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18 - Embracing Insanity

The school day was a blur, Kieran was sure that he had not listened to a word that the teachers had spoken about that day. Not that it particularly mattered – he did not understand what they were speaking about anyway. But he did not want to – the human world, and humans had caused him nothing but pain now, he was not even sure what he wanted anymore.

It was not like he could go back to the pack now, he had to find his own way, he didn’t want to, however. He wanted his family and nothing more.

Kieran had not spoken to Jason since Sinead and Rhys had left them banished – Kieran had forgiven him for what he had done, leaving the pack, turning Nathan, among many other things too. But he could not forget, never, it was far too hard when the reason why he was banished was sitting right next to him in class, and Nathan did not even know it.

He had to embrace the pure insanity that was being in the human world, he had to know as much as he possibly could. It would seem that he knew nothing of what he needed, so when Lucy would come around later that night, he would ask all sorts of questions. As he was sure she had a lot herself.

He had given her one short word when he had saw her at school.

Banishment was the word. She had said nothing to him, but a confused look, with a small hint of sadness, drew on her face as soon as she heard him say it. And then he left, ready for the day ahead. But he wasn’t, not really.

Nathan had not spoken to him either, Kieran and he had exchanged smiles in class, and Nathan had slipped him a piece of paper that he had not even looked at yet. But apart from that, the class was the same as yesterday – the boys who he now assumed was Nathan’s friends staring at him with daggers, and the girls who he was neither interested in or liked were also staring at him too, but for an entirely different reason altogether, he assumed. But he did not care, there was far too much going around his head at that moment. They did not understand and they never would.

After school, Kieran headed straight towards where he had been with Nathan a few hours before school, back to Peakstone Lake, he did not know why – but he found it peaceful there, it reminded him of home. And he needed that right now.

But moments after he took a seat on the ledge he had been on earlier that day. He was interrupted by a voice close by.

“I thought I would find you here,” It was Jason. “You’ve been avoiding me all day,”

“After all we have been through today, I just wanted to be alone,” Kieran replied. His voice laced with the desire for silence. “I haven’t thought of the right words to say to you, yet, not after all of that, nothing seemed good enough,”

“I never wanted that to happen, Kieran, you need to understand that,” Jason said, taking a seat himself on the ledge. His brown eyes pleading with Kieran to forgive him.

“I know you didn’t, and I don’t blame you, I never could,” Kieran said, he was telling the truth, and Jason knew that. “But what do we do now? We are stuck in the human world with no one to turn to, no pack, nothing, we don’t even have human money to buy things,”

“We can ask Darian, he’s helped us before,” Jason suggested.

“No, we can’t,” Kieran shook his head. It was a matter of principle, they could ask, but he did not want to. “He has helped us a lot, I don’t think it would be fair,”

“Well, then, we need to get jobs,” Jason suggested again. He was just throwing up ideas at this point.

“With what?” Kieran replied, protesting the idea. “We have no qualifications and know nothing about the human world, we might as well just as Darian,”

“Eventually we will have to get jobs, we cannot keep relaying in him or other people for the rest of our lives,”

“I know,” Kieran sighed. “I just do not want to do anything that we might regret later on, we need to focus on Nathan and helping him, maybe then the pack can let us back in, then we would not need to… get a job,”

Jason understood, he did not even know how to get a job, Maria had not told him all about that, he had been taught basic things, but she wanted him to learn on his own. Though, he did know how to enter a shop and act in polite society.

“I do, however, need a phone,” Kieran pondered. He did not know how he was supposed to get one – or even how they worked. “Nathan asked me if I had one, he wanted to talk to me on it, I think, and if I have that then we can get close to him,”

“Okay,” Jason stood up from the ground and reached out his hand for Kieran to take. “How do we contact Darian?”

“I don’t know,” Kieran shrugged, last time they spoke about him he showed up out of nowhere.

“You say my name, Jason, and I show up,” Darian said as he appeared from out of nowhere. How did that work? Kieran did not know.

“Do you have nothing better to do?” Jason laughed, he was the CEO of a company and he would just show up for a bunch of teenagers.

“I put you here, I have to abide by rules, if you ask for me, then really, I need to provide answers,” Darian said. “But it will not work every time, you now have an allowance, I am very busy even if it seems as if I am not,”

“We were just wondering, how do we get phones?” Jason asked. “I know we have to get money and whatnot, but what do they even look like, and how do we use them?”

“These old things?” Darian said as he procured two slim boxes from nowhere. “This is a phone, you use it to communicate, talk and things like that, I am sure two smart boys such as yourself can figure it out easily enough,”

Darian handed the two boys a phone each. “But what about the money?” Darian just nodded.

“It’s all been paid for,” Darian replied. Why was he helping them so much? Jason understood it was because he agreed to let them stay but this was too much helping. He wondered why. “Speaking of money, you need some, so starting today, you have an allowance for how many times you call on me, but also for money,”

Same as he did with the phones, he handed both boys two cards, one with a piece of paper wrapped around it.

“What are these?” Kieran asked as he flipped both the cards around to look at them. One had his face on it, he did not remember ever having his picture taken. And the other had a very long number on it, he did not understand.

“This one with the long number is a debit card, it holds money,” Darian said as he took the other card from Kieran. “And this is an ID card, if anyone asks, then you give this to them,”

“Thank you, Darian,” Jason said as he stuffed both the cards in his pocket.

“I will give you a monthly allowance on those cards, you can use it to pay bills, to buy food, to buy clothes and other things that you feel you need, this is until you no longer need it,” Darian stated. As he watched Jason walk off towards the house and away from Kieran.

“I have a question,” Kieran said, that was why he had stayed back to speak to Darian alone.

“Go ahead,” Darian smiled.

“How do we really get your attention, if we need you in future,” Kieran asked. He was just looking to the future now, he did not want to really need Darian one day only for him not to show up.

Darian gave a slight chuckle and smiled at Kieran’s question. “For you, Kieran, say my name three times and I’ll just show up every time,”

“Why did you help us so much?” Kieran enquired. He was really interested to know the reason as to why he was helping them out. It could not just be because he let them stay. There was a bigger picture, he was sure.

“I have my reasons, Kieran, one day I will explain,” Darian stated. Before he watched as the man disappeared.

Kieran pondered. "I was just wondering, just because we are also getting help from our headmistress, Miss Rook, but she has her own personal reasons why you don't seem to,"

"If I say that, even though I am a powerful warlock, this boy could pose quite a big threat to our entire world, he is not just a pretty flower to be overlooked, he could bring the war to end everything, even me, and he needs to be stopped," Darian said as he walked straight up to Kieran. "Would you believe me if I said that?"

Kieran did not answer, he knew it was a good enough answer. Because Darian was scared - and as far as he was aware, people were usually scared of him, not the other way around.

There was, however, a bigger reason, too. He had actually agreed to a deal that he had made thousands of years ago – to keep the Fell family safe, so that was what he was doing – make sure he kept his end of the bargain, he always did that. But it was also because, despite everything telling him not to, he had a soft spot for Kieran. Why? He could not tell the answer, even if he tried.

As Kieran walked away, he felt in his pocket to place the new things he had been just given and found the piece of paper that Nathan had slipped him in class.

On the piece of paper, he saw what was written on it and smiled.

Here is my phone number, Nathan xx

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