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Testing testing

First day of classes and my nerves are shot. Before we're placed in our individual classes, we're to perform a series of spells to ascertain or magical abilities. The better you do, the more advanced your classes are. You get the best teachers and the classes are smaller the higher up you are so there's more attention given to each student. While gran assured us we were ready, teaching us the key things we'd need to know and ensuring we could do it with our eyes closed, I still wasn't fully confident. Farrah and I stayed up the rest of the night after unpacking, practicing all we'd learnt and she was certain she'd do well.

They had all the freshmen gathered into the huge gymnasium, donned in our training gear. While we only had to use the uniforms provided on Mondays, free to wear regular clothing the rest of the week (within the schools proper dress code guidelines), once you hit the gym doors you are supposed to be dressed in the training sweats that boasted the school's logo.

Funny thing this logo. It was an exact replica of my ring, the wyvern, except it was surrounded by all the elements, earth, wind, fire and air. At the very center where the wyvern's tail met its chest was the symbol for spirit, a long forgotten element that could no longer be weilded. It basically looked like a star exploded and shards were flying everywhere.

My attention is drawn back to the stage area where four teachers, each from the four major classes, as well as the headmaster are situated. The headmaster informs us they'll be starting in alphabetical order and when we hear our name, we were to proceed onto the stage and await instruction. The task we are given will be based on the student as not everyone will be able to perform the same things, i.e purebloods can't necessarily do magic without siphoning someone or something. First up was Elemental which neither Farrah nor I had an issue with. My biggest issue with this particular test was which element I should use.

After watching the few students before me I decided to amp up the magic to medium when my turn came around. I settled on air, summoning a miniature tornado that swirled around the stage, even tilting the professors toupee off his head a bit. Farrah, not needing any prompting, created a floating wall of fire at least ten feet high, making sure it didn't touch the surface of the stage. You could feel the heat of the flames licking against your skin.

One by one the students showed their elemental abilities, some impressive and some not. The only students who didn't participate were Echo and Asher. While they can perform magic with the assistance of a magical relic or tapping into someone else's magic, with their permission of course, and even achieving that is a skill in itself, but what it won't do is give the ability to wield elemental magic since that comes from nature itself.

With the first round over, the second phase begins.

Spells and potions.

This, I'm not too sure about. I didn't really practice any one spell but more like a few minor ones. So even though I came out the gate strong with my tornado, I had to pull back on the spells. The best I could do was a small animation, taking off my shoes and bringing them to life so they walked on their own. Farrah was in her element with this one, choosing to do alchemy and taking a regular rock and incorporating her fire, burned the rock until it was a scorching red. She ran into bit of a pickle when she had no way to cool down the rock and seeing that, I used my own water ability to assist her. I heard the gasps from around the room when students, teachers and headmaster alike, realized I was wielding an entirely different element than I did before. Ignoring them, I watched in awe as Farrah picked up the now cooled rock and dusts it off revealing a giant ruby.

Both purebloods were able to perform spells with the aid of a tiny statue that was brought out onto the stage for their use. Asher using a conjuring spell to conjure the headmaster's monogrammed pen from his desk, earning him a harsh glare while the rest of the room laughed loudly, and Echo using herbs to make a muscle enhancing potion. If I thought he was huge before, he was of behemoth proportions now, causing a flutter in my stomach. Beside me Farrah spun in my direction sending me a glare, no doubt hearing my thoughts which were not innocent at all.

After the second round, we were given a half hour intermission to have lunch, which was provided buffet style in the small room adjoined to the gymnasium since the final three phases would require a lot of focus and energy. Standing in line, Farrah and I discuss how we think we've done so far when Melody and Lyric sidle up beside us.

"Oh my goodness, you two were amazing. Where did you learn that alchemy spell Farrah?" Melody inquires.

" Yeah, and is it a real ruby. Also, can you make anything else, like gold or diamonds! Oh my gosh can you make diamonds? " Lyric asks eagerly.

"No, I can't, and there not really real. It'll turn back to stone in about twelve hours." She replied and both sisters visibly deflates . Both sister are able to wield air although from what I could tell it's both at a different level, Lyric's being the stronger of the two.

