Tales of the Moon

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I was starting to panic. How could I be on the Moon? I must be dreaming or my mind was playing tricks on me. Maybe Aiden and Jayce was making fun of me? Hiding somewhere. I started looking around for something familiar, when I caught something bright shining in the horizon. A light. "Hello? Is someone there?" I called. The light started moving towards me with an unimaginal speed. I took a few steps back. I tripped. I closed my eyes and prepared for collision, but, nothing happened. I kept falling. I fell deeper and deeper until I was surrounded by darkness. My body was frozen by panic. I couldn't scream and I couldn't move. I thought; This is it. This is how my life is going to end. Suddenly, out of the darkness, I once again saw the light. It filled me with warmth and made the coldness of the darkness disappear. Is this what happens when you die? The light came closer, so close that I could almost touch it. I was drawn to its beauty but as I touched it, my mind exploded and my whole body became so hot it felt like I was burning from the inside. Melting. The pain was so intens until finally, I lost consciousness.

Fantasy / Scifi
Bex Michaelson
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Jayce was complaining; “MATH! The worst subject ever!”

I liked math. I liked the simplicity of the fact that there was always a right answer. I didn't understand why everyone hated the subject.

Aiden came running from the door and straight to my desk almost pushing me off my chair.

“Nathan! You have to help me! Please, give me your notes for today’s class. Miss Norris is gonna kill me this time.” Jayce was in on it right away. “Oh yes! Me too, please!” Why was I hanging around these idiots again?

“Leave him alone. How about doing your own homework once in a while?” Saved by Maverick once again. He was the class example and my best friend since kindergarden. Smart, always kind and swept away every girl he came across, including every girl in our class. Except one.

“Oh, come on, Maverick! This will be the last time, I promise,” Aiden complained and turned to me. “I promise you, Nathan...” I wasn’t listening anymore.

Her golden brown hair was flowing around her slender neck and sly shoulders. Her bright, blue eyes were filling the room with laughter and life. She was as smart, fierce and beautiful as the goddess she was named after. Athena.

"...than... Nathan... NATHANIEL!” I was pulled back to reality by Jayce standing a little too close, almost screaming into my face.

“What!?” I bursted out, pushing him away. He smirked and looked at Aiden. “You were starring at her again, weren’t you?” My face turned bright pink. “No... No, I wasn’t.” “Stop lying, Nathan,” Aiden laughed. “You know that you're never gonna get her, right? You can’t even talk to her, and, I mean... that's Athena. She is way out of your league, man.”

I couldn’t say anything. I knew he was right. There is no reason why she would ever even consider me. I had no social skills, I was basically blind without my brick glasses. My hair was always a mess, I was skinny like a stick and I was the biggest dork on Earth.

Maverick acted upon my scilent word and put them to a stop. I looked up to see when the lesson would begin, so I could get out of this nightmare. Though, instead of the clock, I looked into Athena's bright eyes. "Hey, you guys!" I almost jumped out off my chair. She was so close.

"I'm sorry, Nathaniel, I didn't mean to scare you. Are you alright? You look a little red." Why was she talking to me!? "Ye... Yeah. I... I.. I'm fine," I stuttered.

"Hello Thena, we were in fact just talking about you," Aiden bursted. Maverick kicked him across the leg to shut him up.

"Oh really?! What were you talking about?" Don't you dare, Aiden. He was just about to open his big mouth when the bell rang for class. Saved by the bell. Athena hurried to her usual spot among her friends.

I was finally out of the burning fire.

For now...

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