Alpha of Glass

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17 - Outcasts

Jason sat down on the sofa as Sinead and Rhys stood in front of him – almost like he was on trial. Well, it kind of was. Sinead had a horrified look on her face after learning about Nathan, and Rhys just looked… disappointed. Rhys knew what it meant for the pack.

“So, what are you going to do about this boy?” Sinead asked. Her eyes were gold – angry was not a good look for her. “He poses a threat to the entire pack, our entire race!”

“We are aware, we plan to sort it out, I am getting close to him as we speak, we need him to trust me before I let him know about us,” Kieran piped up as he revealed his plan. “We have this under control,”

But did they? Kieran could not say for sure at that moment. He had only just began to put his plan in motion. He looked around at the confused faces of both Sinead and Rhys, who both had their eyes shown – both a striking colour of gold. Sinead blinked and it went back to her normal colour of brown.

“You know what this means for the pack, don’t you?” Rhys growled. He did not seem at all angry, but definitely a tone of disappointment or maybe just the fact that he was tired. Of course, Kieran knew what it meant – the pack had to go further into hiding.

If the stories that Lucy had told them were anything to go by – Nathan might just be the one that destroys the wild, if not their entire species, wild and tame. So, he understood exactly what it meant.

“I understand what happens, yes,” Kieran replied, Jason stayed silent whilst sat on the sofa, he did not want to speak due to the nature of their arrival. It was never good if Rhys showed up, but it was worse if the alpha showed up – maybe this instance would not be as bad…

“We will relocate,” Rhys stated. “It is no longer safe for us anymore, if the boy found you whilst in wolf form last full moon, then he might be able to find us again,”

“Where will we go?” Kieran asked. He wanted to know so when he was finished here they could find them again. “So we can find you when this is all said and done,”

“Not you,” Sinead said, with a tinge of sadness in her voice for having to enforce this. “The pack is going, but neither of you may follow or find us,”

“What?” Both Kieran and Jason said at the same time.

“You know the consequences for changing a human or even telling one,” Sinead stated, firmly but also nervous. “After stating to me today what has happened, I’m sorry but this is our decision,”

“I didn’t change the human, I am the alpha’s son for crying out loud!” Kieran protested, he was above the two of them in the pack strictly speaking.

“This has come straight from your father, he knows,” Rhys said, as they began to walk out of the house that they did not seem to have much trouble being in. “And although you did not change him, Kieran, you went against orders, you stayed in the human world willingly,”

“You are to stay away from the pack,” Sinead told them – enforcing rules.

“I am the alpha around here, you do not tell me the rules, what I say goes, and if I want to see my family then I will,” Kieran growled, he had been civil with the two of them before, but now they were laying down rules in his new territory, that did not work in his books.

“So, your banishment from the pack will not prove to be too hard then, you have your own pack here, in the human world, I rest my case,” Sinead stated, and Kieran’s heart dropped. Banished? He had never once thought that he would be banished.

He had told Lucy that he had left on his own accord – but he had not. He fully planned to return one day after all this was said and done, but any hope of that now was gone. Forever was a long time.

It was then that he saw Sinead and Rhys run off – fully intent on telling the pack on exactly what had happened – of course, they had been sent by his father, they would report back to him prompt. And then they would move on, and even though he had been banished, being further away from his pack, unable to know where they are – that was a far worse fate than banishment.

“Don’t leave me, Sinead,” Kieran shouted after them. But they did not turn around, they just kept running away from the two of them. He looked over towards the house – Jason was still inside, he had not moved from where he had been positioned moments before – he was probably in as much shock as Kieran was.

As he watched them run, he stood outside of the house that he would now be calling home for a long, long time.

A lone tear trailing down his face dropped down to the tarmac below – and he realised he was more human than what he liked to admit, he was crying – he had never done that before.

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