Elion Silthral of SnowReign

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•••First installment of The Fantasy Series••• In an apparently boring world where nothing interesting ever happens, other than perhaps the arrival of few new novels in her new town's only library, Chloe Adler's life is suddenly turned upside down the day she accidentally discovers the completely different and very dangerous world, secluded at the very back of...her own garden.

Fantasy / Romance
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The fall wind howled even fiercer, foretelling the impending arrival of another storm.

Its powerful blow tore out through the tall and weathered trees, bending them at its will from one side to another as leaves scattered around, blown away all over the currently dead forest floor.

Lifeless and brown they danced their chaotical and furious tempo in between the cold and deserted conglomeration of thick trunks and bare branches, creating such a truly hollow and frightening sight.

Dark grey just like the sky outside, a pair of beady eyes watched through the round opening carved in the old and thick bark, scouting the area for any prying eyes before dainty feet quickly made their way back to the round wooden-carved table at the center of the crammy space.

Fearful and so silent, few enchanted words in the old language made their way to the surface, followed by complete silence, beside the small sounds of quiet, regular breaths.

And just then, the round piece of enchanted silver laying over the carved table faintly glowed, few colors shimmering like the sky in the north before they slowly started to dissolve like a writhing sea, finally creating that much awaited vision.

A small gasp flew through the air, the dark grey eyes growing the size of two glittering gems as they shockingly watched the magical image laying beneath them, its prophecy foretelling an uncertain future...

For the newborn was to be either their kingdom savior or doom...

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