The Spartan: Book 1 of The Wolf Wars Saga

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The Werewolf King

The Werewolf City. The home of the Alpha of all Alphas- the most absolute power among werewolf kind. I only remember small bits and pieces of the stories my dad used to tell me. Tall, sparkling buildings, extravagant parties, soft, weak werewolves…My pack hadn’t been close with others, but we all knew about the Alpha King and his prim and proper pack. I hadn’t spent much time worrying about the Royal Pack during the last eight years. Truth be told, I hadn’t spent the last eight years worrying about much at all.

Varcolac was the exact opposite of everything I had ever known. My pack was hearty, strong, and rugged. We didn’t need shining cities, fancy restaurants, or dance parties. We had our Academy, our hunting parties, our instincts. And we thrived- for a time.

As we approached the gates of the city, a man and woman came rushing toward us. Larken was quick to phase into his human form and run- buck naked- into their arms. His parents. I could see them in his face. His mother’s dimples and light brown hair, his father’s soft green eyes and straight nose- the family resemblance was obvious. I watched them dote over him, not truly believing the emotion. They left their kid in the middle of nowhere. How great could they be? How much could they really care about him?

“Thank you for bringing him back to us, Ryker.” The woman gushed, pressing Larken’s face into her stomach in a choking embrace.

Sure, Prince Charming, take credit for my work. That’s cool, no biggie. I rolled my eyes and growled slightly, drawing the attention of the happy little family.

“Mom, Asenna saved me. She’s the one who got me to the border!” The kid was starting to grow on me.

Larken’s parents turned their suspicious, critical eyes on me. They looked me over like a flea that had the gall to infest their precious baby’s existence.

“Asenna…” The man weighed my name on his tongue, like he was searching a far-off memory. “Why is she still in her wolf form?” He asked as he looked between my three escorts.

They all looked at me expectantly. “No way in hell am I getting naked in front of a bunch of strangers.” Seriously? Were they just that detached from reality?

The black wolf groaned in exasperation and I could hear the other wolves chuckling on either side of me.

“I got it!” Larken shouted and started tugging at his dad’s jacket. When his dad started to protest, Larken gave another strong pull. “Give it dad!” The tall man relented and gave his jacket to the brat in confusion.

“What in the world, Larken? What are you doing?” He said.

“She doesn’t like phasing in front of people!” Larken explained. This only caused more confused and incredulous looks.

“A wolf who refuses to phase among their own kind…” The woman whispered to her mate.

“Very strange…” He continued for her.

Larken held the black jacket up to me with a smile. I looked around the small crowd that had formed around us. The brat followed my eyes.

“Its okay.” He whispered to me. The little naked boy flung the jacket over my back as well as he could manage. “I got your back.” His toothy grin was oddly comforting. I knew Larken wouldn’t be able to help me here, but still, it was nice to have someone in my corner.

I tried my best to ignore the eyes staring at me and focused on phasing. My wolf bent and broke, contorting into my human body. This was getting to be too much. I was tired, hungry and had phased more today than I had for months. Plus, there was the battle wounds that marred my body. The bleeding had stopped, but fuck did it still hurt. I felt myself shrinking, curling under the jacket. My claws were gone, along with my fangs and fur. I was a messy, wild looking girl, and the look on my audience’s faces told me I was hideously out of place.

Larken was quickly pulled away by his parents and everyone stepped away from me. I slid my arms into the sleeves and clutched the jacket around my kneeling, carved up body to hide my nudity. My cuts were still raw, but at least the blood trails on my body were drying up. Hands were suddenly on my arms, hoisting me up roughly.

“What the hell?” I snapped and turned to see that my three wolf escorts were now three human men. The one that had my right arm held tightly in his hand took me by surprise. He was tanned and sculpted- even more so than the average wolf. Before I could avert my eyes quick enough, I couldn’t help but notice how… “blessed” he was. My eyes searched to find something else to look at- his strong, squared jaw, his dark whiskey eyes, the jet-black mop of hair that was perfectly disheveled…

“My father will be wanting to see you.” So, this was Ryker’s human form. Not bad, if I was being honest.

“Well, then,” I sneered, “Let’s go see your dear old daddy.” My voice was snide and dripping with malice. I knew it wasn’t smart to antagonize these wolves, but I couldn’t help myself.

Clothes had been brought for the three men who were now guiding me up the stairs to what I suppose could only be called a throne room- seemed a bit archaic to me, but who was I to judge? I guess hostages didn’t get the royal treatment around here, because I was still sporting the coat Larken had swiped for me. His father wasn’t a heavy-set man, but he was tall, thankfully. The jacket swallowed me but still only barely covered my ass. Every few steps I tugged at the back to make sure the guy behind me didn’t get too much of a view.

We stood in front of a large, ornate chair with red velvet upholstery. These guys were serious about their royal status. Everything in the building had been shiny, gilded, or sparkled in some way.

“So, this is how the other half lives.” I muttered to myself.

The doors at the end of the cavernous hall opened with a creak and steady footsteps echoed through the air. I looked in the direction of the approach and saw a man in a classy black suit striding my way. I could see the same features in this man that Ryker had- minus the greying hair. He was crisp, clean, and polished and his appearance and demeanor screamed “Alpha” material. This was no doubt Ryker’s father- the Alpha King.

“I hear we have a trespasser.” He said with a lightness in his voice. He looked at me, a small girl surrounded by three full grown men. “Surely this lovely lady isn’t the cause for such alarm.” He smiled at me gently, but I knew he was already assuming that I was fragile and weak.

“Don’t underestimate her dad.” Ryker cautioned. Aw, so Prince Charming was smarter than I took him for. “She took us on no problem.”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure she busted a few of my ribs.” Said the sandy haired man next to me.

I smirked with satisfaction looking at the bruises and scratches on their bodies. I may not have been able to win that fight, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to go out without doing some damage. The Alpha regarded me with interest and stepped closer, taking my chin in his hands.

“Who are you?” He asked.

“Nobody.” I spat.

These people had no right to know about me or my past. I was not about to show just how alone I was to them. My heart pounded as I watched him analyzing my silver hair and distinct blue eyes. His brow furrowed and his hand flew to the back of the jacket I was wearing, twisting me around into an awkward angle, and yanked the fabric down to reveal my scarred shoulder.

His gasp was audible, and his hands released me with a jolt.

“Dad what’s the deal?” Ryker asked.

I couldn’t stop myself from chuckling. Of course, the older generation would know what I was. We were once powerful and revered, but not anymore. Not when there was only one of us.

The Alpha King’s face had paled, and his eyes were wide with shock and maybe even confusion. His hand was raised toward me as if I was a ghost.

The Alpha spoke with hollow reverence.

“She’s a Spartan.”

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