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They all burst out laughing. Like full on hugging their stomach, knee slapping laughter. It takes a moment for my grandmother to notice that I'm not joining in but instead I'm quite serious. She stops and so does my grandfather. It takes Farrah another minute to realize that no one else is laughing and she straightens, looking at all our faces.

"What do you mean you're a wolf sweetheart? I would think that Taly or even the good for nothings at Solus would have told you you're a hybrid vampire." Ok, this is it. It's now or never. Taking a step back and a deep inhale I tell them my deepest darkest secret. "Actually, I'm what mom referred to as a tribrid."

They all look at me with a mixture of perplexity and worry. I don't give them a chance to talk though. "Yes I'm a vampire witch but my father was also a werewolf, pureblood, that makes me the unholy trinity." I don't look at them. I can't bare to see the disgust that would surely be on their faces.

I'm fully focused on my slippered feet, the chipped nail on my big toe suddenly the most interesting thing in the room. It doesn't take long before another pair of feet enter my eyeline, and another. My grandparents stand there waiting for me to look at them. It's hard, but the tension was killing me. Slowly I lift my head, their faces blurry from my unshed tears. "Sweetheart,I know that was probably hard for you to tell us, but you do realize that it is impossible for a were and a vamp to successfully mate don't you?" Grandad asks, worry etched across his smooth face.

"Of course I realize that it was once thought to be impossible, but I'm telling you what I know. Mom had a plan in place and everything. Get me through my first shift and then we'd make the potion to mask my scent when I went off to the Academy. Now she's gone and you're trying to send me away before my birthday and I'll change and everyone will know I'm a freak. They may even lock me up. You can't let them lock me away grandma." My grandmother pulls me into a tight embrace and I begin crying like a newborn baby. I'm pretty sure I'm ruining her nice blouse with my tears and snot but I couldn't find it in me to care.

"Oh my, it'll be fine. Stop that crying. It'll be ok." She says over and over trying to soothe me. She waits until it's subsided a bit before taking me to sit on the sofa in the office. "That's better." She wipes the remaining tears from my face and moves my hair behind my ear. "Now, start from the beginning."

And I did. I told them the story my mom told me. I told them she ran away because she fell in love with a werewolf, that he was found and taken back by his father. I told her about the threat and mom finding out she was pregnant with me. I told her about us running, always running and trying to stay one step ahead of who ever was looking for us.

When I'm done Farrah throws her arms around me and instead of releasing me, she squeezes between me and the arm of the sofa, keeping her arms wrapped around me. My grandparents seem to be at a loss for words. I can't help but wonder if they're angry that they even looked for me now.

"Say something. Please." I beg. I can't take the silence. My grandfather was the one to break it. Thank goodness.

"Taly didn't tell you who your father was?" I shake my head. "No she didn't, but she promised that she would when I turned seventeen and had my first shift. I'm sure if she knew she wouldn't be here she would have told me a long time ago." He nods his head in the affirmative and silence descends among us again.

"Look, if you guys don't want me here anymore because of what I am I'll understand. Just, just don't kick Farrah out too ok. She didn't do anything wrong." I make to get up to leave but I'm stopped dead in my tracks. "Sit down!" It's the first words she's said since my big reveal and the first time she's raised her voice since I've met her. Even when dealing with the headmaster she was cool and collected. I had no choice but to plant my butt back in the seat.

"First of all you are our granddaughter, we would never kick you out of our home just because you told us what you did. Especially after only just finding you. Secondly you did nothing wrong either, and neither did your mother. Well maybe she was wrong for not coming back home when she found out she was pregnant, but she wasn't wrong for falling in love in the first place."

"But you were so quiet, I thought you were trying to figure out how to get rid of me." I sound like a petulant child right now but I can't help it.

"I was simply trying to figure out which spell would best mask you after your change, but I'm not going to do that." She must have seen the fear in my eyes because she gently takes my hand in hers giving it a tight squeeze.

"You won't be able to hide who you are for the rest of your life dear, nor should you have to. No, when the time is right we'll let people know. You are a miracle and you have every right to be who you are."

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