Elion Silthral of SnowReign

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1. New home

Come on...Just a liiittle bit...

She struggled to keep her balance for a moment as she raised herself on her tiptoes over the plush-covered ottoman, one of her long legs graciously stretching backwards as she slowly pushed the picture frame further back on the shelf until it reached the wall.


She lightly smiled at herself in contentment as she gazed at her handiwork for a moment, the stinging pain she'd previously inflicted on herself by accidentally hitting her thumb with the hammer in the process of mounting the tricky shelf on the wall now completely forgotten.

Carefully climbing down the plush white ottoman she then turned around in her new living room, her eyes darting around at the scattered boxes and covered pieces of furniture all over the wooden floor.

She let out a long, tired exhale, mentally chastising herself already.

She'd finally moved here in her new home for almost three days now and yet all she managed to do so far was installing her own bed and mounting a damn shelf on the wall.

Some "handygirl" I am...

She let out yet another sigh, her mind drifting back to her childhood home and how her older brother Julian used to always be the man of the house, always fixing things and doing all the "hard work" for her and their mom since their father never got to do all that, his dangerous job being the same thing that took him away from them way too early...

And then the son had taken the path of the father...

She bitterly thought, reminiscing the very day when Julian firstly announced her and her mother that he, will too join the army, his so sudden and unexpected decision creating such a rift in their once united and strong family.

Many tears and many fights followed, their mother being on the verge of falling into a deep depression as she obviously feared she was also going to lose her beloved son too.

Yet few years followed and thankfully, not only did he survive so many battles but also got promoted to a higher rank, this way making both his mother and baby sister so proud and also thankful for now he was off the field, getting tasks of higher importance instead...

However, after so many years the rift still remained there, deeply rooted in their hearts as as soon as she turned twenty and finally got in the posession of the small fortune their father had equally saved for her and her brother, there she was, in a new home and many miles away from her mother or brother, set on starting a new and simple life, away from all that bitterness and gloom their once so warm and comforting home now posessed.

Hearing the familiar meow coming from somewhere close by she quickly snapped out of her brief trip down memory lane, her forest green eyes following the source of the sound until she spotted the bundle of grey fur lazily making its way in between the maze of boxes and furniture straight towards her, suavely circling around her red cozy socks once it reached her.

"Hey baby," She warmly cooed, carefully picking up the fluffy cat in her arms, giving it a small peck on the head.

"What's wrong? Are you hungry?" She asked the animal, earning another meow as she made her way towards the spacious kitchen right next to the living room.

Putting the cat down she then moved to roam in one of the classic white cabinets, searching for a can of kitty food when a loud rumble boomed from outside, quickly hearing her pet hiss before fearfully tucking itself in between her legs.

"Aww, that was it?" She lightly chuckled, putting the can on the counter before taking the scared cat from the tiled floor in her arms once again, protectively holding it to her chest.

"You sensed it coming didn't you?" She let out another chuckle, lightly shaking her head before her gaze trailed to the large window, looking at the darkening sky. And just then, a forking streak of light brightened her whole garden and the kitchen, followed by another loud rumble.

The cat hissed yet again, digging her small claws in her owner's old and beat up pink t-shirt.

"Aww don't be scared baby, it will pass soon, it's only a summer shower," She soothingly comforted the scared animal, gently tracing her fingers between its pointed ears for a few times.

"Here, let's get you all safe and comfy," She cooed, taking the animal upstairs and all the way to her bedroom, safely tucking it in its plushy crib and putting an extra blanket over it since she knew it will cushion the thunder sounds -at least a little bit- and help her pet feel safer.

Once she'd secured her pet, she then walked towards her makeshift nightstand -which was made from a cardboard box, actually- taking her phone and pressing the lock button to check the time.

5 pm.

"Oh maaan!" She lightly whined as she realized she had actually spent almost half a day to just mount a tiny shelf on a damn wall, letting out a sigh before she threw it over the bed and made her way back downstairs.

"Okaaay, let's do this," She mumbled to herself, mentally encouraging herself to finally finish unpacking all those boxes in the living room -instead of just preparing herself a cup of warm cappuccino and eventually falling asleep over a good book like she definitely wanted to- and with a deep, refreshing breath she entered the said room, her whole "enthusiasm" quickly deflating once her eyes once again landed on the chaotic scene that was supposed to be her living room.


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