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When the land and Designer alike choose Dahj to be the first recipient of groundbreaking physical augmentations, the fallen leader reluctantly learns that they have been granted to him under life- threatening stipulations. Accompanied by two other ‘Guardians’ and a banded assassin, Dahj must defy the monotonous cycle of his templated life to travel to the land of grandeur now known as Yellowstone National Park. Here, he will ‘visit unique geographical features throughout the land that strongly represent the corresponding element’ to re-empower the depleted appendage of a unique deity, and bring an end to the pressing threat of adapting predators. Join the Guardians on their elemental path as they face powerful adversaries including jets of boiling water, deceit, vicious carnivores, and most importantly – doubt.

Fantasy / Adventure
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A Message from the Author

Thank you for choosing to pick up my book! Before we begin our journey through a land that is now known as the Western United States, I wanted to touch on a few issues that may arise regarding my tale. First of all, I would like to emphasize that this is a fantasy title. In no way do I want my fictional writing to reflect my personal stance on religion, theories of evolution, or dietary practices. Furthermore, this title should not be read as an example of historical accuracy in any way. It does not follow a rigid timeline regarding species, landscape, or evolution. This work should be digested merely as a fun “what if” idea.

I chose the Western US for the setting of my book because of my deeply-seeded passion for this rich territory. At no point throughout my book will I clearly state “This is Montana/Wyoming”, because the land was not yet called their respective names during the time period in which this tale takes place. However, if it helps the reader imagine the landscape while reading the tale, I have stated it here.

Thank you for supporting my work and be sure to keep an eye out for future projects!

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