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When her mother goes missing on the very same day that the world found out about supernaturals, Genesis Adams is sent to Solus institute, a home for orphan supes. She has no choice but to keep her head down and remain under the radar because she has a secret. A secret that could determine not only her freedom but her life.

Fantasy / Mystery
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The institute

Life at Solus institute could potentially be a good one, that is, if you were born here and had never known anything else. That’s where it got a little iffy for me. I had a life before the institute, a good life. Heck, a great one. One with a mother and tons of friends, and let’s not forget love. Solus institute was just a fancy way of saying the kids here had no one left. A home for children who lost all family and were alone in the world. Every morning, we’re woken up at 6am to make our beds, shower and get dressed and ready for inspection at 6:45am. Breakfast at 7am and classes start at 8. At 3 when lessons are over, we get one hour free time to socialize and back to our rooms. Back to our rooms to get ready for dinner at 6 and lights out at 8. All very structured and all very strict. The watchers never miss a beat, any infraction is punishable by means of the white room. I’ve never been to the white room, but kids who come back, come back different. Vacant eyes, never smiling or laughing, and never breaking the rules again.

It’s very different to the life I had before the patefaction, but its still a life. The patefaction. The day supernaturals came out of the wood works and revealed themselves to the world. There are three main factions, though it’s suspected by the human population to have many more that decided to stay hidden. They’d be correct. That’s a story for another time though, back to the factions.

Ragana or witches- more or less human, but while humans can harness a small amount of magic, it is powerful within witches, rooted deep into their being. Witches are able to harness power from the elements and some are able to tap into the darker element of shadow.

Upir or vampires- they don’t really need an introduction now do they, other than not burning in the sun, everything else is pretty much true. With the slight difference in blood consumption. It’s not needed as often as books and movies make it seem, just often enough to keep senses sharp.

Same with the Vlokodlak also known as werewolves, they don’t need a full moon to change. The biggest myth? That either can be made. They can't. Vampires and werewolves are born.

A vampire or a werewolf can mate with a human and produce offspring which will become a vamp or a were 99% of the time, that other 1% remain human. They can also mate with a witch and produce what is known as a Hibridni or hybrid. A vampire or werewolf with magical abilities. Never in history was a vampire or werewolf able to produce offspring with each other.

Until me that is.

I’m what my mother used to refer to as a tribrid. That's it. No origin word, I'm the first of my kind. See, while the humans were only just finding out about the supernatural world, I had known all my life. My mother was a hybrid vamp who fell in love with a wolf, so what did she do? She ran off with him, leaving her family behind. A year later my father’s pack located them and dragged him back home kicking and screaming. According to my mom, they threatened that if he even so much as tried to contact her again, they’d find her and kill her. So he stayed away. Two months later she found out she was pregnant with me.

That wasn’t supposed to happen, I wasn’t supposed to exist. So for the first ten years of my life my mother hid me, taught me how to hide what I am from people around me since we didn’t know what would happen if I was ever found out. Six years ago I lost her. Like literally. It started like any other day. Woke me up, fed me and dropped me off at school. Next thing I know, there’s chaos everywhere. The emergency broadcast revealed the existence of the supernatural world. Humans were scared but they were also dangerous. They started attacking anyone who they thought might be a supernatural creature and innocent humans lost their lives. What they didn’t understand was that we had been living among them for centuries undetected, so why would they think they could identify one so easily?

As a result, school was dismissed early so parents could keep their kids safe. I stood out front of the school for hours waiting for my mom to show up but she never did. When the principal discovered me abandoned on school property she called the police. They searched for weeks with no progress before it was decided to put me in foster care. It was there that I confessed that I was a hybrid which got me a position at the Solus institute.

It's been 6 years since the patefacation, and things have calmed down some. Humans and supes live side by side in harmony, but things also changed. A new leadership called the councillium, made up of a person from the four factions, is who delegates us now. Places like the institute were created in order to not only care for parent less children, but also teach us what we needed to know for our seventeenth year. When we turn 17, we'd be shipped off to one of the academies where we would learn to control our powers. So far I've managed to get them believing I'm only a hybrid but they're sure to find out about my werewolf side once I hit 17 and change for the first time with all those eyes on me.

My mom and I had a plan, endure the change at home and after my first shift I'd go to the academy. She was going to make me a potion to take everyday to mask my scent and we'd be fine. Now she isn’t here and I'm 3 months away from my birthday with no clue what to do.

Hi all. Just a quick pronunciation lessons on the factions

Ragana _ Witch _ Rah/gah/nah
Vlkodlak_ werewolf_ FOE/kode/lakh
Upir_ vampire _ You/pee/r
Hibridni_ hybrid _ Hee/brid/ nee

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