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I continue to stare dumbfounded. No one truly knows what Morgana looked like, so there's really no way I could know for sure she is who she says she is. I watch as she, glides, to a tree stump and perches herself there. I'm startled when Lucien walks past me, his ghostly body brushing against me, leaving a chill on my skin. He sits beside the tree stump and Morgana's hand snakes out to rub against his neck. He tilts his head to the side so she's able to reach a spot behind his ear. This is insane!

I must be dreaming right? Some sort of side effect of my new tattoo right? I bring my hands up to my face and scrub my eyes, trying to wake myself up, even pinching myself for good measure.

Nope, still here.

"You're not asleep child, we're really here." Morgana says while ruffling Lucien fur.

"Why am I here? And where is here?" I look around the clearing once more but still, nothing looks even vaguely familiar.

"Well, we figured since you've found two out of three of triskelian we should pay you a visit. You're bound to have questions. Besides, I always like meeting my special creations." Her smile is warm and inviting, but her words send a shiver of fear through me.

"Wait, three? You said the Oculus and the ring, that's two."

"You've yet to obtain the third. Once you do, you will be the very first Tribridni, or as Taly called you, Tribrid."

This isn't real. It can't be. There's no way

"You see, the problem with that is, becoming the tribrid will bring with it some... trouble."

My head whips in her direction. "Trouble? What sort of trouble?" My heart races and I feel the clearing growing smaller by the second.

"There will be certain people, power hungry people who will want to use you or even attempt to harness your powers. Powers that will only grow stronger from here on out. I cannot express this enough child, you have to be get your gifts under control. And fast."

Lucien rises and stretches before walking over to me and plopping down, moving his head under my fingers. Fingers which move on their own accord and begin gliding through his fur, which is softer than one would expect the matted mess to be.

"I'm sorry my child. This shouldn't be on your shoulders but, the supernatural community will need you so you have to be ready. The patefaction did not go over as smoothly as everyone thinks it did, there will be an uprising."

Her eyes become opaque, reminding me of a stormy sky. A smile forms on her lips before she parts them. "It's time for you to go now my sweet Genesis. We'll see you again soon."

Lucien rises to his feet and walks over to Morgana. Fricking Morgana. "Wait, you can't just drop a bomb like that on me and then just leave. What uprising? Why me-"

"Gen, wake up. Gen" I jolt awake and I'm once more in my bed. Farrah peers down at me, scaring the hell out of me.

"What the heck Farrah? Why'd you wake me?" My head feels full and I feel like there's something I'm forgetting, something important that I need to know.

"Sorry girlie, you've been asleep for hours." She rolls her eyes and drops on the bed beside me. "I know you're probably exhausted but I was worried about you. Thought you were dead or something."

She flips over onto her stomach and looks me over. "Did you know you weren't breathing? Like seriously, not breathing. Scared the hell out of me, thought that thing in your arm killed you."

"I'm fine Farr, just tired." I close my eyes once more trying to shake the exhaustion away. Flashes of long blonde hair and glowing eyes play behind my eyelids but it's gone as quickly as it comes, too fast for me to hold on to the image.

"I'm starving, is there anything to eat?" My feet hit the floor and a wave of vertigo has me feeling nauceous. Farrah launches into the dinner menu at the cafeteria and I'm listening for something that I may like.

A knock sounds at the door and Farrah springs up to answer it, still rambling about my choices of food. The door swings open and Asher stands on the other side. A wave of disappointment hits me and I realise it's because I was hoping it was Echo instead.

"Hey." I plaster a smile onto my face and take careful steps away from the bed. "What are you doing here?" I finally make it to the door and my eyes lock with his dark ones.

He doesn't say anything, just stands there staring. His eyes rove over my face and then down my body before making it's way back up to my face. "Who's jacket is that?" He inquires. I look down at my arms and see the grey sweatshirt that's there and remember that I'm still incased in Echo's clothing.

"Uh, don't worry about it. What's up?" I bring my arms around me, pulling the jacket a bit tighter around my body.

"Nothing's up, haven't seen you all day. I thought you were done avoiding me?" His eyes can't seem to tear away from the fabric covering me.

"I'm not avoiding you, I just had a busy day that's all. I was about to take a shower and get some dinner, wanna get something to eat with me?" I put on my best smile and bat my eyes in an attempt to distract him from the sweatshirt that's clearly bothering him since he's still staring at it.

Finally he looks up at me. "I already had dinner." He flashes me his fangs and I know he means he had bagged blood. I inhale slightly and I get the faint coppery smell thanks to my wolf gene.

"That's ok, you can watch me eat and tell me about your day." I gently push him toward the door. "I'll meet you down in the cafeteria in 20." He smiles and nods before turning on his heels and walking toward the stairs.

Movement to my right causes me to look in that direction and I see Echo standing at his door, eyes glowing slightly, a snarl on his lips. His eyes hold mine captive and I bring my hand up to my face, inhaling his scent on the sleeve of the jacket. His eyes turn to golden orbs and he takes a step in my direction.

I see an arm snake out from behind him and delicate fingers wrap around his bicep. A low growl rumbles in my throat when I see Eteneia step out from his room beside him. He stops in his tracks and spins around to face her. She says something to him and he replies in a hushed tone. I watch as a smile graces her lips and her hand reaches up to stroke his cheek.

Anger envolpes me and I feel my pulse begin to race. My fingers curl into my hands and my nails dig into my palms. I look down to see my nails elongated as claws try to make their way out. I should be scared, I should be worried, but the only emotion I can feel is anger. Pure unadulterated anger.

Eteneia heads back into the room and closes the door behind her. I know his intentions, they are very clear. He means to come over here and speak to me but I know I shouldn't. I look him dead in the eye and take a step back into my room and slam the door.

The reality of what was happening to my body all but hit me at once. I look down at my fingers and sure enough there are claws try to break free. The pain of it all comes crashing down and I swallow a scream. I close my eyes and fall to the floor, clutching my hands to my chest. Farrah chooses the right moment to walk out of the bathroom, and seeing me, runs to my side.

"Gen, Gen, what's wrong?" Her hands fly over my body trying to discern what's wrong with me. "Genesis!" She shakes me and the jolt of pain that runs through my body causes me snap my head up in her direction, a hand reaching out to grab hold of hers.

Farrah yanks her hand out from my grip and scuttles backward,away from me, eyes wide. I hear the guttural sound that leaves my lips and I'm confused as to whether that sound indeed came from me. I can hear the way her heart beats in her chest, erratic and out of control. Her chest rising and falling rapidly. My eyes, for some reason, locks on to the pulsing vein on her neck.

All at once, a cacaphony of noises bombards me and my other senses come alive. Farrah is glued to the wall, shaking in fear. It all becomes too much for me, the sounds, the smells, the feel of the fabrics against my skin.

A massive pressure presses against my skull and I reach up to try to take the pain away. Something drips into my eyes and I'm momentarily blinded. Farrah screams. She screams so loud. Or maybe it wasn't loud at all. Maybe it was just loud to me. The scream pierces into my skull and I can't take it anymore. My vision blurs and I reach a hand out to Farrah for help.

I see my clawed hand covered in blood and I know what's dripping into my eyes. My vision is wonky, going from a red haze to glowing golden, but I see Farrah moving toward me on her hands and knees, panic set in her eyes.

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