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Who knew

It didn't take very long for guests to start arriving, I guess the elite liked to be on time. I hadn't gone to greet them as requested either. When the first set of people were announced by Francois, the butler who made sure the pantry was always stocked with the snacks Farrah and I like to sneak at night, I had clammed up, freezing on the spot. Luckily grandma and grandpa had just made it downstairs and had told us we could go on into the ballroom.

Walking through the doors of the ballroom I was taken aback. I knew gran was working tirelessly in transforming it for tonight but I didn't know the amount of work she had put in. The room was huge to begin with, but when I had seen it before it was just a grand empty room. Now it was an gold and black marvel. A huge chandelier hung from the ceiling casting a golden glow across the room. The drapes that hung were golden lined with black. A grand piano positioned on a raised platform took up one corner of the room, the man sitting there playing gentle soothing tones. Even the carpet was different. Dark plush carpeting with a gold pattern running through it adorned the floor. As we walked further into the room and the light from the chandelier reached us, I gasped when my jumpsuit sparkled under the light, the reflected light bounced off the walls of the room.

"It seems Nan isn't about to let you lay low like you wanted huh?" I was thinking the same thing, on my difference was she seemed happy about it, if the smile on her face indicated anything at all. Grabbing her hand I pull her further into the room and away from the dreaded chandelier. Just in the nick of time too. The first few guests moved into the room and the wait staff that were standing off to side moved in immediately with offerings of drink and hors d'oeuvres. In less than half an hour the room was almost full. The pianist was accompanied by a violinist and harpist and the music floated around the room in a magical fashion. I could almost see the music notes drifting by, touching every corner of the room so that everyone could hear the sounds.

"Good evening everyone. " I look over to the stage that was set up for the auction that was to take place later on and see both my grandparents there. My grandmother looks to me to let me know she's about to make the introduction so I can ready myself. "It's great to see all of you here tonight in good health and strength. Tonight marks the beginning of a journey for you young adults, one that will help shape who you want to become in the future. I know, I know, it sounds daunting doesn't it? Worry not, you are to attend the greatest school for our kind, the Morgana Academy. This is one of the longest standing Academies even before the patefaction, before the world knew about us. This was the Academy I attended, it's where I met my husband, Joseph. It's where my daughter attended." I see the sadness creep in as she thinks about my mom, probably remembering when she gave a similar speech when she was about to enter the Academy.

I'm taken for a loop as she goes on to say, "It's where my granddaughter will attend." With that, a spotlight appears from out of no where and shines down on me, bringing me to the attention of everyone in the room. Farrah pushes me forward and I hear grandma say, "Both my granddaughters." I feel Farrah's hand in my own and she begins tugging me toward the stage. I reluctantly put one foot in front the other keeping my head tilted to the ground.

Once we make it to the stage, Farrah positions us between both my grandparents. "Less than a week ago I finally found my granddaughter, Genesis. In doing so I was also lucky to gain another granddaughter, Farrah. Both young women are-"

I didn't hear the rest of her speech because my eyes had caught by someone in the crowd. His skin was sunkissed and bronze under the black tuxedo he wore, his hair in a messy bun at the top of his head. Even though he wore the suit well, I could tell he didn't feel entirely comfortable in it. The sleeves of his jacket were practically screaming trying to keep his muscular arms within their confines. The chocolate pools held me captive and I couldn't look away.

The spell was broken when the girl beside him brought her hand up to cup his cheek, trying to gain his attention and he had no choice but to look away. When he did felt like I could breathe for the first time in a long time. I was finally able to take in the other people around him, I'm guessing his friends. There were two guys as well as the girl. All three guys were basically giants compared to most in the room, but he dwarfed over them all. The four of them more or less had the same bronzed look with maybe just a shade lighter or darker.

It was the girl though, with her hair in twisted coils running down her back and her big grey eyes shining up at him. Clearly they were a couple and for some reason I hated her.

Just then I saw, rather than heard the light applause by the party goers and I was able to focus on what was being said. Apparently the speech was over and I was officially debuted to the masses. Grabbing onto Farrah's hand, I practically drag her down the steps, my need to get outside and away from everyone the most dominant emotion. But of course that didn't happen. That would mean that things could actually go my way for once.

