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Just a snap

The next few days go by in a whirl of shopping and etiqutte classes and very little sleep. I had planned to explore my mother's room to see if I could find anything hidden, like love letters from my father, a gift maybe, anything to give me an idea of who he might be. Couldn't do that though. Not only have we been shopping for a new wardrobe but also a dress for the fundraiser and new clothing for when we went of to the Academy. The thought of that still makes me sick, but grandma assured me over and over that it will be ok.

Farrah was having the time of her life, she was way more into the shopping than I was. Especially for the fundraiser. Grandad had explained that this year it was to be a ball of some sort, with precious items donated by members for an auction. He also explained that a fundraiser wasn't necessarily needed because the school did pretty well and parents as well as alumni were always pouring donations into the the school. It was apparently just a way for the new students to mingle amongst the new classmates and get to know one another without the pressures a campus environment.

Farrah is currently trying to tame my mass of chocolate locks into some intricate style she had seen in a magazine, but the curly mess wouldn't co-operate. "Oh come on! How do you even deal with this on a daily basis? It's like trying to work my way through a freaking rose bush." To her credit she was at least able to brush out all the tangles. If it was up to me I'd have left it just the way it is, but Farrah insists we have to make a good impression, try to fit in. I don't actually plan on trying that hard since I know mos if not all these snobby kids would shun me the moment they find out what I really am.

She curses under here breath once more and I could tell she's on the brink of throwing something. Just then, grandma walks in and makes a strangled sound in the back of her throat. "Oh my, what are you two doing? We have less than an hour before guests start arriving."

"I know Nan, so I was trying to take some of the load of and get our hair done, but Gen isnt co-opoerating." Farrah answers shamelessly. "Hey, all I've been doing is sitting here and wondering if I have any hair left on my head." Gently rubbing my scalp I add, "it feels like you've rooted it all out." At that we both start going back and forth on who was right and who was wrong. grandma just snaps her fingers and both Farrah and I immediate shut up, our lips sealed together.

"There, that's better. Now stay still." We do as she says for fear she may do something worse than zipping our lips shut. Closing her eyes, I see her lips moving quickly but nothing comes out and I realize she's weaving a spell. Just as quickly as she had started she stops, her fingers moving in rapid motions. That's when I feel it, the tingling as her magic coats me starting at my head and ending at my toes. I can tell Farrah also feels it because her eyes are rounded as she looks at her hands and then at me. When her eyes land on me they get even bigger, if that's even possible. Right before my eyes I see Farrah's hair comb itself while her makeup gets itself done. Blue tendrils of fabric piece themselve together on her body in wispy elegance until the dress she spent an antagonizingly long time to choose adorns her body. It takes about a minute or two for the entire thing to be over and when it is, my friend stands before me, a princess of her former self.

Looking down at myself I see that I'm also wearing my outfit for the evening. Unlike Farrah, I hadn't bought a dress. No matter how many I'd tried on they just weren't my style. I could tell grandma had wanted me to go for a burgandy number that swooped low at neckline and flowed over my legs but it was just too much for me. That's why when my eyes had landed on plain black jumpsuit I hadn't wanted to get it because I could tell she wanted me to get something girly. When my eyes landed on the one beside it though, I figured maybe she wouldn't mind so much. It was a gold flowy number that had no sleeves and connected to the back of my neck which left my entire back exposed, and I was right, she loved it.

"Whoa!" Farrah seemed to be just at al loss for words as I was. Running over to the floor length mirror she took in the complete look and I have to admit, grandma did good work. "Whoa." She said again.

"Well I hope that's not all you plan on saying tonight. It's a big night for you both after all." Spinning around Farrah looked her dead in the eyes. "That... was... amazing." She turned once more to ogle herself in the mirror and I couldnt help but laugh.

"The process usually goes by much quicker, blink of an eye actually, but I thought you girls might like the theatrics." With that she said a few words under her breath and snapped her fingers and she was instantly transformed into her evening gown, diamonds and all.

Farrah does a double take and squeals in excitement. "I have to go make sure everything is in order, especially with Joseph, God knows the man can't tie his tie without me. You two head downstairs to start greeting the guests as they come in." She turns on her heels and saunters out the door leaving me with a giddy Farrah.

That's when reality hits and my nerves kick in. I was about to meet my peers. The ones who would either accept me or reject me when they found out what I was. I looked at my sweaty palms and noticed my hands were shaking slightly. Ever attentive, Farrah places her warm hand in my cold and clammy one. "It'll be fine Gen. It's only one night, a few hours. We just have to get through a few hours and then we can raid the pantry for the good stuff." I smile a watery smile at her, trying my best not to ruin my makeup that grandma spent no time at all doing. Squeezing her hand a bit tighter than I needed to, I let her lead the way downstairs, my heart going a mile a minute.

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