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Punishable offences

Asher examines me, his eyes boring into my soul trying to uncover my secrets. I'm caught in the ruby depths of his eyes and can't seem to turn away. I begin to figet in place which brings a smirk to his face. His fangs peek through and a shiver runs through me and settles in my stomach. His eyes flash a bright red and he leans toward me slowly, never breaking eye contact. I think he's about to kiss me, I even prepare myself for it mentally, and when he's a hairs breath away my eyes drift shut. My first kiss and it's going to be the hot pureblood vamp that every girl at this school is pining over.

His swarm breath washes over me when he exhales and I instinctively lick my lips. "Genesis," I gasp when his whispered word hits my ear, his lips brushing against my earlobe. "if there weren't so many people around I'd kiss right here, but this isn't how our first kiss is going to play out." A tremor makes it's way up my body, my knees quaking uncontrollably.

His hand grazes slowly up my arm and he cups the nape of my neck, his other hand making it's way around my waist, keeping me from turning into a puddle on the floor. "I don't know what it is about you, but I can't get you out of my head no matter how hard I try." His fingers curl in tighter at my waist and a low groan rumbles at the base if my throat.

"Until then, I'd like it if you stop avoiding me and give me a chance to get to know you. Can you do that? Can you give me that chance?"

I would have agreed to anything in that moment. He could have asked me to sprout wings and fly and I would have tried my darnest to do it. My suddenly dry mouth doesn't allow for me to give a verbal response, so I simply shake my head.

Asher takes a step back, the hand on my waist not leaving me, but instead I feel his fingers right at the hem of my top grazing lazily against my skin, the both of us lost in each others depths. It's not until I feel someone nudging me in the side that either of realize that the music has been cut off and the room is silent.

I look around the room trying to figure out what's wrong and my eyes land on the figure standing in the front entrance. Headmaster Cree is there and for some reason he's zeroed in on me even though there's a room full of teenagers who obviously have been partaking in the forbidden vareet.

He slowly releases me from his gaze and rakes his eyes over each student. "The last time I checked, witches brew was still very much prohibitted for consumption on school grounds."

He takes slow and precise steps into the room and his eyes land on the table full of drinks. He waves his hand in the direction of the table, "Evanescet." The drinks, table and all vanish before our eyes. "This will be your one and only warning. Any student caught with contraband from this point on will face explusion faster than you can say oops. Do I make myself clear?"

There's a collective 'Yes Headmaster' around the room. "Good, now you are all grounded to your rooms for the rest of the night." No one moves, no one says a word. We all glance at each other and are jerked out of our reverie with a resounding, "NOW!"

We all scramble into action, some kids tripping over each other to get up the stairs to their rooms. Asher grabs hold of my hand and leads me to the staircase but we're stopped short.

"Not you Ms. Adams, Ms. Carter." Farrah and I are frozen in place as we watch with trepidation as the twins make their way up the stairs, throwing sympathetic glances over their shoulder.

"Mr. Miller, You can retire to your room as well." I hadn't even realized Asher was still here, my hand still clasped in his. He looks to me questioningly and I look back at him with panic filled eyes. "I won't say it again Mr. Miller." Asher reluctantly removes his hand from mine but not before giving it a gentle squeeze.

I stay faced to the stairway, the opposite direction of where Headmaster Cree stands. The floorboards creak beneath his weight as he takes slow calculated steps. The hair at the nape of my neck stands on end, the fear of the repurcussions palpable.

"Look at me Ms. Adams." The authority in his voice is evident causing me to shake a bit. Sensing my fear, Farrah moves closer to me and takes my hand in hers. Cree looks at the both of us with a mask of dissappointment and I'm shaken to the core by the way that makes me feel. I've always been one to follow the rules and obey orders, but I sometimes walk a thin line. Never have I felt this guilty about dissappointing someone.

My heart squeezes in my chest when he begins to talk. "I promised your grandmother that you would be safe here, that I'd protect you. I even expressed that I was trusting not just the student body, but the both of you, to do what was right."

He's a werewolf and you can see it in the way he circles the both of us like prey. "But what do you do the first chance you get? You," His finger jerks toward Farrah, "partake in something that can have dangerous side effects and you, " He turns his death glare to me, "are practically fornicating in a room full of children." My eyes go wide at his insinuation.

"I wasn't! We were just talking just like everybody..."

"HE HAD HIS HANDS ALL OVER YOU!" Both Farrah and I jump, scared by his loud outburst. He expels a breath and drags his hand through his long locks. My hand is going numb from the death grip farrah has on it and I know she's experiencing something similar. "Your grandmother trusted me to keep you safe and I intend for you to remain that way."

"Look, I can't tell you who to date or when to date, but I'm not sure Tilly would have been happy with your behaviour. Either of you." He's right, grandma had an extensive talk with the both of us on the way we should carry ourselves while we were here, especially me since I was the one with the secret.

"You're right." Farrah's head snaps in my direction. "Gran would not have been happy if she were the one to see me, but Farrah and I hadn't known about the vareet having long term effects. We thought it was just a fun thing to do and we shouldn't have."

I pry my hand from Farrah's and begin twirling my mother's ring around my finger as I started doing anytime I was nervous. I'm hoping my apology would sway the headmaster from reporting back to gran and getting us in major trouble. Headmaster Cree's eyes land on the ring in question and he gets a far off look on his face. "How much trouble are we in?" Farrah finally finds her voice and is able to speak clearly since her lip is almost back to its normal size.

"Uh." He clears his throat, "You're not, this time. Just stay out of trouble and we'll be fine ok?" We both nod and turn to the steps.

"Wait." We turn back around, worried that he's changed his mind and is about to dish out punishment. "The reason I was here in the first place, you've both been doing well in your classes and I needed to ask you a favour."

We both take tentative steps back in his direction. "Of course, what is it?" I answer automatically.

"You know that purebloods can't wield magic the way hybrids and witches can right?" We nod in affirmation. "Well my beta's son, Echo, has yet to find a conduit with enough power to sustain him for a prolonged period of time."

"Your psionic teacher, Ms. Coleman has informed me that you have a gift for sensing, Ms. Adams, so I need you to assist him in finding a conduit."

Sensing is when you're able to locate a magical item or even sense what someone else's elemental power is. When we were introduced to it by Ms. Coleman, she had asked if anyone could guess her element. Apparently she had sheilded herself to make it difficult and I was still able to feel the waves of water running over her skin. She then proceeded to hide different artifacts about he room while my eyes were closed and had me find them. I'm now wishing I had kept my big mouth shut.

"Umm, yeah. Sure, no problem." I agree reluctantly.

"Great, meet me in my office in the morning at 8am and I'll escort you both to the feretory where you will have access to some relics with magical properties."

"Sure." He turns on his heels and exits the building shutting the door behind him with a resounding thunk.

"Umm, I don't know what you're thinking right now, but that was some serious dad behaviour don't you think?"

I couldn't take my eyes off the door he just exited through.

"Took the words right out my mouth Farr."

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