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Just too much

The walls are a rich turquoise with framed paintings of differnt landscapes accenting it. Two queen sized bed sit on opposite sides of the room, one covered in a deep chocolate bedspread and the other a light cream. Each side boasts it's own desk and chair, both already outfitted with our personal laptop and stationery that granddad had sent ahead of time. A giant circular fluffy white rug is at the center of the room with a small glass and chrome center table perched on top.
This is nothing like I expected our dorm room to look like. It was all a bit too much in my opinion. Farrah had other designs though. She takes off running and throws herself on the cream covered bed. I guess that means the chocolate set is mine.
"That door leads to your shared bath as well as a walk in closet." Headmaster Cree explains. "It's not alot but you girls should be comfortable."
"Umm, I think it's more than enough Headmaster." I assure him. "It's definitely a million times better than the last school we went to." Farrah nods in agreement, the excitement shining in her eyes becoming a bit infectious.
"Why don't we leave the girls to settle in, I have some things I'd like to go over with you before you leave." Both gran and headmaster Cree turn to leave.
I'm suddenly hit with the realization that it was all really happening. Within the next couple hours gran would be on her way back home and Farrah and I would be on our own for the first time in our lives. It's too soon right? We should have waited awhile before coming here. We're not like these priviledged and entitled kids, there's no way we'll fit in.
"Gran, wait!" I bolt out the door and stop her just as she's taking her first step down. Headmaster Cree turns as well but something on my face tells him I need a moment alone.
Scanning my face she holds firmly to my shoulders before pulling me in for a fierce hug. "You'll be fine." She whispers in my ear. "Don't say a word about it, I understand and you'll be fine."
She pulls away and brushes my hair behind my ear. "Oh sweetie, you'll be fine, you both will. If you ever feel overwhelmed just use the phone I bought you. We're only a phone call away." I nod my head rapidly, the salty streaks pooling at the corners of my mouth. Pressing a finger to her mouth and then placing her hand above her heart she continues behind the headmaster.
Not able to take it anymore, I run back into the room, making sure to lock the door behind me and throw myself onto the bed. As I release my pent up anxiety, Farrah comes and lays beside me, her arms going around me in a protective hug. This should be a piece of cake right? I did survive six years at the institute, right?
I'm not sure how long Farrah lay there with me, silent, not saying anything at all, but she stayed. There was a knock at the door and she reluctantly retracted her hand from around me to answer. Sitting up I turn toward the entrance, I lock eyes with none other than Asher. His charcoal grey button up shirt is a nice contrast to his skin, his jeans hugging his thighs like it was made especially for him. Maybe it was, in this world of the rich and wealthy, I'm learning that things like tha are quite normal.
"I was just checking out my floormates, this is a welcomed surprise." He purred as he took a step inside after Farrah motioned for him to come in. I try to covertly wipe away any lingering tears and straighten my hair at the same time but who am I kidding, this mane never looks neat.
"So you're going door to door to introduce yourself to everyone on this floor? Seems a bit much don't you think?" Farrah questions.
"Quite the opposite Red, there's only three rooms up here. And I do believe the both of you got the majority of the space up here," He replies while his eyes wander around the room. The land on me once more and my breath catches with the intensity of his gaze. My heart beats so hard I feel as though you can see and imprint of it under my shirt.
"Three? Why three?" Farrah asks. I'm yet to say anything at all and I suddenly feel like a fool.
"Only purebloods on this floor Red. Although I didn't know the two of you were."
"We're not." I finally say. Confused as to why we were on a floor reserved for the purebloods. I don't think gran led them to believe that we were, I'm not even sure what she told them about us exactly. Did she tell the headmaster what I am? Is that why he put us up here, away from everyone else?
I look to Farrah who mirrors my concern. Suddenly Asher is kneeling before me. "Whoa, what's wrong? Your pulse is racing, I think you're having a panic attack." He's right. It's difficult for me to breathe and he's coming in and out of focus. It's clear Farrah doesn't know what to do and honestly neither do I. Asher gets to eye level with an locks his eyes to mine. His already dark eyes get two shades darker if that's even possible and the red ring around his pupil glows brightly and I can't look away.
"Listen to me, whatever you're thinking about, whatever has you feeling like your out of control, it isn't that bad. Take deep breaths, just breathe." I hear what he's saying, and I know he's right, but I just can't. My breath come out in rapid puffs and my chest hurts unbearably. "Ok, I'm sorry about this, I really am."
As I stare into his eyes, I see his pupil dilate and the ring glows eerily. "Stop." He commands in a low growl. "Breathe." I take a sharp inhale of breath and the pressure on my chest is released. I take in deep lungfulls of fresh air as my eyes rove his for answers.
He stands abruptly and mumbles a quick goodbye before allowing his enhanced speed to take him out the door, the soft click letting us know he's gone. Farrah rushes to my side, the panic and fear still evident on her face. "What the hell was that?" She asks.
I'm still to shaken up by the ordeal to even begin responding but that is a question I myself would like answered. What other hidden talents did our resident pureblood vampire posses?
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