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You've got to be kidding

What the hell just happened? One minute I feel like I'm on the verge of suffocating to death and the next I'm in some sort of trance and my breathing is back to normal. That's the only way to really explain it too, a trance. As far as I knew, vampires couldn't do magic so it definitely wasn't a calming spell. Was he not a lifeblood like he claims? Is he a hybrid? I need answers dammit.

Pushing up from my place on the bed, all thoughts of my secret being out forgotten, I storm toward the bedroom door.

"Gen, wait, where are you going?" Farrah asks, panic set it her voice. She knows me well enough to know I couldn't just leave this alone and knew very well where I was heading. I ignore her completely and march out the door only to come to a stop. Which door was his? The one to the left or the right? Shit! I forgot we hadn't even gotten around to asking that. Making a split decision, I march over to the door on the right since that's the one that was drawing me in the most.

Stopping outside the door, I raise my fist and bring it down, banging against it. I know he's in there, I can feel a presence inside and I won't be ignored. Just as I was about to go in on another round of knocks, the door flies open but it's not him, it's not Asher. Instead I come face to face with the one person I had resolved myself to avoid for the next four years. Echo.

My hand is still frozen in mid air as I look up into his smiling face. "Is this a welcoming party? I have to say I was expecting a fruit basket not - you." He teases. My eyes roam down his broad chest , which is bare, his long tresses cascading around him makes somewhat of a distraction. Once more I find myself attempting to make my own hair presentable which I know to myself is a futile act.

"I'm not, we're not... I didn't know this was your room, I was looking for Asher. " I'm finally able to say, injecting some steel into my voice as well as my heart. I look of hurt flashes across his face before he quickly masks it with one of indifference.

The silence surrounding us is an uncomfortable one, neither of us saying anything, but somehow neither one of us wants to look away. Farrah and I had had a long conversation about this and we both agreed I should keep my distance, so it comes as no surprise when she acts as a buffer.

"Hi, I'm Farrah. We didn't get a chance to meet at the fundraiser." She says, extending a hand. He takes her hand in his own and I'm quite shocked when I hear a low growl at the back of my throat. I know he heard it as well because his head snaps in my direction but I immediately turn away.

Still holding her hand captive he says, "Nice to meet you Farrah, I'm Echo, but I'm guessing you already knew that. Tell me, what did golden boy do to have our Genesis here in such a tizzy?" Farrah giggles. Like literally giggles.

My insides are fired up for some reason and it's getting harder and harder to stand here the longer he holds her hand in his own. "Oh nothing. Just said something... crass, that's all." She lies smoothly. She's my friend, and I know she'd never do anything to intentionally hurt me, but for some reason she felt like the enemy right now.

Turning to look at the both of them, still hand in hand I storm off in the direction of our room not saying a word. I scan the door behind me and I'm shocked when I notice my hands balled into fists and shaking uncontrollably. Relaxing my hands, I open them slowly and notice the crescent like shapes in my palms from my nails digging into them. What the hell was going on with me today? First a panic attack in front of the hot vampire, who let's face it, might find me attractive too. Then I have an almost full on rage attack in front of the Adonis- like werewolf who I also find attractive but is off limits.

As I calm my nerves and walk over to the closet to start unpacking all the boxes that were sent ahead of time, I hear the click of the door closing before Farrah takes off on me.

"What the hell was that? I had to listen to you talk about him non-stop for the past three weeks and you act like he's the scum of the earth when you see him?" She's looking to me for answers but I have none. I'm not sure what happened myself, so I just shrug.

"What do you want me to say here? We agreed I should distance myself so that's what I'm doing." I shrug once more. Dragging one of the bigger boxes with my name on it I start rummaging through to see what's inside.

" Yeah, keep your distance not be completely- What are you doing? " She grabs hold of my hands to keep them still so I can focus on her. "Not be completely rude Gen. That's not like you."

I let out an exasperated breath. She's right of course, I had better manners than that. "I don't know what happened ok, just seeing him hold onto your hand like that pissed me off, and then you had to go and giggle like an idiot. You giggled Farr, like he was making your day by holding on like he did." I admit , completely deflated now. All the hostility and anger just melts away.

"Of course he was making my day, he's gorgeous, but that aside it's impossible for me to have any kind of feelings for him. Kinda like it should be for you." She nudges my shoulder with her own. " Besides, I'm not trying to hook up with any guys right now, I need to get up to speed with these other kids who have been doing magic all their lives, we both do. "

She walks over to one of her own boxes and starts unpacking, letting me know the conversation was over and done with. She's right, I need to focus on being the best student I could be. Both Asher and Echo needed to be background noise.

I only wish I believed it when I said it to myself.

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