The Infinite Duo: Bennu Effect

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"Time will always fix matter how much you try..." If you find yourself one day responsible to save everyone you love against the mightiest power of nature; Time. Bennu Effect tells the story of Malika; a young doctor that one day finds herself responsible to save the lives of the closest people to her and learn the truth of her life and how that will change her forever.

Fantasy / Mystery
Nouran Eidarous
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In the middle of great nothingness is the great palace of the divines. Where it all made of clear crystal glass that only reflects what standing outside which is nothing but whiteness and glory. A heavenly deep voice echoed the palace vibrating the walls threatening it to break into pieces followed by tens of voices similar yet not as strong as the first one.

“Enough,” the voice said with a sharp knock on a glass. The vision became clearer revealing what behind the mighty walls. An endless white place with five glass tables and chairs occupied with five people looking anxious and furious. The tables were arranged in a letter U shape. Behind the tables were hundreds of people standing sharply.

Everyone dressed the same; in a white maxi long selves robes with hoods covering their heads. Each one had an enchanted beauty that is impossible for man’s eye to sustain. Their sharp crystal-clear eyes were staring angrily at one person standing right in the middle across from the five tables.

“We are not here to discuss what you have done, we are here to witness your retribution,” the same mighty deep voice said, and it belonged to the one sitting behind the middle table. It was a woman with sharp features and angelic powerful aura derived from her undeniable strength.

“I have not done anything wrong to be here!” the person standing in the middle shouted angrily. He removed the hood revealing his head. He had black hair and strong dominant features that looked different from the rest. It was filled with hatred and grudge.

“Enough Harut! This is not a game! You crossed your limits! You cannot proceed with your accusations.”

“It is not accusations! It is the truth! Archangel, those creatures don’t deserve this world, they will destroy it and turn it to ashes! We are more powerful than them! We are luminous! We are divines; we deserve that world, not these weak creatures!”

“Who do you think you are to question the Lord?!” —the archangel hit both of her hands sharply on the glass table in front of her—“even if we are powerful, it is not in our nature to question his greatness.”

“It’s not fair or right! Those creatures are capable of hatred and destruction, they are not pure!”

“ENOUGH.” the archangel stood up and peered furiously at Harut. In a blink of an eye, he kneeled in front of them and metal chains held both his hands roughly behind his back and another wide chain covered his mouth and chin. “Lock him,” she told one of the divines standing behind her and then walked away and her body slowly disappeared into thin air.

As the rest of the divines watched her go; one of them glimpsed Harut who looked rather amused than scared.

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