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I'll work on it

I outstretch my hand for him to shake but he simply looks at it and then at me before dragging me in for a hug. It seems as though my mother wasn't lying when she said her dad never missed an opportunity to show affection. Ever so slowly, I bring my arms around his waist and bury my head against his firm chest. It's been so long since I've had any physical contact with anyone beside Farrah. I couldn't help it when my eyes began to water and a sniffle escaped me. "Awww, to hell with it, I'm getting in there too." Farrah wraps her arms around my and my grandfather and squeezes the life out of us. Joseph retracts one of his arms and wraps it around her as well in a weird family group hug.

I guess that's when it dawned on him that there were two of us there because he stiffens a bit before pulling away to look at the both of us.. polar opposites.

He steps back and looks at us once more before looking to Tilly and then at us. "Umm hun, I know I'm getting up there in age, but I know I remember you saying I had a granddaughter, one. These are not one, they are two." Tilly chuckles and steps toward us and I notice the shimmer in her eyes from unshed tears. "Yes Joe, Genesis is our granddaughter but we got a bonus one in Farrah because she refused to leave without her." Farrah waves two fingers at Joseph and a smile breaks out on his face before he wraps us in another one of his warm hugs.

"Okay you three, let's continue this inside over some lemonade and sandwiches, I am starving." At that Farrah's stomach gurgles, the queasiness from the car ride forgotten. Joseph chuckles and leads us into the house. Did I say house? I mean mega mansion. The thing is gigantic. Why did my mom leave this place again? That's right, for love. Gag me with a spoon.

Don't get me wrong, if you're all about true love and all that, more power to you, it's just that I saw what supposed true love did to my mom and I'm not here for it. Always hiding, being on the run, never being able to make new friends. Let's not forget the biggest one of them all, she was left alone. With a kid.

We all gather together in what I'm guessing is some kind of tea room. Big bay windows take up an entire wall of the room with seating in front of it so the light comes in to brighten the room. Off to the side there's a layout of fresh pastries, sandwiches as cakes, the aroma wafting around and making my mouth water. I notice Farrah's mouth hanging open and she lifts her arm and wipes the side of her mouth with her fingers like she's drooling. At this point I wouldnt put it past her really.

Tilly ushers us into the plush seating at the round table before taking a seat herself. Just as she sits down two women dressed in a white shirt and black skirt, their hair in a neat bun, come out of a room and take position at the table. "Okay, what would you girls like to have?" She asks Farrah and myself. Farrah ogles the layout some more before asking, " We can have whatever we want? We won't get into trouble?"

A look of confusion crosses both my grandparents face and I as well am awaiting an answer. "Of course you won't get into trouble. Why would you? It's only food." Joseph replies and I see some anger wash over Tilly's face before she replaces it with a smile once again. "In that case I'll have one of everything please." Farrah says, her confidence back at an all time high. They all turn to me awaiting my response. "I'll just have a slice of the raspberry cake I saw earlier and some lemonade please." Farrah gapes at me like I've lost my mind.

The women turn and begin dishing out the pastries, one of them going back into the kitchen to get a bigger plate to house Farrah's monster meal. Joseph uses this time to ask some questions. "So, Genesis, tell me about yourself. How are your grades? Your friends? That sort of thing."

"Well, umm, the only friend I've ever had is Farrah, she's more like a sister by this point, and my grades are good I guess." Farrah makes a choking noise and all eyes go to her. Her cheeks flame up and her eyes go down to her lap. "I'm sorry, it's just that she's being a bit modest in the grades department." I glare at her which causes her face to become even hotter. "Oh really? How so?" Tilly urges.

"Well she was at the top of every class, even lucan history which is weird," I glance at them to see their reaction. Nothing. "And I'm pretty sure she would have aced spells and magiks but we had only started that class today and here we are so there's no way of knowing for sure." Joseph open his mouth to say something but closed it as she barreled on. "I mean, I should have probably been pissed that she knocked me off the top spot but I wasn't. I realized there was alot I could learn from her, you know, having come from the real world and what not. Did you know she was doing actual magic from the age of five? FIVE! At five all they had us learning was how to put sentences together." I place a hand on her arm to let her know she was talking too much again and she quickly shuts it.

Joseph blinks twice like he's coming out of some kind of trance and asks, "I've been wondering, didn't Taly tell you anything about us?" At that question Tilly give her undivided attention to me, anxiously awaiting my response. I decided to be honest. "Of course she did. She always spoke of home, she told me about your hugs and that Tilly was one if not THE strongest witch in history, and she would go on and on about this place. Her favourite place to be was the green house, with you." I finish by looking Tilly in the eyes, allowing her to see the truth of my words.

She clears her throat a few times before asking, " If that were true then why did she leave? Why didn't you tell the officials you had grandparents that could take you in?" I startle at this. I look to Farrah hoping she would start yapping once more but she nose deep in her pastries plate and I'm caught in the headlights. Even though I want nothing more than to be honest with them, I couldn't. "I don't know exactly why mom left, she never told me really, but I didn't tell them about you guys because I was ten and just found out my mother was missing. I was confused and traumatized. By the time I had even remembered i had other family members i was already at Solus and it's not like I could have just sashayed into headmaster's office to tell him about it."

"Yeah, not unless she wanted to pay a visit to the white room." Farrah chimes in,a shudder running through her body. "That reminds me, I need to contact the councillium. Joe dear, can you show the girls to the available rooms so they can pick one out? I'll be in the office, you can come find me after."

Tilly stands and leans over and plants a kiss on Joseph's forehead and starts toward door I hadnt noticed before. She takes about four steps before she turns back around and comes and places a kiss on both Farrah and I. Farrah gasps and her eyes bulge out of her head a little before she smiles at Tilly with a dusting of cherry on her cheeks.

"Okay girls, let's get you situated. Wait a second, where are your things? I didn't see Wally take out any bags before he left." At this I felt completely self conscious and I could tell Farrah did as well. "We didn't have much to begin with and Tilly told us to leave it there. Sorry."

"I see. Well, no need to be sorry, that just means you get to go shopping that's all. In the meantime I'm there is something in your mother's closet that will fit." Both Farrah and I get giddy with excitement. Farrah because she heard shopping and me because I heard mention of my mom's stuff. We both turn to the stairway but Joseph places his hand on my shoulder bring me to a halt.

"I know it may be a little too soon, but I'm pretty sure your grandma would like to hear you call her grandma instead of Tilly. I know I'd be honoured if you called me grandpa, or pop-pop or papa, whichever one feels best for you." He smiles and send a wink my way completely melting my heart.

"I'll work on it ok? Grandad." Not even the sun could have shined brighter than his smile.

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