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Vampires? Werewolves? Demons? Witches? You have to try them all but choose only one. Be seduced by wicked perverted vampire. Discover a touch of scorching hot animalistic were, Go to the hell and back with a surprisingly affectionate mischievous demon. And find the truth in a dungeon of a sadistic wizard. Your future lays in a world of Beyond. What path will you choose?

Fantasy / Erotica
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Finding a refuge


This should be part of a story where the main character introduces her or himself. And sure tell the readers about the wonderful life she lives. Myeah, not my case…

Ok, I am 25yo, female apparently, and average in every possible way… I have a loving family. Even though I never met my real mother. But my stepmother was a wonderful person who always loved me and my father wholeheartedly. Thus only mementos of my biological mother are one blurry picture and an old necklace.

I never thought I will become something special or even somebody powerful. But life changes everything and just at the moment I felt totally dumped, my life got in the whirlwind with no escape.

After a long tiring divorce with the usurping scumbag and his crazy family, I decided to move. OK, honestly I ran away. Hide in a small city hoping just to forget. I was slowly starting to regain my confidence. Rented a flat, started to get to know the neighborhood and finally started a new job in a small coffee shop.

Chapter 1

Like every day I take my bag and go to work. The weather is beautiful so I enjoy my way to GGM´s. The owner, Glenda sr. is an older woman who runs the café with her granddaughter Glenda jr. But she prefers to but called Gee. But Gee is leaving for the university soon so Glenda needs a helping hand. I fell in love with this place in an instant. I went to sit there, sipping my coffee, looking for a flat first. I sat there with a local paper willing to go through the insertion. But I was watching the town instead. The spring was coming. The air smelled of soil and the fresh grass. The first shy flower rising to the sun to bloom. Trees covered with new leafs welcoming birds to build their nests. People walking down the streets smiling, greeting each other. Oh my, I thought this doesn´t exist anymore. I succumbed to the magic of Green Grove. I sat there smiling. Suddenly a voice behind me asked:

Glenda: “Are you new in town girl?” I turned around to see a granny appearing like been dropped from a fairytale. She smiled, so kind...

Monika: “Yeah, I moved in a few days ago. Now trying to find some nice place to rent. Can´t afford to stay in the hotel forever.” I smiled back at her.

Glenda: “Looking fur a rent huh?” she seemed deep in thought.

Glenda: “Is there any possibility you are also looking for a new job?”

Monika: “Sure I do! I really fell in love with this place so I decided to settle.”

Glenda rose her eyebrow suspiciously.

Glenda: “Aren´t you hiding from the cops or some mafia guys?” she sounded really worried which made me laugh. Suddenly I heard a fit of laughter just behind me.

Glenda jr.: “Yeah Grams, you have forgotten to ask her whether she is not a serial killer.” she continued to laugh and Glenda sr. just murmured

Glenda: ” Well you can never be sure. One can appear nice and tomorrow we are gonna be surrounded by cop cars a negotiator trying to pursue her to give up and walk out with her hands up.” That statement made me and Glenda jr. to another fit of laughter.

Monika: “I can assure you that I am not any of the latter possibilities. The only thing I am running away is my past as a married woman.”

Glenda: “Oh I am so sorry sweetie. I didn´t want to pry. But in that case... I am trying to find a substitute for my little Glenda. She is soon leaving for her semester at the university. I am so proud of her.” She sniffed and pulled out a handkerchief. Glenda jr. just rolled her eyes.

Glenda jr.: “Jeez Grams first stop the crying already and second don´t call me you little Glenda. You know how much I can’t stand it.” she said hugging her granny’s shoulder lovingly. Then she turned to me.

Gee: ” Please excuse Grams, she rose me all alone and she is a real mother hen and worrywart. You will find out very soon if you accept the job.” Glenda puffed her face-first but smiled after, tears still glimmering in her eyes. Mmm but anyways this is a great opportunity to blend in the town and have a quick income of money at hand. And I can also enjoy the change of pace. I can not expect the job at my field exactly. And I don´t care much for the moment. Above that working with Glenda seems like a great opportunity to build some nice relationship. Who can say not to mother hen :)

Glenda: “The job goes with a very small but a flat. I have a free room upstairs which includes a small kitchen corner and a small bathroom attached. Nothing fancy but neat and clean. Plus you don´t have to travel so far for your work.” she laughed.

Glenda: “But don´t even think that you are gonna wake up last minute. I already have one waitress coming to her shift late almost every day. Say GEE.” she smiled amusedly at Gee rolling her eyes again.

Gee: “Hey, don´t sweat it, Grams. You make it sound that the early morning is super busy in here.” she said with a peeved expression on her face.

Glenda: “Well yeah we open at 7, point. But the first thirty minutes are less just for preparing the fresh brew and pancake dough. The kitchen is my domain. Your job is gonna be waiting the tables. Smiling!!! I don´t want to see you scowl or be rude to a customer unless it really is a total asshole. Sooo what do you say, honey?”

Monika: “I say wow and hell yeah. I am in...”

Gee: “Wooohooo finally somebody with the sense for things from this century. Welcome to Green Grove Momma´s. Erm, what was your name again?”

Monika: ” Oh sorry I haven´t introduced myself. My name is Monika, Monika Brooks.” I smiled sheepishly.

Glenda: “OK honey, go grab your luggage to the hotel and come back to us. Gee is gonna show you around after you settle in your room.”

Monika: “Thank you both Glenda and Gee. I really appreciate the chance for a new start you just gave me.” I flashed them my happiest smile ever.

Glenda hugged my shoulders and said: “Don´t mention it, dear. We are happy to have you.”

Gee: ” Absofreekinlutely. ” she winked at me. This was time for Glenda to roll her eyes and they both headed inside the cafe.

I smile at the memory of their warm welcome. They really saved me there and I am very thankful.

During a few months in this lovely town, I managed to make some friends. And after Gee had left for college I have also met Kimi. Kimi is a great cheerful and reliable person. As an executive assistant to a towns Mayor also an honorable and respected one. Although she can be really a crazy party person at times. She is also the only one who knows all about my past. Kimi same as GG momma girls is a gift from above.

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