The Armored Wolf: Book Two Winter Falls

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It's been three months since Ellie survived a fire that was meant to kill her. Now her fate lies with a counsel of Armored Wolves from different families. Darian is convinced that she'll be welcomed since she is an Armored Wolf but is that all she is? Mean while in the States, the mysterious passenger decides to learn of who Ellie really is which will take him on a trip down memory lane as Ellie's past is revealed and just who all knew of her existence on both sides of a feud that has existed for thousands of years. Just who is Ellie and why are so many people interested in her, including Winter, an Armored Wolf who might try to sway her from Darian?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Two Thousand and Five,

From his hiding spot, he saw his beloved being taken to a hospital. He knew that she was about to give birth. As much as he wanted to be there, he knew that he couldn’t. His enemies knew that he had been there and were still searching for him. They didn’t seem to know though that his beloved was about to give birth or that his daughter would play an important role in what was to come. He shifted into his Armored Wolf form and quickly took off running.

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