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Confessions of the heart

This house is nothing short of amazing. Grandad showed us like eight different rooms, each one grand and beautiful. Giant king sized beds, walk in closets, not to mention each with a bathroom of it's own. Even with all that, once I saw my mother's room I knew this was the one I'd want to stay in. Farrah ended up taking the one opposite mine and she was definitely on cloud nine. There wasn't much to do in there since we had nothing to unpack, so after checking out the rooms thoroughly and raiding mom's closet to find something suitable, we made our way back downstairs to explore the rest of the house.

Unfortunately we didn't get very far because we could hear my grandparents talking in a room off to the side of the staircase. They didn't sound like they were arguing, but they didn't sound happy either. Knocking lightly on the door, I pushed it open, Farrah right on my back. Both elders turned to face us a smile gracing their lips as their eyes took in our attire. No doubt they were remembering a time or another when mom were something similar.

"Is everything ok?" I question as I walked further into the room. It seemed to be the office my grandmother said she was going to earlier. Every surface was in rich dark earthy tones, the desk, the chair even the bookcase that took up an entire wall. "Of course dear, your grandfather and I were just discussing where we go from here. I was simply telling him that I plan to introduce you to our friends and the others at the upcoming fundraiser we are to host."

I see Farrah perk up a bit. "It's a fundraiser for the Academy you are both to attend. All the elite members of our society attend this Academy." Farrah grips on tight to my arm. "Wait, are you guys part of the elite? Like I can see you're rich but just how rich are you?" I swat her hand away and throw in an extra one because she was being nosy.

Chuckling lightly, grandad replies, "When Tally said that Tilly was an exceptional witch she wasn't kidding. She has gone down in history as the greatest witch. After Morgana that is." He looks lovingly at gran and I see a slight blush creep up her neck.

"Whoa! So can you like, teach me magic?" Farrah has been obsessed with learning spells since I've met her, unhealthily so I might add. "Of course. I can't very well have my grandchildren going off to the Academy ill prepared now can I? My position on the concillium may even be questioned if that happened." At this Farrah gasps loudly, her hands shaking slightly.

"Grandma!" She's taken aback by my outburst. Both because I called her grandma instead of Tilly and, well because I was admonishing her. "Sorry, but I thought you weren't supposed to tell?" She only waves me away like it's nothing. "Oh, that. Well dear, let's just say that even though there are supposed to be four governing bodies I am indeed the head of the concillium. I was the ne who made the laws and by laws and I can bend them for my own purposes."

This was news to me. It made sense though. Like any other government, even though it was made up of many different bodies and sectors, there was always a head. It just never occur to me that my grandmother would be that head. "Yes, well, there's the fundraiser in a few days and then I can focus on getting you both up to speed for the end of the month."

Did she say the end of the month? Why would she need to cram all that info into us in less than three weeks? "They'll be alot to go over but from your transcripts it would seem that you won't have a problem keeping up. First we have to get you ready for-"

"Why the end of the month? Sorry, I don't mean to cut you off but we still have like five months before the new semester starts at the Academies, we can learn alot in five months." It was onlythe begining of February, I couldn't understand why they were freaking out about nothing. I don't mean to toot my own horn but I knew a bit of magic, some protection spells and what not. Mom had actually taught me quite a bit. I may not have used them in the past six years, like at all, but I'm pretty sure it was like riding a bike.

"The only problem with that is you both start at the end of the month. The Morgana Academy houses some of the best and brightest that the supernatural society has to offer, as a result they graduate earlier than usual and take in the new recruits just as early." I look at my grandfather like he's lost his mind.

One months? Not even a month, it's more like three weeks. I can't go to the Academy now, not before a figure out a plan of action for my shift. Oh God, what am I going to do? I look at the three people standing before me, Farrah excited about the possibilities and my grandparents looking on like proud parents as they answer all her questions. Is this really about to be over before it even began? I have no choice, I have to tell them, they have a right to know. I mean, didn't grandma just tell Farrah, my friend, her deepest secret and trusted her to keep that secret safe? I should be able to do the same right? They'll know what to do and they'll understand right?

What if they don't though? What if me telling them causes them to turn their backs on me? Kick me out, kick Farrah out. Or worse, send us back to Solus. No, I had to do it and Whatever happens, I'll deal with it.

I clear my throat to get their attention and three pairs of eyes turn to me, the twinkle of happiness and excitement that was reflected back to me making my stomach churn.

Here goes nothing. "Umm, I'm not really sure where to start so here goes. I'm a wolf."

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