Alpha Kaeden

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JOANNA gasped as she crawled back, small pebbles and sharp pieces of rock piercing her hands as she dragged them over it. Her breathing was loud and erratic and a small thin coat of sweat trickled down her forehead and back in a slow dance that gave her goosebumps. If her heart began beating any faster, she was sure she would die.

“No, no, no, no!” She shouted, gasping as she tried to stand up. Her feet stumbled over the ground itself and she tripped a few times until she stood up, her clammy hands being wiped against the fabric of her jeans.

She had been here for years and she had known Kaeden for months. A small part of her was sure that Kaeden would never harm her, but the other side of her kept talking over it. Like small voices begging her to end this once and for all, edging her on, they mumbled things to make her hate him, to make her question everything they had been and everything he had spoken to her throughout the few months they spent together.

“Tell me what I saw wasn’t true Kaeden.” She mumbled, hands over her heart as she began to put more space between them. “I mean, I know what I saw.” She begun, clutching her head and shaking it. “Maybe I’m crazy. Maybe this is it. I really must be going crazy, but I’m pretty sure I saw it just fine.” She glanced at him and realized that throughout her rambling, he hadn’t moved an inch. His hands were casually by his side and he rolled his shoulders back forcing them to pop slightly. She grimaced.

“Wait, wait, wait” She mumbled, moving forward as her hands shook. Maybe she was being irrational. She was a ranger, she knew the woods like the back of her hand and she had seen wolves of all shapes and sizes, but this ━ this wasn’t normal.

“You mean we’re ━━ ”

“Mates? Yeah.”

“And you’re ━━ ”

“A werewolf? Yup.”

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