Unfortunately Arranged

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This is my personal property therefore if stolen is copyrighted. Do not copy and paste anywhere else I am here to get feedback. About a girl a girl named Jordyn who is quite unsure of herself as part of the alpha family. She is arranged to be married to another alpha as her brother Alex takes over their pack. This is her life, duty, adventure, and love story.

Fantasy / Romance
J. Myers
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Getting Ready Chapter One

Looking in the mirror in my reflection I saw a girl with blue eyes and light brown hair with some streaks of what remained of my golden blonde hair as I had as a child, she was looking back with white pasty skin and a look of confusion looking back at me. Seeing her and not really knowing who she was at the same time a stranger staring back at me. Who is this girl anymore? Who have I become and why was I here I didn’t ask to be here avoiding my family like the plague because of their issues?

I come from a high family of werewolves. Each one has a specific duty to the family and my family faltered at their roles. My role the daughter of an alpha is to marry another alpha.

Unfortunately, being a daughter of an alpha had some disadvantages where I found solace in peace and solidarity in different kinds of art my parents found this as an unfortunate quality to have as a dominate daughter of the alpha, they preferred I would be extrovert. Granted I wasn’t that great in art, but I took comfort knowing it keeps my mind busy.

After returning to my bedroom I found a canvas and started painting with detrimental colors on my pallet of paints. Spreading the paint brush across the canvas to ease my mood. With some reds, purples, black, grays, and a hue of blue. Wasn’t my best work but it calmed me.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. “Jordyn what are you doing?” asked my mother. She had green eyes, dark brown hair, and an olive complexion made me wonder how I didn’t look anything like this woman standing before me. I didn’t look like my father either he had hard dark brown eyes and hair and an olive hint to his skin as well. How the heck did they end up with me? My mother’s harsh voice pulled me out of my thoughts, “Jordyn your supposed to be getting ready for the party tonight.”

I groaned “I hate parties can’t I just sit this one out?” I said.

“And let the entire pack down? Hell no. Get ready.” my mother replied. Ugh I hated being told what to do like a child after all I am twenty-four years old with a degree in business.

“JORDYN!!” my mother screamed pulling me out of my thoughts again.

“ALRIGHT give me a few.” I pouted having to get up from my chair I looked around my room my eyes washed over my bookshelf containing my books, pictures, and little trinkets. My bed sat against the wall with a gray comforter, honestly, I had the smallest room in the house, but it was still huge had plenty of room. Next to my paint supplies was my desk which laid previous paintings I had done the room had a small fireplace and a window with a chair next to it so I could look out and see a grassy field with trees. After laid my bedside table with my senior picture on it with letters of my last name “Mattoon” was on the bottom of the black frame scrawled in silver lettering. I decided I had better get into the shower before my mother would do something drastic.

After taking a nice hot shower I was relaxed I received another knock at the door. This time it was a crew of makeup artists and designers... SHIT. They were sent to my room from my mother who clearly decided I couldn’t get myself ready, which I clearly had to have a serious discussion with her later regarding being able to do it by myself. I preferred my vintage clothing from thrift stores. However, my older brother Alex preferred designer suits that went along with the rest of my family’s taste of what was appropriate.

A girl came up to me and offered her hand, “I’m Sarah I will be doing your make up and dressing you today.” She had a slim build, with white blond hair, her ice blue eyes looked me up and down she smelled of lilacs and a mixture of chemicals. “We have a lot of work to do.” she stated. I stared her with a glare. Clearly this princess designer girl didn’t find my vintage jeans and fox shirt suitable for a party.

Sarah started polishing my skin making it glow. She started picking out what make up to use pink lipstick, light browns for my eye shadow, with some eyeliner and black mascara. Frustrated she didn’t have any foundation in the palest shade she scoffed at my skin tone. I laughed inside and managed to crack a sly smile. She winced when she noticed it. Unfortunately, she managed to use a shade darker and applied it. I pouted and she carried on curling my hair and applying my makeup. As she curled my hair the wavy curls descended my back. I pushed my bangs to the side of my face and Sarah smacked my hand away.

“Don’t touch.” she said, she ended up straightening my bangs they laid flat, but they weren’t in my eyes. I sighed with relief.

Next came the dress. I hated dresses. However, this one was a deep blue with small sleeves on either side, with a plunging neckline but showed the right amount of cleavage not exposing too much, the back of the dress plunged down just above my lower back. The bodice of the dress fit snug against my curves running down towards my ankles with a slit on the left side showing my small thigh. Sarah put some dangle diamond earrings into my ears and put a white gold choker with a light blue diamond around my neck. I put my fingers up to touching the silky gold metal holding the diamond in place. My wavy curls cascaded down the back of my dress. I sat there in awe transfixed on the girl who looked back in the mirror she looked back in awe. Considering that I was five foot four and not a very tall person this dress fit me perfectly clinging to every shape and curve of my body. Would this be the girl I am supposed to be?

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