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After a quick shower and a change of fresh clothing, I'm finally able to slide between my sheets and shut the world out. Farrah had thankfully stayed in the commons, she had been getting to know some of the other kids and I was proud of her. Making friends had never been an easy thing for her, for either of us. I hadn't been asleep for very long when something, I'm not sure what, wakes me. I open my weary eyes and alarms settles in when I take in my surroundings.

I bolt up on what I now recognize to be the forest floor. I'm in some sort of clearing and there are tall trees surrounding me from all sides. Pulling myself up, I turn slowly trying to figure out where I am, or at least how to get out of here. The clearing, which spans about twelve feet, is dimly lit by the soft glow of the Moon directly above it. Wait? Moon? It was daylight when I fell asleep. I attempt peering through the trees but it's so densely packed I can see nothing but foliage.

A rustle of leaves behind me has me spinning around so quickly I almost lose my footing. I prepare myself to use a defensive attack should I need it, but my magic doesn't work. I search for the tingle that accompanies my magic, but it's not there. All I feel is emptiness and now fear. My heart rate picks up when a soft glow is visible through the trees and bushes, clearly coming straight to me. I'm rooted in my spot and it should have occurred to me to try running the other way but it never did.

I'm frozen in shock when a ghostly figure emerges from the tree line, hovering a few inches above the ground. The transparent entity before was no doubt a wolf while he was alive. His half human, half wolf form stopping at the edge of the clearing should make anyone afraid, but for some reason I am not. Then he does something I never expect. He plasters a big wolfy smile on his face, his tongue rolling out the side of his mouth.

"I see you've made it." His lips don't move, his tongue is still dangling out the side of his mouth, so of course I'm shocked when I hear his voice loud and clear. "And of course she's late. Always needs to make an entrance." He huffs, dropping himself of the ground and getting comfortable.

" Who's always late? Who are you? " I ask, not daring to take my eyes off him, no matter how at ease I feel.

"I am not late, thank you very much." I yelp and jump at least two feet in the air at the new voice . Behind me stands a woman, her long blonde hair cascading down her very naked body, pulled to the front to cover her breasts. She doesn't have a ghostly glow like wolfman, but there is an ethereal something about her. Her piercing blue eyes hold mine captive as she searches within there depths.

"Of course you are, you always are." Wolfman taunts.

" I'll have you know that I showed up right on time, you hadn't even been here but a minute. "

Wolfman opens his mouth to hit her with a retort but I quickly put that to a stop. "Who are you people? And where the hell am I?" The goddess looks at me with disapproval, no doubt at my use of the harsh word, while Wolfman simply looks impressed.

"I am Lucien, and this is -" I cut him off mid sentence.

" Lucien? Where have I heard that before? " Realization dawns on me and my eyes go wide with fear. "You're the first Vkodlak, Lucien. Oh God, did you come back for your eye? I didn't mean for it to be sucked into my skin." I take a retreating step back. "Please don't kill me." I plead, my eyes bouncing between the two.

" Calm down kid, do I look like I need that old glass ball? I got two perfectly good ones in the afterlife. " He blinks them at me rapidly to prove he had full function.

"So if you don't want to kill me, why am I here? Where is here?"

The goddess-like woman takes cautious steps forward, I assume so I don't get spooked. "We've been waiting a very long time to meet you Genesis, and now that you have both our powers running through you, it's finally time."

Ok, still confused here. Seeing this she continues. "You activated the oculus, which in turn has embedded itself in you, the power of the oculus is now yours. You found your mother's ring, but do you know who the true owner is?"

" Me? " I guess, as stupid as I thought that guess was.

"No silly, me." She laughs, a soft tinkle like light bells.

" Ok, and you are? " She looks affronted, and Lucien gives a snort/laugh that further makes her seethe.

"I am none other than Morgana, the first witch." My jaw hits the floor.

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