Hades {Book 1}

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The story of a King and Queen.

Fantasy / Romance
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A bloodied crown sits upon his head, bloodied with the dark blood of his enemies. The man smirks at the last of them as he raises an eyebrow.

“Any last words?” He asks the man kneeling before him in pained gasps.

“You will forever be tormented by the screams, as you sit upon your throne in agony.” The boy rasps out as he glares at the dark man in hatred. The man chuckles darkly at the boy, lifting his sword.

“Pity, I was expecting more.” He replies as he lets the sword fall suddenly towards his head, effortlessly killing the boy without as much as a blink. The man turns back to his throne and sits down. The blood on his crown rolling down his forehead as he tilts his head back, releasing a sigh of pleasure. The man taking in the smell of blood and the hint of ash. The last thought upon his mind as he drifted away, was an image of a girl, in a field of flowers.

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