Just as I take the last step down, I basically collide with someone. I look up and I must have hit my head for something because I'm seeing double. I look at the outstretched ebony hands before me and closing my eyes, I shake my head slightly trying to right my vision. When I open them there are still two mirror images standing before me.

Farrah saves me and places her and in one of them. I look to the next hand and the face attached and see she's waiting expectantly. Slowly, I place my hand in hers.

"Hi, we're Melody and Lyric." The one who was on Farrah's side said. Twins. I mentally face palmed myself.

"I'm Farrah, she's Genesis. Don't worry, she doesn't always act this weird. It's just there's alot of people here and she's nervous." She chuckled awkwardly and watches me in the corner of her eye, clearly knowing something wasn't right and I didn't want to be here anymore.

"That's ok. We're kind if oddballs ourselves." This from Lyric. It was weird how much the looked alike. I mean even the beauty mark under their left eye was the same. How did their parents ever tell them apart? They both wore the same white sleeveless dress, their black hair and dark skin a beautiful contrast against it. They had they nicest hazel eyes I'd ever seen on someone and those eyes sparkled with pure happiness.

"I just needed to get some air, can you excuse us?" Immediately they both had the same deflated looks on their faces. "Yeah, sure. Sorry to bother you. "

They turned to leave and Farrah gave me a disappointed look. "Or you guys can come with us if you like?" At that, they both turned around and tried to remain cool but you could see they were super excited by it.

Outside the air was cool and crisp as it snaked it's way across my skin causing goosebumps to form along my arms. I walk toward one of the benches and sit down, placing my head between my hands. Yes i was overwhelmed by the number of people in there but that wasn't why I needed the escape. No, it was that guy. Somehow he had captivated me to stupidity. I could still clearly see his face in my head, his chiseled jaw supporting his delicious full lips. Nose perfectly sculpted to fit his face. But it was his eyes, eyes that had me drowning in their chocolatey depths, never wanting to surface. He was that hot. Of course he had to have a freaking girlfriend.

I could hear Farrah and th etwins becoming acquainted and I was about to tune into the conversation, but as luck woould have it we were seated on a bench where you could see directly into the ballroom. At that moment my eyes landed on the quartet who seemed content to mingle among themselves. I decided it couldn't hurt to see if our new companions knew who they were.

"Do you guys know who that is?" Three heads turned in the direction I discreetly pointed at not knowing who could be watching. "The tall ones, over there."

Lyric was the one who spotted them first and answered my question. "Yeah, they're yummy aren't they? Too bad they're totally off limits."

Farrah's head swiveled in her direction. "Off limits?" she asked, confused.

"Well yeah," this from Melody. "They're werewolves, so obviously we can't, you know, 'date' one of them. According to our mother, the Academy is not the place to test out species, that was for highschool, now is when we focus on our craft and find someone suitable to settle down with." Wow, their mother sounded like a pill.

"Anyway, the shorter guys are Dennis and Ryan." she said, Dennis being the one with shoulder length hair and Ryan the one with long black hair. "The tall sexy one, he's Echo, beta of the Cree clan's son." So his name was Echo huh? I said the name over and over in my head, liking the sound of it.

As if he could hear my thoughts, his head darts up and locks eyes with me. He holds my gaze for a few seconds before turning his attention back to his friends. "The girl with them is Eteneia, she is the Chief of the Cree clan's daughter." Melody finishes.

"Step-daughter." Lyric chimes in. Melody shakes her head like she only just remembered. "Oh yeah. A few years ago the Chief married her mom, who had lost her husband in some sort of accident when Eteneia was a baby. The Chief himself had always been single, but I guess he decided to just marry someone so he'd be able to extend his bloodline. No kids of his own yet though."

Ah, so the beta's son and the Chief's daughter. Usually Chiefs would find suitable mates for their son or daughter from other clans, usually another Chief's kin, but it isn't unheard of to set them up with the next strongest bloodline within their own clan. See, paying attention to Lycan lore and history is defenitely paying off.

I startle a little when the door we came through suddenly opens, banging against the outer wall. "See, I told you I saw them come out here." Three guys, obviously vampire, were walking toward us. Well at least two of them were. One of them oozed an aura I couldn't quite place. I didn't think he was a wolf but something about his dark eyes screamed authority. They were all immaculately dressed and of course, insanely gorgeous.

Who knew elite supernaturals were this hot. I sure as hell didn't.

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