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14 - Sentimentality

Kieran and Jason had been listening to Lucy speak for a good hour before their brains were going to mush. The information, on how the human world worked was intense, and hard to comprehend at best. Kieran did feel as though, even though he had been listening to everything she had been saying. The words that came out of Lucy’s mouth went in one ear and straight out of his other.

They had finished their session for the day, everything was getting too much, and Lucy knew that they would not be able to take much more information until another day.

He had been looking around the room for a while; there were decorations, pictures and items that Kieran could not describe dotted around the room in a random array of places. His eyes, however, landed on a picture of a man, and a wolf. His hand draped down and placed on the wolves head – he looked happy, and as hard as it was to see: the wolf was too, it was almost grinning.

“What’s this?” Kieran asked. He was picking up the photo in a beautiful frame. Lucy turned around to look at what the boy had in his hand.

“Don’t touch that!” She said as she snatched the photo frame from his hand. “Don’t you know it’s rude to pick up other people’s items?”

“I’m sorry…” Kieran replied. Before he heard Lucy sigh and place the photo back in the place, it had been before. “Who is he?”

“He is the reason why I am here,” Lucy said again sighing, she looked pained, like a painting, but a sad one at that. “He is the man that I love,”

“Where is he?” Jason asked as he also stood up. “I don’t see him anywhere,”

Lucy turned around again to look at Jason this time, and then once more at Kieran.

“He died, not long after he asked me to marry him, I’ve been here ever since, I’m not going back to the wild now,” Lucy said as she looked at the picture of her fiancé.

“I’m sorry,” Kieran said as he sat down with her. “You must have loved him an awful lot to up and leave everything behind,”

“Yes,” Lucy said, looking down at the picture. It reminded her so much of the best times she had with him, all gone now. “Very much so,”

“I hope you find someone else,” Kieran said, smiling slightly before standing up from the seat and walking towards the door where Jason was standing. “Goodnight, we will see you tomorrow,”

“Wait,” Lucy said, her voice breaking as she spoke, it must have been the memories she remembered that made her vulnerable, which was understandable. “We have a code of conduct here in the human world. You cannot just barge around on their soil, I have told you very little about the way that human’s work. I have said that you can come to school, and I stand by that, but there will be extra lessons. Here: At my house,”

“Why would we need those?” Kieran asked, he did not deny that he needed them; it was a genuine question. “I mean, isn’t school itself, enough?”

“You haven’t even got your moonlight amulets yet,” Lucy replied, it was apparent.

“And we will never will if we don’t figure out how to stop Nathan from whatever he is prophesied to do,” Kieran replied. The moonlight amulets helped them to connect better with their wolf, to get powers not given to them by the moon and to control elements if they so pleased. And neither Kieran nor Jason had them – they would have to be trained, and right now, not being with the pack, that was what they were missing while standing here.

“I will be the one to teach you everything you know, not just about humans, but also about our kind as well, there is much you don’t know about that too,” Lucy said, as she grabbed a book and flipped it to a page. She is pointing to something in the middle.

A picture.

It looked like a cave drawing, only on paper instead. It depicted a moon, a stick figure, fire, and what looked like a sign for magical properties. “Is this the story of how we came to be?”

“Correct, more so how wolves came to be the way that they are, and how Nathan is the way that he is now,” Lucy divulged. Placing the book down again on the table. “I cannot offer much in terms of help to stop Nathan, but I can give you information regarding the prophecy and maybe how we can help Nathan as a whole, help him understand what he is and to embrace it. Maybe then it might just overwrite the prophecy if there is such a way,”

“Okay, then, how do we do that?” Kieran asked. He was none the wiser. Kieran did not know the first thing about making someone feel they belong. He did a pretty rubbish job with Jason – never mind Nathan, he knew practically nothing about the guy.

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it, you have to get close to him,” Lucy replied, she had. But Kieran had hoped she would have a different solution since their last conversation about this. “Make him trust you, get to know him, understand him, make him your friend,”

“Right,” Kieran said, somewhat begrudgingly. “And what will you be doing? And Jason as well?”

“Me and Jason will be on the side-lines, I am still your teacher, I cannot do much more than just give advice, and you seem to have piqued Nathan’s interest far more than Jason has, so it is really on you,”

In a sarcastic tone and rolled eyes, Kieran spoke his mind with one word. “Great,”

Being placed into a situation that he did not want to be in was second nature to Kieran now, but it seemed as if everyone seemed to have a reason for leaving the wild pack. Jason’s was to follow Nathan, Lucy’s was to follow the love of her life, but Kieran was not sure of his reason for being here – but although he did not want to admit it, Kieran had his demons to deal with, especially with accepting who he was. Which was why, although he had been told to do so, he did not want to get close to Nathan, because he did not know how close they would become.

Kieran had suppressed all these feelings in the past; he did not want them cropping up and ruining things for him once again. But maybe, in the human world – he could finally be who he would never be in the pack. Perhaps that was his reason for being here – he wanted a fresh start.

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