True moon

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Over a hundred years ago the last female wolf shifter died since all women born with a wolf shifter father are just plain human left without knowledge of the world there truly living in and brought up as perfect little house wives. All that was true until Amaris...n

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Amaris POV:

I sighed as my alarm blared into another day of this. Seriously can't I just get a break... It's not like life's hard enough with constant exams and obnoxious little brothers now I'm late for school. Which means my brothers late for which means I'll be in trouble after school.

"Get up we're going to be late" a familiar whiny voice comes from my door along with some irritatingly loud bangs.

"It's alright keep banging on the defenceless piece of wood I don't think ms Brigs next door herd you, you know the deaf one!" I said as I slowly separated myself from my beds enticing embrace and harshly rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. And heading towards what may be one of the quickest showers of my life.

After finally ragging a brush through my messy mane and pulling it into a messy bun, still kinda wet from my shower I head down stairs to be greeted by my mom the 'perfect' women working away in the kitchen as she flipped a golden pancake.

"Morning mom" I announce loud enough behind her that she jumps

"For goodness sake Amaris don't sneak up on a woman while she's flipping a pancake"

Picking up a pancake I go over to kiss my father goodbye just like a proper girl 'should' before leaving the house. Ugh if he was any more medieval he wouldn't know what fire was if it burn his backside.

"Bye dad"

"You really should act more lady like Amaris" my father scolded as I left through the back door stuffing the pancake in my mouth to spite him knowing my little brother would be following as I made my way to my beat down Fiat 500 seeing my brother walking at a snail pace I quickly get in sort my belt then start to reverse out the drive allocating a whole bunch of insults from Aspen as he stumbled into the passengers side dumping his mucky bag at his feet

"What the hell Amaris!"

"Just keeping you on your toes. And it's not my fault your toes were going to make us late, now do your seat belt"

As I pulled into a free space in the schools parking lot and echoing my Aspens goodbye as I jumped out and set off toward my locker. Only to get five feet before being stopped by a solid wall, seriously though what the hell was this kid eating.

"What the hell. You idiot watch where your going!" It was then I finally looked up only to realise I knew said idiot. Of course it had to be him. As soon as she looked into his indigo eyes I was a goner. No matter how hard I tried I was drowning in them, they were drawing me in and I wasn't even attempting an escape.

"You ok?" He grudgingly asked, though this wasn't that unusual. Of course the one boy I like in the entire school happens to be the one I runs into, honestly what kind of luck is that. And I just realised I was staring. For Gods sake.

"I'm fine" I said with my voice cracking half way, seriously what is my life. I quickly got my senses back and started towards my locker but I swear I could feel him staring at me, I don't know how but that's what it felt like. He usually ignores me, avoided me like the plague. What the hell!

As I finally reached my locker after what seemed like forever I begun navigating the busy halls with no idea where Mimi is, I really need more friends the only one I have is always late and spends her lunch and breaks watching the football players practising or just generally following them round.

"Hey A!" She announced popping up from nowhere

"That's a letter not a name" I complained for the millionth time.

"Come on, A is cool, it's mysterious and Amaris is just a jumble of letters that every sub we have ever had can't pronounce" she whined

"You know when you whine like that you sound a lot like Asp... you know who"

"You can say his name you know"

"Not if I want to keep you from having weird thoughts about my baby brother"

"He's hardly a baby he's only 11 months younger than you. That's less than a year, and extremely hot I mean have you seen his dimples and that bod..."

"Stop! Stop that train of thought. And never repeat that, especially to me ever again!" I screeched causing a lot of weird glances from passers by.

After the disgusting daily reminder of Mimi's obsession with Aspen we headed to our first lesson; chemistry. The day went as usual, Boring. And I'm pretty sure I failed my pop quiz in math, stupid math why do I need it anyways.

Tyr POV:

What was it today? I woke up fine ate some burnt toast with my father while he updated me on the pack then set off to school with Scott my soon to be beta in the passenger seat, we may not be the best of friends but he's cool and he's our current betas son so naturally will be mine but he seems to think that he must be with me when ever possible to 'protect' me even though I'm almost double his size and could probably take him with my eyes closed.

When I finally got out Scott had to go to his locker which was all the way on the other side of school to mine so we split our separate ways.

As I was heading to my locker I was bombarded with this scent, it was like pine trees the same me and my mom used to camp by when I was young but at the same time it smelt like home. Like comfort and acceptance rolled into one. I had to find it. But just as I made up my mind a small figure slammed into me. It was her, the wonderful scent was coming from her. It was... it was... Amaris? But that doesn't make sense I shouldn't feel any comfort even from a scent coming from an enemy packs member even if she was just a human. And it wasn't like I'd never smelt her before she is in almost all my classes, so what the hell is up with her today?

As she looked up at my tall figure I mumbled something along the lines of "are you ok?"

And after receiving an answer stormed to my locker my wolf howling his protest.

Through out the day any time I let my mind wonder I my eyes always seemed to find her again. Of course I'd noticed before today that she was hot anyone would but I'd also always known she was unavailable to me. Her father is the alpha of the Lotus pack and her younger brother is the future alpha which means no matter how much my wolf whines I am going no where near that girl.

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