"And you, why didn't you tell us you could wield two different elements? " Melody was the one who spoke but both of them turn to me, arms crossed.

Before I could think of a reply Farrah blurts out, " Try all four. " I immediately smack her on the arm. "Ow, that hurt." The twins look at me, eyes wide, clearly at a loss for words.

Thank goodness for authority because the head master walks up just then and asks to speak with me. I ask Farrah to get me something good to eat and step aside to find out what he wanted.

"Ms. Adams, neither you nor your grandmother disclosed with us that you could command two of the four elements." Busted.

" I'm sorry Sir, I didn't know I was supposed to and gran probably forgot. Am I in trouble? " I ask meekly.

"What? No, of course not. It's just something I would have liked to know in advance. Are you by any chance like your grandmother? Able to command three of them?"

What do I say here? Do I tell the truth or hide it? I decide on the truthful approach since one big secret is enough for me. " Well Sir, I wouldn't say I'm exactly like gran. "

"Well maybe you can wield earth and not fire where she's able to wield fire and not earth, I don't know, I'm just trying to get all the facts here." He says.

" No, I mean I'm not exactly like her in the sense that I can wield all four? " I phrase it in the form of a question and his eyebrows fly up and almost touches his hairline.

"I see. Well, it will be interesting to see what you can achieve in your time here. I'm honored to be the headmaster of the first all round elemental in history." He says which causes my cheeks to flame .

Excusing himself he goes back out the room, no doubt to inform the rest of the staff they have an anomaly at the Academy.

This ought to be fun.

After lunch commences round three of testing starts, psionic.

Psionic is basically anything to do with the mind like telepathy which is Farrah's speciality, abuse, which is causing someone pain mentally, empathy and even memory manipulation. My favourite, which I'm actually going to attempt for the first time since all I've done before now was read up on how it's done, is psychometry. It's basically obtaining information about someone by either touching them or something that belongs to them.

After watching multiple attempts at mind reading and mind control, most of which were an epic fail, I was resolved to attempting psychometry. Even if I wasn't successful I wasn't any worse off than the people before me, right?

Taking my place on stage, I turn to the mass of students and then to the teachers. My eyes land on the headmaster and I'm drawn to him for this particular round for some reason. "Umm, headmaster Cree, can you assist me with this one?" He's surprised and points a finger at himself. I nod my head and he raises from his seat, walking over to me. I extend my hand and he looks at it questioningly.

"Your hand please." He reluctantly places his hand in mine. I catch Farrah's eyes which also holds a dozen questions. No doubt she was expecting me to do telepathy since that's what gran taught us.

Taking his hand firmly in my own, I close my eyes and focus. I envision a tunnel of sorts, leading from my mind to his. Once I've gotten the visual I dive in. My consciousness filters into his own and I place any private thoughts behind closed doors. My mission here is to find a memory that is special to him but at the same time something no one else could possibly know. At the very back of his mind, there's a door with a soft blue glow emitting from it and I know I've found it. Opening the door, I start speaking.

"You're a younger version of yourself, you're shoulders aren't as broad and your face is much youthful. A teenager perhaps? You're walking through the woods with someone. "Are you sure this is what you want to do? We can find another way."

His hand tenses in my own but I continue. "You're happy, the happiest you've ever been, especially when they look at you the way they do." The memory is becoming fuzzy, he's trying to block me out, even going as far as attempting to pull his hand from my own. I can't see who is in the memory with him just yet, maybe his wife? There's a glow around the person's face. Kinda like if they're standing directly in front of the sun and I'm looking through a camera lens. He tries once more to pull his hand away, this time with a bit more force and I let go, but not before the image cleared up a bit.

I open my eyes and everyone is looking on, teachers included, waiting to find out if the memory was true or not. I don't see them though, I only see him. Questions burn at the back of my mind, clouding my head, confusing me beyond imagination.

He gives an imperceptible nod and I numbly walk off the stage, stumbling a bit at the bottom of the stairs.

It was definitely a memory, no doubt about that. The question was, why did the headmaster hold a precious and loving memory of my mother!

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