Finding Her Inner Wolf

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Shaytanna Paige has been on her own from the young age of 10. Her foster parents had thrown her away out of fear. She had always had a short and her anger would explode. But on that fateful day her anger caused something entirely unexpected that would change her life forever. Out of fear the people she called her parents for as long as she could remember turned on her. The fear in their shock white faces and cold eyes shook her to the core. "Leave, leave now and don't think about coming back. You are not our daughter" is all he had said coldly while pointing toward the door. So she did the thing she could do, stormed out and began her own journey to find out who she was and where she belonged.

Fantasy / Romance
Rosanna Bennett
4.9 8 reviews
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For the past 10 years Shaytanna had been on her own, bouncing from town to town, state to state. She rarely stayed in a town for more than a few months, since some entitled jerk would set her fuse ablaze and she would morph into a beast that caused fear to not only her victims but her

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