The alpha's assassin

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Book 1 of THE ECLIPSE SAGA ***currently under heavy editing*** Lara has been trained to be an assassin from a young age. Killing men is a way of life for her, and she never leaves a target alive, until now... Roland is the alpha of the full moon pack and one of the best fighters out there. He never stands down from a fight, but what happens when his new opponent is his mate... When they meet, secrets will be told, the past will be exposed and maybe, just maybe, love will bloom. But behind them an evil lurks. Someone who is willing to do anything to destroy all creatures. Starting with them.....

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words of wisdom

Heya guys, so this is my real first attempt at writing. Sorry in advance if some stuff is written weird. Trying my best.

If you have any remarks with how I can improve, please let me know, good or bad.

I have the whole story planned out already, so please be patient. I am just struggling with how to get it in words....

Love ya all the way from South Africa



The story does start of a bit rocky, but as i get more confident the story gets better.... i hope. Hahaha

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