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The Glass Born Book

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Going through the portal Vivian, Millicent, Veronica, Emersyn must find their way around the supernatural realm. With more questions than answers the girls are going to face some tough challenges that are going to challenge themselves individually but also as a group of friends.

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1

The human mind is truly the scariest thing of all. No matter how hard I tried I just could not get that image out of my head for good. Being that last one through the portal to the supernatural realm I got the full brunt of it and every time I close my eyes I can still see it happening underneath my eyelids. When I turned back to take one last look at Arnold he held a look of surprise, fear, and a small sparkle in his eyes. However, that wasn’t the first thing I noticed looking at Arnold. It was an exit wound from a bullet in the middle of his forehead that made my eyes bulge out of their sockets. Streak marks of blood droplets slipping down Arnold's face as his lifeless body collapsed to the floor. I saw a quick glimpse of the shooter who was my so called ‘uncle’.

He held one of those grins on his lips that reminded me of someone that enjoys the pleasure of killing people and didn’t mind showing the blood stained on the palms of their hands. Travelling through my body is being stretched every which way while I am crying my eyes out. Emersyn did in fact pull me the rest of the way through the portal when my legs became weak and no longer wanted to walk me the rest of the way. As my feet hit some old, dusty wood flooring I allowed for my knees to give out and bring my body down to the floor. The bags I was holding dropped to the floor with a fairly loud thump bringing up thick dust into the air. It all floated around in the rays of sunshine pecking through from different holes and places around us.

On the floor I spent some more time crying endlessly into my hands ignoring the other`s voices asking me if I was okay and what was making me crying so hard like this. Slowly I calmed down my crying and my breath became hitched and hiccup. Cheeks bright red and puffy with tear stains dried to my skin, I moved off my knees and shuffled onto my bum. Taking the time to have a look around where we have been dropped off by the portal. It seems to have taken us to a dark, old, abandoned shop. Every object, surface, floor, and ceiling have been covered in thick layers and layers of dust. So bad that in the little light that we have in here I can see footprints in the dust from the other girls walking around.

The shop looks like it has been stocked up to the brim with stock and then just left literally to collect dust. From where I am I can see some of the objects on the shelves and they look like some old but unique magic trinkets. At the front of the store the windows have been covered by newspapers and by the looks of things the sun is going down now. Something about this place looks familiar but I just cannot put my finger on it at the moment.

“What the hell is going on Vivian? You were fine when you started walking through the portal and you all of a sudden began to cry your heart out.” Emersyn demanded of me who is lent up against a glass counter top.

“I looked back at Arnold through the entrance of the portal and someone shot him in the back of the head. The bullet went straight through his skull and his brain out through his forehead. Standing behind him was the man who called himself my ‘uncle’ which of course I don’t believe in the slightest.” I said back in a wobbly strained voice.

“Well that’s not good at all; how the hell are we going to get about this place now without someone knows it. I don’t even know where we are in the first place and none of that helps to know what could be on the other side of these dusty old four walls.”

“Well we have a roof over our heads at the moment and a place to stay low for the time being while we can gather ourselves together. By the looks of things we have eight or nine hours left until the sun comes up. So the four of us need to get some sleep and create somewhat of a plan now that we don’t have Arnold coming through the portal to help us.” Veronica said.

“If we have a look around this shop maybe there are some clues to tell us where we are currently. Besides, apart from the four of us being here, nobody else seems to have been in here for a long time.” Millicent joined into the conversation as she took the time to look through the shelves full of weird stuff.

The conversation moved forward to what we are going to do next I only half listened to it as I raked my gaze over the contents of the entire room. Everything has a dark colour palette scheme to it which added an eerie presence to the whole thing. My eye caught on some of the small trinkets inside the glass counter top case and the cogs in my brain started moved together. I flashed back to the one of the first strange dreams I had at the start of when all of this began. Behind the glass counter top case I can remember the older woman giving me a smile and a small wave in my direction.

Standing up off the floor I wiped away the dust on the back of my trousers. Vividly remembering the conversation I had with the nice older lady in my said dream. Going straight passed a scowling Emersyn to stand behind the countertop I took a minute to look and study all the witchy trinkets after wiping away some of the thick layers of dust. Wandering around behind the back of the shop in what seems to be a storage room I found one of those floors to ceiling bookcases. It is stuffed to the brim with all the different sized books from paperback to hardcover. They are decorated with a range of different colours, patterns, and stamps.

“What have you found in the back here, Vivian? Apart from the stacks and stacks of old and boring textbooks on a bookcase that looks like it is going to fall over any minute now.” Veronica said out of nowhere.

Startled by her sudden appearance, “Oh god Veronica make some noise when you walk in please. I don’t think I can cope with anymore surprise for the moment.”

“Sorry I guess I didn’t realise just how quiet I can really be on my own two feet.”

“If you are going to be that light on your feet I think I will need to put a bell around your neck for starters. Either way I was just looking at these books because there is one particular one I am looking for. This sounds strange but I have been here before and was told about this one book and it is meant to be important and I mean super important.”

