Moths to Flames

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Powerful covens of witches, supernatural companions, and a slow burning romance between the lead and several love interests. Follow Alurea and her journey to power as she overcomes obstacles and becomes the new head of the coven.

Fantasy / Romance
Erin Nicole
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Chapter 1

Sitting in the lounge chair, legs dangled over the arms as the flames crackle from the fireplace beside her. Alurea flipped the page to the book she was reading, a book about summoning demons... She was about to take her rites and part of that was having a familiar, though all others have normal animals at their side this wasn't the path Alurea wanted to take. Her green and brown eyes twinkled in the firelight, her vibrant red hair was falling freely to the side in its wild curls. She took after her mother in looks and in fiery spirit.

A soft clearing of the throat had her cast her gaze upwards, locking eyes with her father. A man of few words, Oisin Lafleur was strikingly beautiful. He smiled at his daughter, the only one in existence to brighten his life besides her mother Eileithyia Lafleur.

"Daughter the Briar family is here." He said loudly and clearly. She smiled softly, the Briars were close allies of the Sanguis Lamia coven, she was especially close to the third eldest of the five sisters Ruby, who was the same age of 14 as her. Opal and Emerald were the second oldest and twins, they regarded Alurea with indifference, while the oldest Topaz had made her hatred for her clear. The youngest, however, Sapphire looked upon Alurea as a mentor.

"What would you have me do father?" She asked as she slid her legs forward and sat up.

"Greet them my dearest." He said chuckling.

"As you wish father." Alurea said as she stood from her place, closing her book. Her father's interest peaked as he caught glimpse of the title.

"What is it that you're reading little love?" He asked with intrigue.

"I'm going to summon a demon." She said as she walked out of the room, she tossed him one last glance, a spark in her eyes. "And I'm going to make it my familiar." The confidence in what she believed was possible left her father smiling with pride, he knew what she was capable of and knew that she knew it as well. She has come from very strong bloodlines.

Exiting the library Alurea made her way to the foyer where she was to greet her guests, her father followed behind her. As she rounded the last corner she smacked into a solid figure, knocking her onto her rump.

"Ouch." She said as she stood back up. "You should be more careful." She scolded the figure.

"Me be more careful? I believe it was you who ran into me." He said amused, a snake was curled around his neck, his familiar. He looked as though he were 17. "Oisin, I have returned from my training." He said as he bowed.

"Zypher, is it really you?" Oisin said with bewilderment. "You've been on the road for quite some time." Zypher? The boy who she grew up with? He didn't look the same...

"Zypher?" Alurea said hesitantly, he had become very handsome indeed...

"Alurea, you're almost a woman." He said with a smirk. "I assume your about to take your rites?"

"Mhmm." She responded nodding. "A week on the morrow." He smiled at her. "But for now, I am to greet the Briar family to the coven, will you accompany father and I?"

Her father stepped back, "There is actually something I have to attend to dearest daughter." With that he walked away, a knowing look lingering behind his intelligent blue eyes. Alurea squinted as she pondered what the old man was up to.

"Right." With that they continued to the foyer. As the Briars came into view Alurea plastered a big welcoming smile onto her face.

"Old friends." She called, "Welcome as always. I am sorry if I kept you waiting long, I had an unexpected reunion with a coven member who has just returned from his time of travel." The time of travel comes right after the rites.

"Ah Zypher." Soelil Briar said clasping him on the back. "You've grown quite powerful, although, Alurea here seems to still surpass your abilities."

"Oh?" Zypher said curiously, "How so?"

"She has had a successful experience dabbling in necromancy." Scarlette replied. "We were hoping our daughters would be able to learn something of her this fall."

"Necromancy, huh." Zypher said shooting a look at Alurea, he was intrigued with her more, not that it mattered. Their families having already coming to the agreement of their pairing... It was the whole reason he was allowed into this coven, a truce to end a war between the two most powerful covens... A war that the Sanguis Lamia were bound to win, having only agreed when the young oracle male was offered. Zypher could see past the veil and catch glimpse of the future. A rare and precious talent for a witch to posses. He was taught their secrets and trained in the deadly arts of bodily combat as though he were born in within their walls.

"You should see what I do next." She said as she gifted Zypher with a smile.

The Briars true to their word left their daughters within the coven. Alurea had just finished up teaching them how to cast spells without runes and was once again reading how to summon demons. Her lips hooked in a triumphant smile as she fixated on the exact demon she would make her companion. A kitsune, a fox demon. Stretching she sat up from her feather bed and crossed the room to her mirror. She peered into her eyes and smiled at her appearance. She let out a small giggle and grabbed her riding hood from her wardrobe and made her way out to the barn where she saddled her horse and went to gather the necessary ingredients.

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