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Telekinesis; exploding the brains of the wicked that dare torment anyone that Allie deems savable. The LGBTQ community has a new hero on their side. A girl with the ability to break anything before her both mentally and physically, on the full moon nights that is. The dreaded giantess disease sweeps over forcing her to grow twenty times her size. The mental capabilities become enormous!

Fantasy / Scifi
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Chapter 1: Allie's Curse

It was a cold and late October night in Solvay, N.Y. It was a semi-quite town bordering Syracuse, though still big enough to call itself a somewhat large community. The state fair had long but gone at this point, though it didn't stop Allie Collins from gazing over at it. The darkened buildings mocked her as she longed for the chaos that it brought. Hundreds upon thousands of people attended it allowing her to camouflage herself as if she were a human chameleon.

She prided herself on her body. Her skin was always a light tan. She had semi-long legs, somewhat wide hips, small hands, a button-like nose, hazel eyes, semi thick/thin lips with a bright smile. Her hair had always been a dirty blonde and was tied up into two braids as she'd done for years prior. Her hero suit still fit her like a glove. Tight black leggings with a thin rainbow strip up the outsides of her thighs. A matching spandex top and black leather gloves that exposed her fingers. A peace symbol lay embroidered on her chest which was heaving fast from power she had used.

She always had a black mask covering most of her face, other than her eyes and mouth. Sort of a ski mask, with a spot for her hair to go in the back. A tall, burly, white skinned man stood over what looked like a heavyset person on the sidewalk to her right. His fist was raised threatening to hit his victim. Without a moment's thought Allie felt her brain drifting. Whispers entered her ears and before she knew it she could see the poor man on the ground before her. Fucking gays... I hate all of 'em! I'm gonna rid the whole fuckin' world of 'em!

The man's evil thoughts made her chest ache. With a great amount of strength, she pulled her mind out of his, ducking around a nearby corner. A slight breeze blew through her hair. Her heart had achingly throbbed in her throat. You can do this Allie! Focus. With her eyes clenched, her mind floated back to the man. She could hear him grunting in the distance. "What's happenin' to me?" he muttered. "AH!" Crunch. A sickening crack entered her ears. She felt her lips spread to a smile.

"Holy shit! Oh f-fuck! Fuck me!" The man ran off somewhat screaming, which Allie understood. She slipped back around the corner to see just what she had done. Instantly she cupped a hand to her mouth. Blood was running down into the gutter nearby. She walked up to him, muttering incoherently as he came into full view.

His skull was completely crushed from the face in. She could see bits of his teeth strewn all over, and his brains poured out of his eye sockets. She could feel her heart leaping in large amounts as the excitement took over her. Fore she knew she had avenged another innocent person in her family. She went to take a step back when her stomach gurgled angrily. Not...Not again! She thought.

The full moon above was burning deep into her eyes as she gazed into its majestic hue. "Oh fuck!" Her spine snapped causing her to jerk backwards. She ran to a nearby alleyway, still unable to escape the moon's light. Her teeth achingly began to grow longer and thicker. She quickly stripped herself of her uniform; her feet were snapping and crackling as they began to grow. One by one her toes popped away from her feet, making way for them to grow.

She fell to her hands and knees; her hands were cracking now and popping her fingers out one by one. They grew agonizingly slow, long, and thick. Her hand stretched even slower. She felt her lips beginning to inflate as her jaw snapped and widened. Her chest was bubbling like hot tar. She could feel her ribs popping and expanding as did her breasts. It took only moments before they had doubled and then tripled in size.

Her legs started to lengthen and thicken. She grasped a hold of her left one, feeling the meat grow between her fingers, which were now growing as well. Her knee popped as her leg shot away from her a foot at a time. She began to grow taller, and meatier by the second. Her spine was popping even more as she grew bigger and bigger.

The weregiant disease was taking over in full blow. Her lips thickened even more. Her nose started to stretch away from her as her head grew and popped. She grasped her stomach as she felt her belly growing more and more toned. Her arms bubbled as her biceps started to grow muscular. Her triceps followed suit as did her hands as they continued to grow even more. She was already as tall as the half of the building wall at this point. She knew she had to teleport herself somewhere in the wilds to save the people of Solvay.

It took immense concentration to focus her mind on the woods in the mountains miles away. Her breasts blew away from her even more. With one final wave of thought, she felt herself whipping through the air. Her body was still growing but she was flying as fast as a fighter jet towards the mountainous hills off in the distance. She smashed hard through a thick set of trees, colliding harshly onto the hardened ground. Her feet continued to crackle and grow as they were the first to make contact.

She screamed as loud as she could as her body began to break the trees around her. Bats flew off into the night sky quick to escape the giantess that was forming in their homes.

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