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Maybe he's your dad

Things were done a little differently than we all thought. While we assumed the different classes would facilitate students based on their skill levels, it's actually that we were placed in one of three groups.

The group was determined by your score out of an overall one hundred, with each phase carrying twenty points. Each of the four teachers could give a total of five points or less in each round, depending on how impressed they were. The headmaster's role was to determine if a score was being given fairly or in my case if any should be given at all.

A score anywhere between one and fifty and you were placed in the Pegasus group. Anywhere between fifty-one and seventy-five and the group called Hippogriff was for you. The final group needed a score between seventy-six and one hundred. That group was the Wyvern group. I was a tiny bit disappointed, knowing that I messed up on the manipulation test there was no way I scored well enough for the Wyvern group.

While I was agonizing over my faith, I felt a tinge of jealousy mixed with anger because the purebloods didn't have to guess. Everyone knew they would end up in Wyvern regardless of how poorly they did in the tests. Let's face it though, they did pretty well.

Calling for our attention, the professors and headmaster announce they've finished with the placements. They start with the Pegasus group, which only consists of about ten kids none of whom I know. I mean, I don't know alot of kids here yet, but the few I met at the fundraiser I'm definitely listening for.

The Hippogriff group is up next and I simultaneously listened for my name along with any one else I may know. Unfortunately Melody made the Hippogriff group ,unlike her sister. You could tell they weren't happy to be split up. Asher's friend Dave as well as Eteneia and Dennis all made the Hippogriff group. After about twenty or so names, my name still isn't called and my palms start sweating. The suspense is killing me. Farrah takes my hand in hers and squeezes firmly.

The headmaster takes a breath and then I hear the sweetest words I've ever heard. "All other student are now a part of the Wyvern group. Congratulations everyone, I expect nothing but great things."

Farrah starts jumping in place and pulls me in but I'm only able to stay frozen in place. I made it? how is that even possible? "Please go to the respective desks placed at the back to receive your class schedules, after which you are free for the rest of the day."

I numbly follow behind Farrah as she drags me along with Lyric beside her. We collect our schedules and say goodbye to the twins before stopping by the cafeteria to grab some snacks and drinks and hole up in our room. The day was just one of exhaustion.

As we were exiting the cafeteria, I spotted Asher, sitting at a table with Drew and Dave and a couple girls I didn't know. Clearly he was still avoiding me if the way he quickly looked away was any indication. If that's how he wanted to be then fine, I wasn't going to press it. I had more important things to think about.

No sooner do we make it to the room, than Farrah locks the door and springs on me. "Ok, spill. What did you see?" Ah, no wonder she turned down hanging out in the cafeteria with the twins. She wanted to get me alone to grill me. I sigh as I plop down into my bed, flinging myself back until my back hits the mattress.

"Not now Farr, today has been a day." One that has left me exhausted and in no mood to rehash it.

" Nope, no. You're going to sit her with me and eat all this junk and tell me what's bugging you. " She pats the floor next to her after she places herself on the giant rug, feet crossed Indian style, snacks and drinks scattered in the middle. I drag myself off the bed and slide down onto the plush rug opposite her.

I think I broke Farrah.

It's been a full five minutes since I told her everything. From the memory the headmaster has of my mom, to invisible Echo and the kiss, everything. She hasn't said a word, hasn't even moved. She just sits there with a potato chip dangling from her mouth, her eyes wide and unblinking. "Farrah!" I smack her lightly on her shoulder and she jumps, blinking her eyes rapidly when she does .

"He kissed you? How could he kiss you? He has a girlfriend for crying out loud. Forget girlfriend, in their world he's practically engaged!"

" That's your take away from everything I just said? Not why would Cree have a memory of my mom, or why Iit seemed like they were in love? But Echo kissing me? Really? " I ask incredulously.

"Well yeah, but..."

" But what? "

She shrugs her sboulders. "Maybe he's your dad. And maybe he was in love with your mom, I don't know, but Echo, now that's news. "

With all the thoughts and questions that were swirling around in my head, him being my father was not one of them. "Do you really think he could be my dad?"

" Why not? I didn't see what you saw, or felt what you felt, but from what you tell me it was legit feelings you felt. It would also explain why his eyes kind of low key remind me of yours. Or is it that yours remind me of his? You know, since he's the one who had them the longest and-"

"Farrah! I'm serious right now." She quiets and looks at me with sympathetic eyes. "Do you really think he could be my dad? "

"I don't know. Maybe. I mean, stranger things have happened, like say, a tribrid." She laughs and nudges my knee with her toes but I can't find it in me to play along. " Look, if he is we'll find out ok. It'll take some major sleuthing skills and sneaking around but I'm for it if you are. " She looks to me hopefully and I force a smile, nodding my head.

I guess it wouldn't be the craziest thing in the world. Jacob Cree, my dad.

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