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16 - Peakstone Lake

The lake that Nathan had taken Kieran was so mysterious, and it was no wonder why Nathan had wanted to come here to talk, it was calm, peaceful and very silent.

The lake itself was large and went around the whole area, it was a great surprise that hardly anyone came here, it looked almost completely untouched by human hand, although, he knew it had, everything had at some point.

There was a small play park, similar to the one back in the gated community, and many benches dotted around the area, but for now, it was so peaceful and quiet. This place oul

The sun was now up in the sky, but the moon was as well and as he looked deeply into the water, he saw the both of them shining back at him, living in perfect harmony… maybe he could do that too? The humans and wolves, maybe…

Kieran had been sat on a small ledge just by the water as he watched Nathan wade slowly into the water, his running trousers taken up to his knees so they did not get wet, he was throwing rocks into the water and they were skimming on top. One. Two. Three. It was pretty calming, just watching him have a good time, it was a shame that he had to break the illusion that everything was normal.

“So, what did you want to speak to me about?” Nathan said as he turned his body towards where Kieran was sat. He was still holding a black rock in his hand ready to skim.

“You were so kind to me back at school, and I saw you running by, I just wanted to speak to you and say thanks for making me feel welcome,” Kieran lied, although he did feel thankful, he lied about what he wanted to speak to Nathan about – he could not do it. It was not the right time. He was not sure there ever would be a right time, however. He had to get to know Nathan before – they had to trust each other.

Get close, Jason said. But in what way, he never provided insight.

“That is no issue,” Nathan smiled. Skimming the rock on the water again. “I thought I would just be nice – you don’t find that all too often,”

Kieran had not noticed it himself, but he just nodded in agreement. He did not know much about Nathan, but he felt drawn to him like there was something making them close together.

“That and I wanted to make sure that the girls around here did not get their mitts on you, they do seem pretty interested in you from the looks they gave you when you came in,” Nathan chuckled as he waded towards the ledge that Kieran was sat on and sat down himself.

“Why?” Kieran asked. “Did they ask questions about me when I left?”

“No, no one came to speak to me,” Nathan replied. “Don’t worry, no one is speaking about you behind your back,”

“I didn’t think they would be,” Kieran said, he did not understand that - back in the pack no one spoke ill of Kieran without earning punishment from his father – but humans were quite different, different rules, different lifestyle. “And I am not interested in the girls,”

Nathan chuckled when he heard Kieran say that, as he stared him directly in the face. “You’re a strange one, Kieran Fell,” What did he mean? Had he noticed something that he shouldn’t have? “You intrigue me, I am not sure what it is about you, you show up out of nowhere, live in the previously abandoned homes on Crumley Garth, but most of all, you interest me,”

“Is that a good thing?” Kieran smiled, he did not know whether or not to smile, but he did – hopefully, if it was not a good thing, it would not be as embarrassing.

“Perhaps,” Nathan replied, he then stood up from where he had been previously sitting. “Can I have your phone number?”

“Sorry… I don’t have one of those,” He did not even lie. He couldn’t. He didn’t even know what a phone is, he now hoped that Nathan did not think he was weird.

“Mysterious,” Nathan said as he walked towards the entrance of the woods. “How about social media? I could add you on there?”

Again, Kieran looked blankly ahead and just shrugged, he had nothing that it seemed a normal human would – a phone, social media, social skills.

“I am sure I will get one soon, I’ve just moved here, I don’t know much about teenage life yet, I’ve been homeschooled my whole life,” Kieran lied, but for the moment – he did not think that telling the boy about the horrors that would come his way was the best thing right now.

“Cool, well, if you do, just let me know,” Nathan said.

“Could we not just talk in school?” Kieran enquired. He did not understand why he needed these things to communicate. Surely it was not such a big town.

“So you decided to enrol?” Nathan smiled. Before his smile dropped. “My friends are a… handful. If they saw me talking to you they might get the wrong idea,” Nathan said with a half-smile, though Kieran knew he was hurting.

“Why would they?”

“Well, let’s just say I have a secret,” Nathan replied, a certain glimmer in his eye. “It’s a secret I have never told anyone,”

“I still don’t see why they would get the wrong idea if we hung out at school,” Kieran replied. Though, it was now apparent that he did not know a lot of what he should do.

“This is not just a small secret, it is life-changing, once this secret it told it is real, it relates to my reputation, if they found out – my reputation would be in tatters, maybe it wouldn’t and maybe everyone would be accepting, but I also cannot take that risk, but I trust you for some reason, you won’t tell, will you?” Who would listen to Kieran anyway? He had been to the school for an hour before now, he knew no one to tell.

“Go on,” Kieran replied, he was truly interested, even though, he would have a way bigger secret to tell within time. Though, although Nathan was ready to tell his own – Kieran was not, not yet at least.

“Those girls are not my type too, or any girls for that matter,” He did not say it in certain terms, but Nathan breathed out a sigh of relief. Like it had been eating him alive for a long time. It was then, with no more words out of his mouth – Nathan left the boy alone with his own thoughts.

It was then, that Kieran understood. And if living in the pack where being gay was a bad thing was anything to go by – then it seemed like the human world was in the exact same boat.

Well, at least they could agree on something at least.

Kieran looked at the sky, the moon had now receded into nothingness – it would be time to get ready for the day, he was sure that Jason would be wondering where he was now, too. He stood up from the spot that he was sat on but as he did, he heard the faint snapping of twigs close by.

Looking around to the sky and the ground – he saw nothing at first. But he could smell them, the others that were here. Wild wolves. And he could tell that they were here for him.

A low chuckle could be heard close by, teasing Kieran as he searched for its whereabouts.

“Hello, Kieran, long time no see,” He looked directly up from where he was standing to the voice that had from above. It was Sinead, the healer’s daughter from the pack. What was she doing here?

“My, my, you have been busy haven’t you?” Sinead said as she jumped down from the tree to land softly on the ground below them. He brown hair wrapped up in braids – covered in leaves and sticks. “We have come here to see what you are up to, you’ve been gone for a few days now, we wanted to see how you were getting on with finding Jason… but,”

We? Who else was she with?

A brutish man finished the sentence for her. He too jumping from the tree that he had been perched on whilst observing Kieran and Nathan. It was Rhys – one of his father’s right-hand wolves. It was then that he knew that his father had sent the two of them to find him. Of course. “But, we find you, wearing human clothes and speaking to a human boy no less, explain or I will whisk you back to the pack myself,”

He knew what would get them back on his side, the fact that he had found Jason at least would make their senses tingle. “If you let me take you someplace safe, Jason and I will explain everything,”

Maybe he would not see Nathan in school after all, he was not sure of the motives of the two of them, but the outcome… he knew it could not be good at all.

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