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Morgana Academy

Overcast skies are what greeted me this morning. I felt as though mother nature understood how I felt and was mirroring that feeling. I know it wasn’t me doing it because my ring actual worked wonders and i now had my powers somewhat under control. When I showed gran my ring, she got all teared up before explaining that it was something that was passed down in our family and she had given it to mom on her seventeenth birthday. It was rumored to have belonged to Morgana herself, the winged snake her own symbol.

It was said that after Morgana had her first child, a daughter, she was called away to help in a battle against dark warlocks who wanted to get power of the eternal flame, a flame which if possessed by darkness could mean the end of mankind as they knew it. Before leaving her husband with the baby, she created the serpent to guard her family, giving it the name wyvern. Although she was successful in the battle, on returning home she found her husband dead, slaughtered by the warlocks whose bodies were littered around her home. The wyvern did it’s job of protecting the home but her husband, not trusting the animal to be successful attempted to protect his daughter himself leading to his demise. Thinking her entire family dead, Morgana broke down and her cries could be heard across the valley. As she cried for her lost family, she heard a baby’s tiny gurgle softly above her wails. Turns out the wyvern had placed the baby within its folds to keep it safe from the attackers as well as the elements. That was the last time anyone ever saw her. She took her daughter as well as the wyvern and were never seen again.

I look at the gem of the ring as it glints in the sunlight wishing that the wyvern could be here to watch over me at my new school. Just then the car slows to a stop and I look out at the enormous building before my eyes.

Morgana Academy.

Never have I ever seen a more foreboding building in my life. Before we can even get onto campus grounds we have to go through a wide gate, the adjoining wall that no doubt surrounds the expanse of the property is at least ten feet high. And that’s just me assuming ten feet is super up there, because this wall sure is. We come to a stop in front of the administration building. The place looks like something straight out of the 1800′s with the brick and stone work and the double hung windows. It even boasted two towers on either side that reached it’s way into the sky. There was sort of a dark gothic feel to it but not altogether creepy, so that was good at least.

Gran ushered us out of the car and I was able to get a better look at my surroundings. I read up on the school when I learned we’d be going here, so I knew that somewhere on campus there was a library with all the books we could possibly need while here and then some, an infirmary staffed with a doctor and two nurses, four huge dormitory buildings for housing, and we can’t forget the cafeteria. Actually, there were more than one of those, the main one which was an entire building which was fully stocked and ran from 6am to 9pm, and then there were the mini ones located in each dorm. Those were open 24/7 but only had cold drinks and snacks, some healthy and some not. It ws also self service.

I see gran making her way up the stairs and pull Farrah along as I follow. Inside the admin building it’s alot more modernized than you would think given the layup of the outside. The colour scheme was all neutral though, you could tell it was put together by a guy.

The woman behind the desk takes a moment before she acknowledges gran, choosing instead to complete the forms she were signing and stamping. To gran’s credit she didn’t seem upset by this, she simply waited until the woman was done. The woman, Gilda Simmons by the name plate perched on her desk, looks up and does a double take when she notices who is standing before her.

“Mrs. St’Clair, I didn’t know it was you. Sorry to keep you waiting ma’am.” She rattles off the apology not once making eye contact. It seems gran was feared around these parts.

“Nonsense, I wasn’t waiting very long and you were busy.” Gran waves off the apology. “I’ve brought my granddaughters to get their room assignments as well as class schedule and the like.”

“Oh, yes. Headmaster Cree asked me to get him when you arrived. He’d like to personally escort your girls to their room. Along with you of course, to ensure it meets your approval.” It seems Echo didn’t pass the message on to his chief.

“Oh posh, whatever the accomodation is it will be fine. Room number and keys please.” Gran holds her hand out and Gilda is frozen in her spot, fear evidenced in her eyes.

It’s a tough spot to be in I suppose, defy your employer or defy the most well known witch of your time. Decisons decisions.

“Tilly, do you have to intimidate my staff everytime you visit?” My eyes follow the deep baritone to find the speaker.

I can instantly tell he’s a wolf by the hazel colour of his skin. I’m guessing he’s headmaster Cree. “Are you seeing this Adonis Gen? Oh my.” Farrah whispers in my ear.

Honestly I didn’t see Adonis when I looked at him. I mean, sure he’s good looking, but he’s definitely no Echo. I try to push him out my mind as gran and the headmaster walk over to us.

“- but I wanted to be the one to greet you guys. Is that really a bad thing?”

“It is when it’s totally unnecessary Jacob.” They stop directly in front of us. “These are my girls. Farrah and Genesis. Girls, this is headmaster Cree.”

He first shakes Farrah’s hand and then takes mine in his own. His eyes twinkle as he smiles with Farrah before meeting my own. When he looks at me his grip on my hand tightens a fraction and a strange look crosses his face but it’s gone before I can properly place it.

“It’s good to have you girls with us for the next few years. If you’ll follow me, I’ll give you a brief tour before I show you your sleeping quarters.” Farrah’s eyes are glued to him and all she can do is nod.

This place is amazing. Everything about it. We started off with a tour of the library, of course, since that’s where they would want us to spend most of our time. It was a huge stone building in the shape of a dome with steepled top.

“We have every book ever written on the different aspects of magic as well as the different supernatural species. There’s also the advanced section for seniors, there you will find the more advanced spells, incantations and potions.” Headmaster explained.

We saw the gym, the outdoor training ground as well as the Olympic sized pool. The cafeteria lives up to expectation and I have a sneaky suspicion Farrah would be spending alot more time there than at the library. I couldn’t help but notice the stars other students were giving us as we passed though. Some friendly and some not. It’s not hard to tell this headmaster tour was something only we received.

“In recent years,” I tune back in to the headmaster’s speech. “the wolves hybrid and vampires were all housed separately, but this year I’m doing things a bit differently.”

“How differently Jacob? And why did you decide that?” Gran enquired as she takes a look around the building to see if she could spot what he changed.

“Well Tilly, as time goes by, the quantity of purebloods are becoming less and less. Hybrids are what make up the numbers right now. It made no sense to have two or three purebloods in a giant form by themselves. So I’ve integrated everyone and that has allowed for an even larger number of student intake.” He explained confidently.

“But don’t wolves prefer to be among their own kind? Will the pureblood wolves really be ok around so many other species?” I couldn’t help but butt in.

Headmaster Cree turns to me like he’s forgotten I’m even here. Which is something I also noticed. He’d point things out to Farrah, but completely ignore me like I wasn’t even here.

“As it turns out, pureblood wolves a few and far between, we haven’t had one in the past three years, besides me that is. This year we only have one, and I ran it by him and he was fine with it.” Still no eye contact. What the hell did I do to that guy.

“Here we are, freshman dorm as the kids say, but it’s really called Merlin’s coven. This is where all freshmen would be housed, it’s also co-ed.” At that gran spins to face him head on.

“Excuse me? Co-ed?” She demands.

To my disbelief, headmaster just chuckles as if amused. “Yes Tilly, I trust my students to follow the guidelines. Besides, each floor has monitors to keep and eye on fraternizing, but I’m counting on the maturity of the student body to adhere to the rules. Which do have consequences by the way.”

We had been meandering up what felt like the forever staircase but came to a stop at the very top. While the floors before had long corridors with multiple doors on either side, this floor had only three. Ours was a huge double door in a dark wood while the other two were single doors. Headmaster Cree passed a set of keys to Farrah and motioned for her to open the door. For some reason I felt a twinge of jealousy at the attention he was giving her and not me.

I put it at the back of my mind and focus on the now. Farrah pushed the doors open and we finally see where we’ll be living for the next four years.

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