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It's easy

Waking up the next morning I'm still mortified by my conversation with Echo the night before. And was it just me or was he flirting just a little? Of couse it's just me, the guy had an entire girlfriend, one might I add, didn't like me very much. Releasing an audible sigh, I finally open my eyes as I turn on the bed only to be met head on with a somewhat pale face. On instinct, I remember the defensive spell my mom once taught me and release it on the intruder, sending a mild shock their way.

"Shit! Goddamn that hurts. What gives Gen?" I scramble of the bed and to Farrah's side where she's kneeling on the floor with her face in her hands. "Sorry, sorry, I didn't know it was you. What the hell are you doing in here looking at me like some kinda creep?"

Slowly she removes her hand, bringing it to eye level to check for blood I assume. " I've been waiting forever for you to wake up so we can start magic practice but it seems you don't need it." She's now prodding her face where I'm sure it's a bit tender from the shock she just recieved. "Is it bleeding? Am I hideous now? Oh god, no guy worth his salt will want to date me now." Aways the drama queen am I right?

"You're fine. Come here." Reluctantly she rises from the floor and sits beside me at the edge of my bed. Bringing my hand up to her face, I recite the incantion that will release some healing magic to take away the sting in my mind. I know when it starts flowing through her because her eyes turn to saucers and it even brought some colour to her face.

"There, now you can have the pick of the litter of guys we'll soon be swimming in." I move toward the bathroom to get ready for the day. We began training today. Grandma says there are certain things we needed to be adept in in order to get the best class placements. After a quick shower, I throw on some comfortable clothing and head downstairs with Farrah eagerly leading the way. The layout of breakfast items on the table makes my mouth water and I immediately grab a plate and start filling it up. I take my time to savour each and every bite, much to Farrah's annoyance. It seems she had breakfast awhile ago while waititng for me to make an appearance.

After making a show of slowly draining my glass of orange juice, I finally give in and put my dishes in the sink, following her outside where my grandmother is apparently waiting.

"Finally awake I see. " She says as we arrive under one of the massive trees I had seen when we first arrived on the compound. She's sitting going through some important looking documents. "Grandma, it's only 8 am. How long have you guys been awake?"

"Since 6." Farrah huffs out. Well damn, that's early. I watch as grandma gathers all her papers together and waves them in the air before they vanish. No doubt they're currently on her desk in a neat pile. "Ok ladies, let's get down to it."

She stands and motions for us to sit down and we do as we're told. "Magic is all around us, it's up to us to tap into it. The first thing you need to know are the elements. Air, earth, water, fire. One of these elements would be your strongest, while you are able to weild all of them, there will be one that you would feel most comfortable with, when you call to it it comes to you the easiest."

Farrah raises her hand like a student in class and grandma nods in her direction urging her to ask her question. "What's your element Nan?" Good question. I know my mother's was air, but we never really delved into finding my own before she disappeared.

"I was blessed with the ability to master all except one. Earth. For some reason or the other that one is stubborn as ever with me." She raises her hand, palms down, and the ground beneath us gives a shakes slightly. Slowly, a tiny hill is formed that resembles an ant hill in the making. "See? I was attempting to create replica of the greenhouse using the dirt but instead I get this." It seems my grandmother is a perfectionst and it still bothers her she isn't able to tap into earth magic.

"Now I want you both to close your eyes and feel the wind on your skin. We'll attempt with air first since it's the easiest to access as it's all around you." I close my eyes and I'm certain Farrah is doing the same. I feel the gentle caress of the wind in my hair causing it to billow all around me, getting into my mouth. It doesn't bother me though as I'm focused on reaching out to it with my mind. In a quiet and soothing voice I hear her say, "Feel the wind, feel the energy it expels as it moves around you, through you. Imagine it as a solid entity you can hold on to."

I imagine it to be a soft silky piece of fabric. It moves and builds all around me, caressing my skin. "Raise one hand, palm up, and with the other make gentle swirling patterns over your palm." I feel something wet fall onto my cheek and slide down my face slowly but I ignore it.

"Now, the air you made solid, slowly transfer it onto your palm. Picture it swirling around on your palm, that's it Farrah, open your eyes." I hear a squeak and I know Farrah has achieved an air manipulation. Focusing on my own, I gently move the fabric over my palm and watch as it swirls. Another droplet hits me, this time on my open palm. More and more tiny drops of water rain down on me and soon the air swirling in my palm is soaked my it.

"Genesis stop!" I hear grandma yell over the din of wind. I try but it just keeps swirling around and around until its formed a funnel of some kind. "You need to stop. NOW! You are in control of what you are doing, will it to stop." I hear crashing around me as the tree that we're under bends and creaks. My eyes spring open and I see chaos. It isn't sunny anymore but instead the weather has changed drastically. Wind tearing through the trees, sheets of rain pouring from the skies. Both Farrah and grandma are soaked to the bone but except for a few droplets of water I'm still dry.

Realizing that I'm the cause of all of this sets me in a panic. I immediately drop my hands, balling them into fists, trying to will everything to stop. Ever so slowly, the noise surrounding me eases and the wind isn't as forceful anymore. I wait a few more moments, silently asking it to stop and I know it has when I feel the sun kiss my skin once more. I crack open one eye and then the other and see that it has indeed stopped. Save for the couple standing watching me with wide eyes, everything is back to normal.

Farrah is the first to break the silence. "Is it safe to say she takes after you?"

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