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Chapter VIII

Elliot usually wakes up slowly because he starts working until lunch hour, but today his alarm sounded two hours earlier. He opens his eyes and lets out a heavy sigh, he barely slept during five hours because he finished work quite late the night before. Le Papillon Doré is a famous and trendy restaurant, people come from different cities every night, the phone never stops ringing because of the amount of reservation calls they get daily.

He takes some time to think if he really need to leave his bed and go to that address that strange girl gave him. Elliot usually gets numbers from customers because of his good looks, there are even a few men and women who keep coming back to the restaurant only to see him and use their compliments on his cooking as an excuse to shake his hand or see his smile. The green eyed is getting tired of it.

It made him happy back then when he just started working, but with time he couldn’t stand knowing that people want to know him only for his good looks and his successful career. As a young man who lives alone, without friends but with the anger and disappointment he feels toward many people who were in his life, it isn’t easy for him to trust two strangers who suddenly showed up to talk to him about a connection with the emerald stone.

Normally he wouldn’t trust people like them, he’d just ignore them and continue his normal daily life, but what he saw after opening that book made him think otherwise. Dozens of people dressed in royal green silk shirts whose green eyes are shining like jewels, highlighting the brightness of their long silver hairs were calling for help. He couldn’t recognize any of them, especially not with that strange look.

Elliot isn’t one to believe in magic or any kind of weird sorcery but what he felt at that moment when he opened the book was everything but something he thought better to let go of.

The young chef only has thirty minutes to have breakfast and prepare himself to go out. He jumps under the shower and leaves the bathroom, well dressed, after no more than ten minutes. He makes himself a cup of green tea and french toasts and eats while scrolling on his phone. He types the name of the strange purple book but the only results he gets are articles on different gemstones and some chemistry researches.

He grabs his jacket and keys and leaves the apartment to head to the parking lot. He gets in his car and types the address given to him on the GPS device. Surprisingly for him, it’s a place he walks by almost every time when he goes shopping and he never paid attention to the old jewellery shop lost between the fancy designer boutiques.

He parks the black vehicle and puts on his shades before crossing the road. He makes sure the name of the shop matches the one written on the paper, his long fingers find their way through his brown locks and he clears his throat before opening the door.

There are two customers inside, a couple probably getting married soon judging by how picky the woman is while choosing a ring. He thinks it’s sad that most people nowadays tend to worry more about what others will think about what they’re wearing more than actually being comfortable in simple products. The young man shakes his head when he hears her comparing the rings to the ones her married friends were offered. He tries to ignore her by looking around, there are huge showcases exposing gold and silver accessories and there is a small one reserved for diamonds. Elliot used to buy necklaces and bracelets every time he dated a man or a woman, he loved to offer them gifts, thinking that they’re finally the love he’d been waiting for. In the end, they all leave.

He checks the time for the tenth time, it’s past ten and yet there is no sign of Ashley and Nate. He’s alone with the couple and the grey haired man attending them. He notices the shop owner looking at him when the customers are busy deciding between themselves, he gives him a smile which he thought strange but decided not to react.

The couple ends up not choosing any ring because apparently it’s a hard task. If only life was that simple.

They leave and Elliot rolls his eyes, watching them cross the road.

“They’ll come back soon enough.” the old man interrupts with a chuckle. “It’s good to have you here Ryul.”


He remembers Ashley mentioning this name and looks at the old man confusingly.

“They’re waiting for you inside.” he tells him, pointing at the velvet curtain behind him. “Please turn that sign so that people don’t get inside.”

Elliot does as said, he turns the sign to closed and follows the shop owner. He gets surprised when he enters the red and purple room and even more when he finds Ashley and Nate with three other people. “You... you were all at the restaurant that night.” he points at Ruby and her mother and raises an eyebrow.

“Hello Ryul, it’s nice to see you again.” Lenna smiles.

“Will you all stop calling me that?” he looks at them and lowers his head when he realized he just raised his voice at strangers, something he doesn’t usually do. “Please.” he adds with a quieter voice.

“It’s your real name.” Lenna sighs.

Elliot shakes his head and looks at the strangers with confusion and fear. “What is going on? Can someone please explain to me why I’m here?”

“Because you chose to come here?” Ashley raises an eyebrow, making the young chef look at her with angry eyes. “We’ll gladly tell you what’s going on if you’d calm down and sit.”

The grey haired man pats Elliot’s back gently before heading to his red couch. He takes a sip of warm tea that was already placed on the small table and looks at the young man. “What would you like to know first?”

