Kitten Trouble: Book 2 sick kitten

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Cheddar has been quite weak for a while. Then we figured out that she was really sick. She's been throwing up everywhere, had diarrhea, not eating nor drinking. She's been quite lazy. Will we have to put Cheddar down? Will she make it?

Fantasy / Mystery
Kitties Rule
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Chapter 1: Weak

I woke up in the slight of dawn and heard no meowing. This is strange. Every morning I wake up I hear meowing. I go check on Cheddar and in her crate is throw up and diarrhea and none of her cat food or water was drunk. "Cheddar, baby. Are you alright?" She didn't even meow at me. This is bad. "Mom!" She walked in and asked me what was wrong, "What's wron-- oh my god. What's wrong." "She threw up and had diarrhea and didn't even eat her food or drank her water. I think she's sick. She didn't even meow once when I asked what was wrong."

We decided that Cheddar needed to go to the doctor. We put her in the car. On the way there she just drank a sip of her water. Something is definitely wrong. "Hurry, mom." She said, "I can't go any faster than this."

When we got in the doctor room the doctor explained, "Ah ha! Your kitten has Vasculitis diagnosis. It's a thing when kittens have sickness, this is what they get. It is very common for little kittens like this one. Poor little guy. The cost to fix her is $100. If you can't pay that then we are going to have to put her down." I turned at mom a poked my lip out. "Please, mom? We can't let her struggle." Mom nodded. We have to save Cheddar. Bronto.
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