“Okay well what does this so important book look like then. Maybe I can make it easier on your search to help you look for it.”

“As much as I would like to take you up on that offer Veronica. I don’t know exactly what I am looking for myself but once I do you will be the first person I show it to.”

Accepting my reasoning for declining her offer I slowly continued searching through each self of crambed books. Veronica stayed with me to chat and lent up against the wall next to the wobbly bookcase with her ankles crossed. In our comfortable silence as I searched the shelves it is disrupted my something round in shape hurling its way through the air. Neither one of us could have caught the object in time when it smacked straight into the side of the bookcase and finally dropped to the floor with multiple high bounces.

When Veronica tried to go for the object she lost her balance and tumbled to the floor only to jolt the side of the bookcase. Moaning and groaning underneath the heavy weight of all those books the bookcase just gave way and collapsed into a large heap of wood planks and scattered books. I got caught under some of the flying books and tried to scramble away only to twist my feet together and flop to the floor like a fish. Emersyn and Millicent bolted into the room with a pair of panicked looks plastered onto their faces. Both girls hurried to get Veronica and I off of the floor before bomb barding the two of us with a rapid fire of questions.

“How the hell did the two of you knock that bookcase over?”

“Are the two of you okay? Do we have any broken bones?””

“What in your mind did you think it was appropriate to shout to everyone outside that we are hiding her Vivian?”

“Emerysn stop being such a bully we have more important issues to discuss than playing the blame game.”

Millicent and Emersyn stepped away from Veronica and I to step toe to toe to each other with hatred curled deep into their scowls. I tuned them out bickering with each other when I see a hidden compartment embedded into the wall. It almost looked like one of those enormous bank vaults but just like one on a much smaller scale. With a twisted ankle I hobble my way over to the wall to inspect the silver metal vault door.

A deep curiosity built up inside of my stomach along with a slight twinge of fear. Regardless of these feelings I pushed my sore arms up to twist the handle anti-clock wise. Doing this until I can hear and feel a firm click I pulled the handle towards me to firmly open the door. A hot breath on the back of my neck sent and cold chill down my skin and goosebumps riding along my arms.

“What have you found now Vivian? Another hidden treasure or is it a trap that you would naturally see in the movies?” Veronica asked me.

I jumped a few feet in the air throughout the time that Veronica is standing too close for comfort.

“I don’t know yet Veronica but if you take some large steps back away from me I can the door wider and find out for you can`t I?” I snapped.

Ignoring Veronica`s apology for the time being I shuffled back away from the wall to allow the door to swing open on its own. A lot look like in the movies the door let out a loud whooshing sound as it let out sprinkles of dust into the air. My curiousness rose in hopes that it would be beneficial to us but I dropped down to the pit of my stomach in disappointment. Stacked up onto each other are four hardback books in the same mocha colour brown. The other girls shoved me out of the way with a hard shove to the ground on top of the broken bookcase.

I have a hard time getting off the floor but once I do Millicent has already pulled the book out of hole in the wall to study them. Over her shoulder Emersyn and Veronica are also studying the book on top of the pile with confused looks on their faces. Getting Millicent to put them on the glass counter top in the front part of the shop, I use Veronica as a support stick to get there. At the counter top the four books have been spread out and straight away I notice each one has a different symbol in the middle of the cover.

First book on the left it has a gold Kelkin triple - spiral labyrinth knot which has the illusion of being 3D but isn’t really. The next book on from that have a tree inside of a circle with the branches and the roots curling around to connect to each other. Onto the third book it has a Celtic butterfly in a bronze colour metal. Last but not least this last symbol is a Celtic trinity knot done in greens and gold with smaller Celtic knots inside of it. Each book has their own vibration of power radiating from the pages inside. The second from the left with the tree inside of the circle for me holds the most power.

“Do you guys feel that power coming from the books as well? Because this is giving me the creeps and I don’t think that it was an accident for Vivian to find these books.” Veronica said.

“I assume that each of us have a corresponding book which emits the most power that the others. Let’s move back and stand in front of the book we feel has the most power and then we can go from there.” Millicent replied.

On that note the four of us switched around behind the counter and stood in front of our said book. It goes from right to left Emersyn, myself, Veronica, and then Millicent. Appearing out of nowhere a black cat jumped up and landed on top of my book to sit down and start licking its front paw. The other three girls jumped back in surprise and looked a bit skeptical towards the said black cat. I on the other hand stayed rooted on the hardwood flooring smiling at the cat who sat there with a knowing look in its eyes.

“I wondered when you were going to show up kitty cat. Your mama did say to me you were going to stay behind and meet up wit me. I suppose that you could give us some answers now that you are here with us.” I said scratching the back of the cats ears.

“Vivian what the hell is wrong with you? Step away from the cat you don’t even what could have been picked up on its fur coat.” Emersyn demanded of me.

“Don`t be a worry wart girl this a friendly cat and his is not here to hurt us. The owner of this little magic shop left him here so that when we turned up he can make sure we got a hold of the books.”

“How the hell did you know that? Is there something you are not telling us Vivian?”

“I guess it is time that I told you about the dreams I have been having since this all start them.”

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