The chef sits in front of him and asks him about the purple book. He tells him about the people calling for help and his confusion about the way they addressed him; your majesty.

“The book is a creation of my late father.” starts Eamon. “He was a warlock, just like me and Alexandra.”

“A warlock?” Elliot chuckles and looks around, expecting the others to join him but none does. He looks back at Eamon and frowns, “Are you serious? Do you... do you really have magic?”

The old man simply nods and starts telling him about his story, Mávros and the world that was created for him and the other young royalties.

Elliot’s hands are hiding his face, his fingers are rubbing his green orbs harshly before running through his brown locks. A battle has started inside his head, making it almost expose from the many informations that reached it. He keeps opening and closing his eyes to make himself believe that it’s all a dream, unfortunately for him it’s not.

He takes a long breath as he feels his chest tightening because of the pressure reigning around the room. The deafening silence is killing him slowly, making it harder for him to think.

He raises his head and finds Eamon already staring at him with concerned eyes. Elliot clears his throat and rubs the back of his neck before asking, “So... so this is all fake?” he makes strange motions with his hands, probably meaning his surroundings. “Is this all your creation?” Eamon nods.

The brown haired scoffs and gets up suddenly. He shakes his head and glared at each one of them with his dazzling green eyes. “I’ll leave you with your fantasy stories.” he speaks in a mocking tone. “I’m done with this insanity.” he was about to leave when Nate grabbed his arm and pulled him back to the room. “What are you doing? Let go of me.” his venomous voice doesn’t seem to scare the black haired male, Elliot tries to escape from his strong grip but he finds it more challenging than he thought.

“I’m not joking, leave me alone!” he shouts before hitting Nate’s arm strongly who normally is the one to feel hurt but it’s Elliot who lets out a loud scream. He crunches down, enveloping his injured hand with the other one while tears fall down his cheeks. Nate and the people present in the room widen their eyes when they see the little blood flowing from the chef’s hurt fingers. “What... what’s going on?” the blue eyed looks at the warlock with surprise.

Eamon rubs his chin and looks at Alexandra and Lenna with a worried face. “The magic is fading very quickly.” he sighs and looks back at Nate who’s still waiting for an answer. “The silver arm. ” he says, making him even more confused. “You are made of silver, Nesterin. Your kingdom is maybe not the most powerful, but I must admit that the Silvers have one of the strongest armies. Your bodies made of such hard element makes you almost unbeatable.” he walks closer to the injured young man, he asks Nate to kneel in front of him and takes his hand. “You injured him with your silver arm, but you can also heal him.” he places Nate’s hand around Elliot’s and it makes them both gasp when the wounds swiftly disappear. “The Silvers are also known to be the greatest healers.” Eamon gives Nate a smile and goes back to his seat.

Elliot keeps looking at his hand, not believing that it went back to its normal state, as if nothing happened a few minutes earlier. Nate offers to help him stand up but he rudely rejects him by pushing him. Thankfully for the blue eyed, Ashley and Ruby were there to catch him from falling.

“So, what... what do we have to do now?” asks Elliot with a shaky voice.

Eamon takes a moment before answering his question. “The magic is fading, so you’ll need to go back to your kingdoms as soon as possible.”

“No.” Elliot shakes his head violently. “I’m not leaving this world, I have all my life here. I’m living my dream, I always wanted to cook in a fancy restaurant. I’m not giving up anything.”

“Joining us or staying is your choice, of course.” says Eamon calmly. “But I must warn you that once all the magic fades, everything will go with it.” he looks at the green eyed with a serious face to make him understand that the situation is more delicate than he thinks. “Every memory, every creation in this world will turn to dust and disappear forever.”

“Why?” Elliot speaks with a quiet voice, sounding almost like a whisper, “Why should I leave this life? Why should I give up on my dream and all the things I built for the last years?”

“Because you are a king, Ryul!” Eamon’s loud and powerful voice makes everyone gasp. He leaves the couch and walks to the young chef squeezing his shoulders as if he’s trying to wake him up from a trance. “You have a Kingdom, an entire nation waiting for your return! Believe it or not, you were born a royalty, a subject to your people and your duty is to protect them and fight your enemy.”

Eamon then turns to the young friends, “You too!” he shouts louder. “I know it’s a surprise to all of you, that you can’t leave this life you’ve been living for years but you have no choice but to forget about this world and all the people you’ve met here.” he clears his throat and looks away for a moment before adding, “I’ll give you some time to get ready, then Alexandra will open the portal to our world. And you musn’t forget that once arrived there, you will be alone.”

The four young royalties share looks, terrified ones.

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