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Ruby wrapped in gold

The following week went by in a cloud of magic. Farrah discovered her element to be fire which she was pretty happy about, and me? Well, unlike grandma, I didn't have any trouble wielding earth. Or any other element for that matter. While she was quite impressed with my strength, I was scared of it. I couldn't control it half the time and had to practically beg it to behave. Granddad told me I'd most likely need a conduit to help control the magic like he had. His element was earth, but because his magic was that strong when wielding earth, he had a medallion that was always on a chain around his neck in order to help him channel the power safely.

Because we had been working tirelessly for the past week we've been given the day off to rest. So Farrah and I were trying to figure out the best conduit for me. We were currently in what granddad referred to as the vault, where they kept ancient magical relics belonging to the family. So far nothing has come even close to what I'd want to have with me everyday for the rest of my life. I'd thought I'd found it when I came across a silver bangle on the desk but it turns out that wasn't a magical item at all and just grandma's jewelry she forgot in there.

Hearing Farrah's stomach gurgle, I decided we could take a break for lunch since we had been cooped up in the musty room for hours. I was honestly tired of going through all this junk anyway.

"Hey, what do you say after getting lunch we go down to the greenhouse? Or even the pool? We havent done anything fun since we've been here." I pout as we navigate our way back to the kitchen.

"What do you mean we haven't done anything fun? What do you call what we've been doing all week?" Leave it to Farrah to think that a week of non stop magic was fun. Don't get me wrong, we learned some fun stuff like levetation and metamorphosis, but I need some actual fun relaxation time.

"Yeah, but I meant just the two of us chilling and having some girl time."

"Oh, I know, how about we practice metamorph? You can change the colour of my eyes and I can change your hair. Then maybe you won't look like you've just rolled out of bed for once." She retorts which elicits an eye roll from me.

"Hardy har har. You're funny, anyone ever told you that." She ducks out from under the headlock I was about to put her in and jumps behind the kitchen table.

The layout of food that greets us is nothing short of appetizing but I'm in no mood for any of it. I simply place a few slices of fresh fruit on my plate and take a bottled water while Farrah piles her plate high with various meats cheeses and bread.

"If you're not careful, by the time we start at Morgana I'll have to roll you down the hallways." She stops mid bite and shrugs before sinking her teeth into the giant sandwich.

To think, in two short weeks we'd be off at the Academy and I'm no closer to being ok with it than when I found out. Gran is still insistant that it'll be ok, that after my first shift and people find out no one would look at me as a freak, but she's family, she's supposed to say things like that. Right?

I even tried bargaining to get to come home for the week of my birthday but she said I can come home for the shift and only the shift. Besides, I had nothing to bargain with.

I was actually pretty excited deep down about going, but I would never say that. More than once Asher crossed my mind with his promise of seeing me around. Which also brings about thoughts of Echo who said basically the same thing to me before he left that night. Technically, I shouldn't be thinking about Echo since he has a girlfriend and he's 'off limits'. But technically he's not off limits to me since I'm technically a wolf too.

"Tecnically you're right." Farrah says. "About the girlfriend and you being a wolf."

"Farrah! Gran specifically said we we're not to go looking in people's heads." Gran had only taught how to do it because it was the easiest thing she could think of to teach us for us to understand how mentalism works. We were not supposed to actually use it.

"Technically I didn't go snooping. Your thoughts were pretty loud and you know since she taught us that I've been sensitive to it," She was right, we figured out she was a telepath very quickly, but she was supposed to be keeping her walls up. Or is it that I'm supposed to put walls up? Gah! This is so not good.

"Stay out of my head Farr, you may not like what you find one day." Her response is to stuff the last bite of sandwich in her mouth. Sometimes I wonder about her.

"You need to stop thinking about Echo, that's what you need to do." She continues. "Focus on that Asher. He's hot and a pureblood and he totally has the hots for you too. Win win."

Is she right? Does Asher like me like that? I got some flirty vibes from him but it's always hard to tell. And he is a good looking guy if you're in to tall dark and handsome. Who am I kidding, of course I am.

Later that night, after a thoroughly relaxing afternoon with my best friend, I found my conduit. I was about to continue reading an herbal book gran had given me when the plate of cookies I was trying to balance while climbing into bed fell over causing cookies to roll all over the floor. Down on all fours about to reach for one that sort of peeked from under the bed, I noticed a faint glow. Curiosity got the best of me and I reached my hand under and pulled out a ring. It was some sort of weird looking winged snake made of gold wrapped around a giant ruby.

At first I thought it was simply a piece of jewelry that belonged to my mom, but when I placed it on my index finger I felt the thrum of magic. The ruby glowed and felt warm against my finger and as I stared, mesmerized, I felt more than saw, the ring shrunk slightly to fit my finger perfectly. I'm not sure exactly how to explain how it felt. I guess to me it felt like home.

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