressed.
Her icy cold glare remained trained on me for a couple of moments, seemingly having a mental battle before she threw me one last, disgusted glance and with a firm tone, she finally said,

“Come, Daya. Let’s go.”

“Yes mother,” The young girl right next to me quietly complied, keeping her head down this whole time, her choice of calling the goddess, however, suddenly spiking my curiosity.


“So you’re half goddess? What’s the other half?” I quickly asked, showing blatant interest, only to receive nothing as she rapidly walked right towards her mother, all three of them now turning to walk away.

“Hey! What’s the other half?” I called after her, only to receive yet again the same response, all three of them now drifting further and further away through the dense forest.

Huh...guess I’m just gonna find out on my own…


“I thought I told you not to venture all by yourself in these parts of the forest,” Mother scolded as we quietly walked back through the thick, darkened forest, the tiny branches snapping beneath our feet being the only sounds reaching my ears.

“Yes. I am sorry, mother,” I numbly answered, still keeping my head down, my thoughts still drifting to that mysterious male...

He didn’t die...He touched me and didn’t die!

My hands tightly gripped the hem of my loose t-shirt, feeling so relieved that he was still alive, and yet so scared at the same time, continuously wondering what had happened to me back there...

Or was it him?

My eyes briefly fluttered closed, remembering those soulless black pits staring right back into mine, their depths sending cold shivers running down my spine, shaking me raw to the core.

“Mother?” I timidly asked, slowly raising my sight to look at her, instantly receiving her response, “Yes, child?”

Nervously biting my lip, I hesitated for a few moments before popping the simple, yet so important question,
“Was he a fallen angel?”

I had previously heard about creatures like him and how would they look like, but never have I ever had the misfortune of encountering one, hence my sudden curiosity.

Deep silence followed, the sounds of our feet touching the natural carpeted ground reaching my ears once again, accompanied by a small, yet heavy sigh, moments before the answer finally came,


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