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We stay up later than we should trying to hatch a plan, only remembering we hadn't showered yet around 1am. The plan was simple, find out as much as we could from other students and most importantly from his pack mates. Echo, Ryan, Dennis and Eteneia all come from his pack, and there must be other sophomores or even seniors who belong to his pack. The only problem I faced was actually getting to the point of having a conversation with one of them, especially Echo's group.

We're currently sitting in our first actual class of the day, spells and potions. The professor isn't here yet so the students are talking and laughing but I'm just lost in thought. Farrah and Lyric sit to my right, sharing ideas on how the class would play out. I'm distracted, caught up in my own thoughts. So distracted that I don't notice when someone slides into the empty seat beside me.

"Hey." I turn to my left and Asher is sitting there with a huge grin on his face, like he hadn't been avoiding me. Did he think I forgot about our last encounter? He's dressed in a simple charcoal grey v-neck long sleeve and black jeans, his hair giving the impression it was uncombed but you just know he spent an agonizingly long time on it. Even though I should be a little angry, my heart skips a beat when eyes my rove over his face, lingering a fraction longer than I needed to on his lips.

"Hey." I reply coolly. Even if he makes me feel all fluttery inside he doesn't need to know that. "Finally stopped avoiding me?" I ask, my eyes never leaving his.

"Who says I was? Maybe I've just been busy." He refutes.

" Right, and I'm a hot blonde. " I let the sarcasm drip so he knows I know he's lying.

"You may not be blonde but you're definitely hot." He replies, setting my face aflame. I have no comeback for that one honestly. Just when I think I've got something, the professor walks in and tells us to be quiet.

"Ok, ok everyone, settle down." It takes everyone a minute to give her their attention. The person who stands at the head of the class is one of the professors present at yesterday's testing. She's no taller than 5" 2' and a little plump. Her hair is styled in a short bob, graying at the roots and black on the ends. Her cheeks are pink and rosy and the smile that is spread from her lips is mirrored in her gentle blue eyes.

"Good morning everyone, I hope you're all as excited as I am, my name is Mrs. Forrester. I was very impressed with you all yesterday and I look forward to imparting wisdom on you in this upcoming year. This is spells and potions, this is also where you learn incantations, conjuring and herbalism amongst other things. It is the class that holds most of what you need to know about magic and magical lore so you need to take this particular class seriously. Now, we'll start with the basic types of herbs and then we'll go from there." She giggles giddily and claps her hands together before going around behind her desk.

For the next ninety minutes we learn about some of the various types of herbs and their potential uses. From the common sage and lavender to the more rare valerian, willow and woodruff. She even briefly touched on the deadly belladonna and vervain. For me personally, the class was just amazing. My mom was a master in herbalism but she never actually got to teach me a whole lot on the subject. The entire class though, I had to constantly block out Asher, as he kept trying to get my attention. If he wasn't poking me with the eraser end of his pencil, he was leaning over and whispering my name in my ear. Once, Mrs. Forrester even caught him as he leaned over, but just as I did an internal fist bump, he gave her the flimsy excuse of not seeing clearly from the board and trying to get notes from me. All he had to do was flash his pearly whites, the glint of his fangs sending a wave of pleasure through my body, and she just turned back around and continued her lecture.

Farrah, Lyric and I are walking to our next class when I feel someone tug on my hand and pull me back. Spinning around to face whoever it is, I see none other than my morning pest problem.

"What the hell are you doing?" I sneer.

"I wanna walk with you to class." He casually drapes his hand around my shoulder. Farrah chooses that moment to turn around, probably looking for me, and her eyes go wide, mouth forming an O of surprise.

I duck out from under his arm and say, "That's not how you ask someone to walk to class with you Asher, and I'm fine walking there with my friends."

We stand there, in the middle of the hallway, me glaring at him and him looking at me in confusion. He grabs hold of my hand once more and pulls me off to the side out of earshot.

"Ok, what is your problem?" he asks. Like genuinely asks, and I'm surprised that one person could be this dense.

"Are you serious right now? You're the one who was avoiding me all day yesterday, and you know what? Until you're ready to tell me how it was that you helped me the other day, which I know is the reson why you were avoiding me, stay the hell away from me."

I yank my hand from his and turn on my heels and storm of in the direction I last saw my friends. I didn't miss the way my hand tingled where his skin touched mine but I ignored it. For the most part.

I make my way to the correct classroom, only to find that it's not a classroom at all. The room is somewhat of a miniature gymnasium, with large mats spread out on the floor and nothing else. I see a tall slender man with pale skin and a pointy stright nose standing at the head of the class and I'm assuming that's the professor. I quickly locate the girls and maneuvre my way through the students.

Farrah eyes me as if to ask what Asher and I were talking about but I give a quick shake of my head letting her know we'd talk later. I notice when Asher walks through the door with Drew and quickly look away before he can see me looking. I turn back to the door and immediately regret it when I see none other than Echo standing there with Ryan. I hadn't seen him at all in SP, so seeing him now causes my breath to catch.

Somehow, it's like he can always sense when I'm watching, because at that very moment he looks my way. He raises his hand and waves, causing Ryan to check and see who he's waving to. When he sees it's me, he does the same, only in a more animated way. The smile on my lips broaden and I wave back just as animatedly. Ryan grabs on to the sleeve of Echo's shirt and drags him in our direction.

"Hey ladies." Ryan greets, causing all chatter beside me to cease. Echo doesn't take his eyes off me and throws a distracted hello their way.

Farrah says a friendly hello but Lyric seems frozen and unable to speak. Farrah nudges her and she sputters out a small hi, very much unlike her. She's usually talk, talk, talk, just like Farrah, kinda why they get along so well. Ryan opens his mouth to say something but the professor starts talking first.

"I'm Mr. Fields and I'll be your teacher for manipulation." Everyone grows quiet and Echo moves to my side while Ryan moves to other side next to Lyric. I feel Echo's hand brush against my own and my heart picks up pace instantly. I keep looking forward, not taking my eyes off Mr. Fields but also acutely aware of the warm flesh next to mine. I'm not sure if it's my imagination, but I'm almost sure his pinky finger is grazing mine.

Its's very clear that it is and that he's doing it on purpose when I feel his finger curl around mine briefly before letting go. My eyes go wide with shock and dart around the room to see if anyone has noticed.

I'm not that lucky though, because when my eyes land on Asher, he's not looking at me but rather glaring down at the point where Echo's and my hand meet.

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